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Manicure Techniques: Top 10 (photos)

Nowadays, well-groomed nails - it is almostsign of bad taste. If you have a large number of modern cosmetics, beauty parlors, manicure private offices to maintain the beauty of their hands is not so difficult. Moreover, each season the beauty industry offers us more new ideas for decorating our nails. If you do not want to waste your precious time on the salons, then perform a trendy manicure, if desired, can be in the home, enough to own some of the secrets of a perfect manicure.

So what are the techniques manicure exist today, and which ones can be done at home.

Modern technology manicure

Let's start with the most simple. Each type has its own characteristics manicure create a coating. In one case, this may be the use of any auxiliary tools, other special types of paints and decorative elements. The most easy to implement and so widespread technique manicure manicure can be called by special stickers.

"Striped" Manicure with stickers

The so-called "striped" manicure is donevery easy. It is enough to take advantage of special labels or make them out of the cellophane adhesive tape or at home. Labels are used to create the moon and French manicure and fashion this season manicure with geometric patterns. The technology is simple. Figure is applied in layers. Each layer should definitely make time to dry thoroughly.

The sequence of execution: nails cover the main color, and then paste the strips, cut to shape, then we put the next color. So long as your picture does not acquire a finished look. In the end we fix the result of a transparent coating.

Also, to create a manicure with stripes You can use ready-made gold and silver narrow ribbons, which are mounted on a slightly neprosohshy varnish.

Gradient color nail polish with a banner

Gradient nail polish on nails looks verystylish and beautiful. It is often used as an everyday option. What is the technique of nail polish? The main tool for the application of the gradient coating - a sponge. To perform this type of nail used similar in color shades of nail polish. So your nails will look more natural.

To make the gradient manicure nail is not appliedon the nail plate itself, and sponge or sponge. And the shades use all at once in the pre-selected sequence. Then, gently pressing the sponge to the nail, the nail coating is printed, the remnants of the skin remove with a cotton swab, pre-moistened with a liquid to remove the varnish. Further adding to the sponge lacquer as needed, process each subsequent nail. At the end of the procedure we put finishing transparent coating. The result is a beautiful coat color with overflowing.

It is possible to simplify the procedure, which was originally applied to the nails all the main color, give it to dry, and then around mid-Apply color using sponge.

Water manicure with smooth patterns

Water manicure - this is the kind of nail, which is not so easy to apply, but it looks in the end very effectively.

Bole detail about the technique and execution manicureimprovised instruments. First of all, a glass is required or a bowl of water at room temperature. To create a good basis for the coating as the first layer using a transparent varnish. Then apply the base color (well suited white or beige). Then very carefully pasted over each nail or cellophane tape to avoid contamination of the skin by applying successive layers of lacquer. Create a drawing: it take 2-3 nail colors and turn them into the middle of the drip water containers. 6-9 drops sufficiently. To polish drops evenly distributed on the surface of the water, do not hold the brush is too high, try to drip gently. Then, using toothpicks create a pattern, gently stretching the drop of varnish on the surface.

Try not to devote much time to the creative process of creating drawings, everything should be done quickly, otherwise the coating will substandard.

In a ready-made pattern omit finger smoothlyhorizontal position. Not sticking your finger out of the water, cheat unencumbered varnish on a toothpick, then take out the finger. Remove the adhesive tape and remove any excess coating residues from the skin. The procedure is repeated with each nail. At the end, when the paint is dry, put on clear nail fixing cover. Water manicure is ready! This manicure technique only seems daunting at first, repeating the process several times, each time you will spend on it is less and less time.

Nails design with foil

foiling technique is one of the most popularthis spring. Gold, bronze, silver covers all or part of the nail, it all depends on the imagination. To create a manicure with gold plating, you will need: a special foil and glue. They can be purchased in a specialty store.

Manicure with foil very easy. To prepare this nails as usual lacquer coat their primary (background) color in one or two layers. Apply special glue. If you want to create a certain image of gold, using a stencil. Then, until the glue has dried, apply a foil, for convenience, use tweezers or a wooden stick. Once the nail is well dries, remove the residues with a brush foil. Finally, cover the nails clear varnish (better in two layers). Stylish manicure with foil ready.

Manicure with stamps (stemping manicure)

The variety of patterns and ornaments to put on your nails, you can use the special stamps.

Paramount cover nails base color.

Then, on plastic or metal stamp, apply a small amount of polish and gently slide your fingernail on a stamp that pattern imprinted.

Figure secured with a transparent coating.

Manicure with microbeads

In specialty stores not so long agothere was a novelty for nail design - colorful beads microbeads. They are used to make spring manicure trend. Work with nails in the performance of this "caviar" manicure better turns. First, apply the nail base, right after that, not allowing the coating to dry, sprinkle the nail beads. For better fixation beads gently press down. On completion of the procedure, a good dry paint.

An alternative may be small beads pearlor crystals, but if elements of nail decor is very voluminous, for good fixation better use special glue. As a decoration for nails and sequins applied. The coating is called Glitter nail polish with glitter.

Manicure with photodesign

manicure technique, which is applied to the nails photo, not much different from foiling.

The only peculiarity is that for decorating nails special finest labels with print are used instead of foil.

Matte nail polish

Matte nail polish can be done in two ways.

The first - is the application of the special mattcoatings. Second - manicure using powder or flock. Technique is similar to the application of such a manicure microbeads, differs only in the material. With flock creates trendy velvet effect on the nails.

Newspaper manicure

Stylish design option of your nails, which is easy to perform at home. It's enough to use alcohol and stencils from the newspaper. Stepping:

- Cover the nail base color (preferably white or beige shades of nail polish). Next to each nail operate separately;

- Apply a clear varnish. Do not wait until it dries, gently with tweezers lower billet newspapers in alcohol, and wait for 5-10 seconds, stick the paper on the nail, gently push the figure is printed, then gently peel off the workpiece;

- Apply a clear coat finish. In this technique looks best in black and white manicure.

Art manicure

The most difficult technique of manicure. It will require you to imagination and perseverance. Ornaments and patterns are literally drawn on nails. Feel yourself an artist, and with the help of a thin brush or toothpick to create your own unique masterpiece. Artistic drawing or varnish is applied, or special acrylic paints. For fastening the transparent coating is used in a top end of the procedure.

By using some simple techniques perform manicure, create your own nail design masterpieces, even at home.

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