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French manicure: from classic to contemporary (160 photos)


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This type of manicure is very popular due to itsbeauty and elegance. Its pretty easy to perform at home. The variety of types allows you to choose the design that is suitable for any occasion: casual day, parties, weddings, etc. The standard French manicure looks very natural:.. Base coat is done in light pastel colors and nail tip pokryvaetsya dense consistency white lacquer, for securing further applied to the nails transparent top. Originally a French manicure appeared in America, but then very quickly became fashionable and has spread around the world.

The secret of success lies in the French manicurethat hands him look very neat and well maintained, and for its implementation does not require a lot of time. Today to create a French manicure, using modern gel-lacquers that dry instantly and for a long time to stay on the nails.

A variety of cosmetics and nailaccessories could not help but reflect on how to look modern French manicure. It is worth noting that in the pure classical form it is now possible to meet very often. The traditional "smile" on the tip of the nail is often replaced by other forms, manicure color palette becomes richer, and in addition to the standard half-moon on fingernails appear unusual artistic drawings, which are further decorated with rhinestones and other elements. French manicure is constantly undergoing modernization and with every reincarnation is becoming more interesting and more beautiful.


Classic French Manicure / French

French manicure: how to do?

As noted above, make Frenchmanicure itself is not difficult. There are three ways to create a french manicure, but before you run any of them need to prepare your nails. Armed with a nail file, attach the desired shape nails. This season, the trend in the short nails rounded shape. Further, if you have time, take a hand bath with herbs and sea salt. After that, remove the cuticle. Despite the fact that it has become soft after a bath, it is still desirable to use special cosmetic.

To varnish kept long, creating a light on the surface of the nail roughness fine nail file. This should be done very carefully so as not to severely damage the nail plate.

Immediately he made the French manicureusing a white, translucent pastel paint and varnish finish. The order of applying the first of two coatings can vary. You can first paint the tips of the nails white shade, and then apply a pearl coating or run all the way around. How to make a line? There are three ways:

  1. Draw a line by hand, using a special brush;
  2. Cover the tips of the nails white gel lacquer, without waiting until it is dry, flat brush liberally soaked in nail polish remover trim line, make it a round shape;
  3. Use pre-bought stencils on adhesive-based (and need to shoot them immediately after the application of the line to the varnish did not have time to dry out, then the line will be more smooth and beautiful).

At the completion of the French manicurecover nails finishing clear varnish, and grease the nutritional cuticle oil. Incidentally, cosmetic kits can be purchased have them ready, they can find everything you need to create a French manicure.


How to Make a French manicure in the standard of his performance understood, now let's see what other species are tunic.

Varieties French manicure

With the development of the beauty industry, including design of nails, French manicure or French has undergone significant changes. There was a lot of its varieties. Here are just some of them.

  1. Brilliant french manicure

This manicure is very similar to a classic jacket. The difference is that instead of white lacquer used sequins. This manicure gel polish can be made for some special occasion. It's more like an evening (for example, New Year's manicure), rather than the everyday. Glitter is permissible to use different sizes, large, small or mixed, the main thing to fix them well clear varnish. French manicure Glitter looks very impressive and respectable, Great winter manicure. Additionally, you can decorate the nails with rhinestones or small pearls.

French manicure with sequins

  1. Lacy French manicure

To create such a manicure usedstickers or special plates / stencils for stamping. A manicure done as usual, except for the additional layer of white lacquer, which is applied to the lace. Very graceful lace French manicure often make the wedding.

French manicure with lace

  1. Wedding French manicure

Wedding version of the French manicure - this is,usually a combination of lace manicure with crystals, pearls, sequins and patterns. French manicure is considered a classic of the genre. It is not pretentious, but rather a very elegant and beautiful, which is why it often makes the bride. Nails look very well maintained and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, without distracting from the main attribute of the wedding - wedding rings.

Wedding French manicure

  1. V-shaped French manicure

To diversify the classic Frenchmanicure, you can instead of the white arc on the tip of the nail to draw a line in V-shape. By the way these stencils for a French manicure are not uncommon. This type of manicure looks very original. Generally, you can experiment with the line. For example, if you have a square-shaped nails, make it straight or at an angle to draw.

V-shaped French manicure

  1. French manicure with aquarium design

Make a French manicure can be and a specialgel for the aquarium design. Volumetric Manicure decorated with mica, dried flowers, crystals, confetti, shells and other accessories for the nail. French manicure of such time-consuming to implement, but very elegant.

French manicure with aquarium design

  1. Colorful French manicure

This is very popular today viewFrench manicure. The form of the French manicure is still the standard, but the execution is slightly changed. Instead of the classic white and pastel shades are used bright contrasting colors gel nail.

Colorful French manicure

  1. Gradient french manicure

It is also called a fashionable term Ombre (scent). In this form, the crescent moon on the French manicure nail tip has no clear boundaries and executed two close in tone shades of varnishes. To create the effect of a smooth transition from one color to another, or use a sponge applicator for the shadows.

French manicure Ombre (scent)

  1. Moon manicure

Doug bottom of the nail often overlap and at its base. They do it in the same white color, or left uncoated, laying the border with rhinestones.

Moon manicure

  1. Art French Manicure

The most beautiful of all French manicure. It requires creativity and a certain skill. Art jacket - it is nothing like a manicure with a picture, which can be made completely in any style.

French manicure with a pattern

French manicure with a pattern

French manicure with a pattern

French manicure: news photo

For the French manicure look this seasonin a new way. And although the new products in the nail design is more than enough, the French manicure will never be forgotten. New colors and shapes allow to refresh the good old classics.

  • Wavy french manicure

Fashion trend nail design Frenchmanicure with a wavy edge line. It can be done in pastel colors and in bright contrasting colors. This interpretation of the French manicure looks very fresh and unusual, and is likely to be popular more than one season.

French manicure with a pattern of waves

  • Golden french manicure

Golden nail coating gaining andgreat popularity. French manicure, this trend is certainly not spared. Gold foil or lacquer with gold effect isolated nail tips. Also make fully gold plated and to manicure was still a French use different paints: matte and glossy. French manicure in gold as a good autumn manicure.

Golden french manicure

French manicure with a pattern

Perhaps this type of manicure can devotea separate chapter. French manicure with a picture looks very impressive. Drawings made conformable clothes, make-up, or the image as a whole. They can be divided into several categories, the most popular of which are:

  • Seasonal patterns

Are performed based on the time of year, in the summer it can be flowers, snowflakes winter, colorful foliage in autumn.

French manicure with a seasonal pattern

  • Floral ornaments

One of the most popular patterns on nails. French manicure can decorate pretty simple daisies, roses or traditional luxurious lilies. Figure already applied to the finished manicure and fixed with a transparent varnish. For pictures, you can use a thin brush or stempinng plate.

French manicure with a floral pattern

  • Lines and geometric shapes

Quite often you can find a French manicure with a colored stripe backup "smile" or currently fashionable geometric design of nails.

French manicure with a pattern of lines

  • Arbitrary and abstract drawings

In fact, the French manicure is veryversatile and can complement absolutely any pattern in form and style. Everything depends on the imagination of the master. The aquarium design often make french manicure on the marine theme, the young girls decorated its Mickey Mouse, and lovers of unusual or abstract ethnic patterns.

French manicure with abstract pattern

French manicure: a collection of photos

French manicure is multifaceted, the number of variations of it are countless. For inspiration and search for ideas, see a collection of photos of the French manicure.

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

French manicure

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