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Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2017

The minimalist white, passionate red andGothic black varnish, new variations of French manicure, the cuticle gilded - these and other techniques are the main trends in manicure spring and summer of 2017. At that time masters of nail industry argue that the manicure is needed not only for the accuracy of hand - it is a full part of our way .

As for the shape of nails, the main emphasis isIt is placed on the naturalness: in fashion short rounded nails or almond-shaped, and square "blades" and sharp tips completely left the ranks of fashion.

minimalist manicure

As well as make-up, manicure in gentle nyudovyeshades hardly go out of style. Now they are replaced by the classics like the French manicure. In addition, it is the fastest way to give your nails a neat, well-groomed appearance.

Manicure nude Spring-Summer 2017

The modest and, at first glance, unremarkablemanicure nude is actually much more diverse than you can imagine. This dairy tones, both transparent and more "dense", "dense" cream, natural shades with pink midtone color of coffee with milk, all kinds of physical and powdery tones. To diversify minimalist manicure Nude, only a couple of strokes and miniature stickers.

Minimalist manicure Spring-Summer 2017

Updated french manicure

The classic combination of pink and white alreadya long time is irrelevant, in the spring-summer 2017 season are welcome any variation of the French manicure. Technology application virtually remained the same, except that they were seen by some experiments with a design tip nail, but the palette of shades with each year adding new colors.

French manicure Spring-Summer 2017

This combination of colors with bright nyudovyhcontrasting colors, and a combination of clear lacquer coating with a metal tip, as well as a mix of French and moon manicure with a fine hole at the base of the nail.

French Spring-Summer 2017

White manicure

Provocative red, soft pink,discreet beige - they all yield to the snow-white coating. The main thing to take into account that the white, too, is different, and every skin tone suits their white color. On the skin with a cold look good midtone colors white, warm - more milk.

Manicure with white painted spring-summer 2017

Furthermore, the spring-summer 2017 does not limitfancy nails coated in one tone. Actual diluted white lacquer with other shades, such as fashionable this season can be metallic or a powder glitter nails.

White manicure Spring-Summer 2017

Manicure with stripes

Another trend the past few nonvanishingseasons - stripes on the nails, which look much more interesting than any other figure. Horizontal and vertical, narrow and wide, matte and metal, painted and pasted - bands of all shades, sizes and variations encountered at almost every show not only on clothing patterns, but also on their nails.

Manicure with strips of spring-summer 2017

The manicure with stripes importantly know when to stop - it does not dazzle - just choose 2-3 colors. Draw can be both horizontally and vertically and diagonally.

Striped manicure Spring-Summer 2017

Manicure frame

Spring-Summer 2017 brought a littleoriginality as a manicure with the effect of "frame". It involves applying the varnish to two shades each other so that the edge of the nail turned thin frame. Colors paints can be anything, as long as they contrast with each other. But the shape of the nails in manicure-frame should be extended, or a visual design makes the short form of nails even less.

Manicure frame Spring-Summer 2017

Ombre effect

This is not a new trend, but it seems that he will outlive alland all. With clothes, he moved to the hair, then found its place in the make-up, and after the "entrenched" and the tips of the nails. But this season, and he Ombre manicure changed their appearance: instead of striking transitions from yellow to blue, now it is presented in the form of a smooth transition nyudovyh shades and metallics, lacquer.

Ombre Manicure Spring-Summer 2017

Manicure with metallic effect

Metallic shoes, clothes, make-up and, of course,in manicure. Behind the metal shine of the season spring-summer 2017 are responsible not only gold and silver. In fashion holographic effect, metallic color, as well as any other pearl shades, but always with a metallic sheen.

Manicure metallic spring-summer 2017

Nail plate is completely covered upglitter, decorated with a few splashes of metal, or simply painted over the tips of the nails or the hole, and the rest of the nail is covered with a different color or completely left without varnish.

Manicure metallic effect of spring-summer 2017

Gilded cuticle

If you are a fan of minimalist and manicurefull "metal" nails for you - it is too bold, then you will appreciate the new trend in nail design - selection cuticle gold. This manicure is a coating of platinum nail transparent or nyudovym varnish and coating the cuticle sequins and glitter. Besides, it is very convenient - no one will notice your regrown cuticle, if you suddenly did not have time to do a manicure.

Manicure with gilded cuticle Spring-Summer 2017


Think black spring - this is a strange way? Leading masters of nail industry called black manicure fashion trend spring-summer season 2017. Moreover, for a long time usually irrelevant that in the summer you need to choose a bright and vivid colors, and in winter, on the contrary, dark and muted.

Manicure with black lacquer Spring-Summer 2017

Trendy black manicure warm season is notlimited to only one black lacquer. Masters are advised to try a few options - a combination of two dark varnish using Ombre technique, applying simultaneously lacquers with different textures - matte and glossy, and the combination of black lacquer with any other color.

Black manicure Spring-Summer 2017

Shades of red

One of the brightest representatives of timeless classics -red nail polish on the nails - manicure, which never goes out of fashion. Despite the fact that the red nail a perfect fit in solo performance and it is better not to combine with other types of nail design, nail-masters and allowed to experiment a bit here. For example, the issue well sequins or does NOT, leave.

with red nail polish Manicure Spring-Summer 2017

Variations on the classic shade alonered lacquer does not end there - ripe cherry, burgundy, fuchsia, berry, and wine shades - from Burgundy to Marsala - do not intend to concede to its competitors.

Manicure with red lacquer shades of spring-summer 2017

Blue and orange

Passionate red and black gothic varnishes -perhaps not the most obvious trend for summer manicure, but it's a classic. Also at the forefront of the season spring-summer 2017 out bright shades of varnishes, traditional for the summer season. This year, they are represented in blue and orange.

Bright manicure Spring-Summer 2017

It is worth noting, blue color this season is clearlyIt prevails not only in the collections of fashion houses, but also in the make-up and Nail-art. In fact, this versatile color - deep, rich, glowing, electric, beautiful "Majorelle Blue" - blue lakes striking breadth of its shades.

Manicure with blue lacquer Spring-Summer 2017

Volume nail art

Fashionable 3D-technology firmly established in all areas ofour lives down to the fingertips. With the help of colored acrylic powders and gels on your nails are molded large beads, stones, all sorts of figures. In addition, the volume manicure has long ceased to be found solely on fashion shows, in everyday life it also found its application.

Volume manicure Spring-Summer 2017

This mix of art and manicure skillsHe presented the creative director for the brand CND nail polish to show Libertine. Masters nail industry are advised to not be afraid to experiment and all their imagination to carry on the nail surface.

Volume nail art spring-summer 2017

Work leading nail artists are increasingly deservesindividual applause. In the season of spring-summer 2017, of course, not without the classics, but the main emphasis is on the art of manicure. In the first case, apply nail polish in the daily everyday image, the additional decorations for nails can be reserved for special occasions.

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