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Home Nail Design

Home Nail Design

Home Nail design - a uniqueopportunity to express their imagination and explore their creativity. Thanks to him, every woman can every day to implement interesting ideas and thus contribute to your image of diversity.

To date, there are several ways how to do nail design at home.


  • Simple home nail design
  • Home design nail gel polish
  • Easy homemade nail design steps
  • Prostoy nail design stages "bright manicure french"
  • Home Design Photo Nail

Simple home nail design

The simplest in design is classicfrench manicure. But, in spite of the simple technology, this option seems appropriate anytime, anywhere. Therefore, this method is important for every girl who strive for excellence. How it looks french manicure, executed by own forces: medium-length nails are covered with beige or pink nail tip box marked contrast or color, usually white. The shape of the nail can be any.

  • Simple nail designs using beads, flocking powder

There are many options for home nail design execution that are suitable for beginners. These include velvet and beaded design.

Purl manicure at home looksimpressive and catchy, but it did not run hard. To do this, you need to make up your nails the desired shade and sprinkle nogotochki beads. Result fix topcoat. Optional cover with beads all nails. We can distinguish two fingers and just decorate them.

Home nail design using flock powder (velvet manicure) photo


Home design nails with crystals and stones, photo

The second option of home nail design -"Powdery manicure." It is running as fast and does not require special skills from the master. For this need to put clear varnish on the nails, and without waiting for it to dry, gently sprinkle the flock powder. Its color can be absolutely anything.

Home design nail gel polish

Nails design gel polish - the perfect solutionfor those who wish to manicure lasted a long time. For not need a lot of tools and material. Due to the presence of 2-3 colored gel lacquer can already perform spectacular nail design. The main condition, shades should be in harmony with each other.

The minimum set for home nail design consists of:

  • Basic and a top surface;
  • Degreaser nail plate;
  • UV lamp;
  • 2-3 colored varnish gel;
  • Also may be required brushes of varying thickness, DOTS decor (glitter, rhinestones and dried flowers, etc.).

Using gel varnishes can create any home design nails (video online). The main thing to observe the correct operation technology.

Home design nail gel polish, painting, lace, DOTS, photos

Home nail design with a picture, a photo

If you are tired of classic manicure French, theit is always possible to diversify. For this need to DOTS or toothpick. Instead of white tip, you can choose other colors (eg, black, red, pink). Jacket can add peas, flowers, bows, rhinestones.

Prostoy nail design stages "bright manicure french"

Soon the summer season. At this time, you want something bright and unusual, not only in clothing, but also in its own guise. You can always take the idea home nail design on the Internet or come up with themselves.

Easy homemade nail design is as follows:

  • Nails cover base. The tip, diagonally painted in bright color. Especially popular this season cornflower, turquoise, coral shade.
  • Black lacquer held a thin line, which visually separates the color of the tip of the natural nail color.
  • Above the black line using DOTS are placed gold or silver point.
  • If you own a painting technique, you canto complement this home nail design (photo below), a beautiful pattern. This can be used acrylics. For beginners, you can use a stencil or offer special stickers.
  • The result secured topcoat.


Home nail design for beginners ready!

Home nail design, manicures french black and white photo

Home nail design, moon manicure, photos

Home Design Photo Nail

On our site you can emphasize a lot of interesting ideas, from the most simple to the more professional.

With our lessons you will learn how to quickly perform home nail design. Always bright and trendy!

Home design nails with gold, photo

Home nail design, clear photo

Home design nails, broken glass, photo

Home nail design, clear photo

Home design nails, broken glass and cat's eye, photo

Home nail design, stylish transparent and with rhinestones, photos

Home nail design with the effect of broken glass, photo

nail design tutorials allow you to quickly learn how to perform the seemingly complicated at first glance, a manicure yourself at home.

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