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80 drawings on the nails in 2017: trends and novelties

Plain manicure? No, somehow boring and bland. And you want originality, brilliance and unusual! It was then, and come to the aid of the drawings on the nails. What masterpieces on the nails, and every time you wonder what kind of brilliant masters worked on nail design. The variety of patterns is striking!


Curved zigzags, flowers, animals, cartoonheroes. Some master artist can draw on a photo on your nails a real portrait. If you look at the trends for 2017, we can see that today figures on nails are divided into several groups. They may be winter, summer, spring and autumn.



  • Fashion trends in nail-design: Figures on nails 2017
  • Seasonal patterns on nails 2017
  • Figures on nails 2017 photo

Fashion trends in nail-design: Figures on nails 2017

Figures on nails 2017 - is a bright and unusual prints. Also, do not lose their popularity quieter options that will look appropriate in the working atmosphere.

  • Kamifubuki

Fresh nail-trend - putting some drawing onnails using confetti, or as they are called golografikov. This brilliant circles of different colors and sizes. And pick yourself you do not have them, only to come up with an original design. Kamifubuki - it is already pre-selected color palette and size range of accessories for nail design. It's very simple: lay out pattern and coated with two layers of stamp!

Figures on nails kamifubuki

  • stone Texture

Most often, when stone-design paint texturemarble, but there are options like color manicure. Fantasy drawing is performed on the wet layer of dark stamp or base, or vice versa bright gel varnish.

Textured patterns on your nails - marble

  • Sweet bloom

A very interesting novelty. Different techniques and performance and the nature of the pattern, which turns out very juicy and summer.

Figures on nails Sweet bloom

  • Geometry

Figures paint very easily. They do not overload the whole picture, it is a harmonious addition. Variants of such a great number of drawings. This may be everyone's favorite polka dots or lines, wavy lines. Geometric patterns allow you to adjust the shape of nails. Vertical lines visually lengthen the nail, and the horizontal on the contrary shorten.

Geometric patterns on the nails

  • Wenzel

Very popular figures in the form of varioussymbols, characters and monograms. Some girls make up of these elements magnificent ornaments that resemble the lace pattern on the frosty window, oriental ornaments.

Wenzel on nails

  • Figure broken glass

Now nail design is very actively usetechnique of broken glass, and operate on the basis of its graphic quality is very beautiful drawings. First, lay out the basis of the print of a special foil for the "broken glass", then coated with a top and on top of it is applied with a brush drawing.

Figures broken glass on the nails

  • Drawings of lines

Very stylish and fashionable look with nail designdrawings composed of fine lines. In general, trends in manicure in 2017 are such that the master or gravitate towards highly complex artistic drawings, or on the contrary choose minimalism, conciseness and simplicity

Figures on the nails in the form of lines

  • Pictures of rhinestones

If you do not want a long time to draw and inventornaments, make a simple drawing of crystals and stones of various diameters, for example in the form of a flower, monogram, crown, and others. Rhinestones mount very easily, but such short-lived and manicure will not always be appropriate as a daily option, but rather a festive design.

Pictures posted rhinestones


  • Animals

Animalistic paintings go out of fashion alreadysome years. Animal prints always look impressive and noble. They mimic the skin of animals: tiger, zebra, leopard, giraffe, etc. Very nice looking pattern that imitates a snake's skin.

snake prints

  • Drawings of the points

Even the most seemingly simple pattern consistingof the points, it can look stylish and interesting. Suffice inventing an unusual modern design, arm or DOTS different brushes and a set of colored gel nail and you can get here is a drawing ...

Drawings points

  • Flowers-design

In 2017, not do without the lantern theme. This trend is at all times. Especially interesting to look dull floral motifs. flowers can also be performed using the granulated powder.

Floral patterns gel polish on nails

Seasonal patterns on nails 2017

Many of the girls when you make a nail stick seasonality.

  • Winter pictures

It may be in the form of snowflakes, snowmen, firs. Before the New Year, many baryshni applied themed pictures on nails. They may resemble a Christmas toy: a mirror-gel lacquer + gold or silver pattern. A fun and defiantly looks reindeer on a red background, snowman decorated with sequins, fur-tree branch with birds and Christmas decorations. Often the nails represent Santa Claus or red holiday caps.

  • Autumn pictures

They can be made in any color. Depicted lace patterns. It is also interesting to look a sprig of mountain ash or yellow-red leaves. Latest different geometric shapes on a yellow, orange, red, beige background. Often there are flowers of autumn theme.

  • Summer pictures

Always fervent and very bright. Displaying pieces of fruit, flowers. The current trend - drawing flags, sponges, hearts, rainbow patterns, peas. Juicy, bright and seductive look marigolds decorated in the form of strawberries or watermelon slices. Very often you can see the Disney characters.

  • Spring pictures

Are performed with the help of delicate shades. It can be flowers, painted on a transparent background or a cream or french supplemented pattern "bow." Also, the spring manicure involves the use of "predatory" prints, stripes, diamonds, wavy lines.

Figures on nails 2017 photo

Beautiful pictures on nails Gel lacquer 2017 - isan art that is able to lift the mood of its owner. Today, there are a lot of interesting options. We invite you to read only a small part. Happy viewing and inspiration!

Figures on nails in the style of Santa Muerte

Figures on nails gel polish, and gel inks

Gray-black patterns on the nails

Ethnic patterns on nails

Figures on nails "Twigs"

Figures on nails black gel polish

Figures on nails Wenzel

Ethnic patterns on nails

Figures on nails, spring 2017

Figures on nails, summer 2017

Figures on nails, spring 2017

Unusual patterns on nails

Figures on nails, Fall 2017

Figures on nails black gel lacquer "Veil"

Figures on nails, summer 2017

Figures on nails gel lacquer and sand, winter 2017

Fashion drawings on the nails

Figures on nails, winter 2017

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