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East manicure - is a tricky business! photo with nail design ideas


If you want to make an unconventional and spectacularnail design, while the eastern manicure - this is what you need! But to entrust the creation of this type of manicure is better good of talented artists, as technique of its implementation is rather complex. However, it is worth noting that the modern beauty industry offers a wealth of tools to express manicure, which greatly facilitates the work of masters of nail-art. But back to the eastern theme. Manicure in oriental style characterized by its unique features that make it stand out against the background of others.

Features oriental manicure

Traditional oriental manicure differsluxury and wealth, dark saturated shades with shimmering reflections of gold or precious stones. All originality, uniqueness and beauty of the East and expressed in ornaments that decorate the nails. Depending on the given subject and different patterns:

  • Arabic manicure - natural floral ornaments, curls;
  • Indian manicure - drawings made with henna, peacock feathers, paisley, or the so-called Indian cucumber.


Classical oriental manicure color: rich burgundy, emerald green, dark blue, beige, warm brick, deep orange and scarlet. Although it all depends on your imagination and skill, strict bans on the use of other colors there.

To create a truly oriental manicure you may need beads, stasis of large size and gold acrylic paint.

Speaking of nail design / ManicureArabian style, is characterized by the absence of straight lines for him, on the contrary encouraged ornateness and intricate patterns. Straight lines may be in the form of simulation on the mosaic nails, one of the well-established decorative elements Oriental style.

Technicians perform a manicure in oriental style

  • stempinga plates and stickers

If you are new to the nail-dell'arte, to create theoriental manicure you can use special stickers or plates for stamping. These simple tools will facilitate your work and will save from error.


  • decoration with beads and sequins

To make oriental manicure more interesting and three-dimensional, intricate patterns on the nails can be put small beads or sequins.




  • manicure feathers

Due to the ease of implementation, this technique has becomequite popular. It looks a trendy manicure natural and refined. To create the peacock feathers are used, which are sealed on the nails between layers of transparent gel varnish.


  • art manicure

The most laborious and time-consuming type of manicure. Wizard manually using lacquer or acrylic paints literally draws patterns on your nails. Such work is well worth it and it looks like a real masterpiece.


East manicure: Picture with ornaments

Traditional oriental ornaments consist oftightly interwoven flower stalks and spirals, are less common patterns of geometric shapes such as diamonds and triangles. Skilled craftsmen often combine geometric and natural designs together. No strict rules, but on the contrary encouraged the uniqueness and originality of design.






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