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Zoning in the living room: 9 Tips

Zoning of living space is veryclose and urgent problem for all small apartments. This is not surprising, because in a small room you want to place several areas, without restricting the hosts comfort. But often there are also full-size apartments, where just do not want to build walls. An example of this is the loft - perfect zoned «open-space», in which by means of various methods designers can achieve the integrity of the entire apartment at the same time the privacy zones for all residents of the apartment. Armed with these ideas, we have prepared the tricks competent zoning living rooms.


Most popular Zoning living room:

Living room and bedroom - a bedroom will always be closer towindow, since by definition a berth should be away from vhoda.Gostinaya and kitchen - placing both zones strictly according to your taste, although the kitchen is preferably positioned near the window so that the mistress was convenient and light enough to cook edu.Gostinaya and dining room - two full units that have the space and the space under one komnaty.Gostinaya and cabinet - office may take quite a small area, the main thing - to establish an additional source sveta.Gostinaya and a children's room - this is the most unconventional combination, as is usually parents are inferior your child's room, but it happens sometimes. In this case it is necessary to consider all the good and the better part of the partitions to separate the child that the child has the opportunity to fully relax.

Receptions zoning living

There are some of the most common methods of zoning the living room, which we describe in detail below.

Zoning living room using furniture

This is the easiest and most affordable way to combinefunctions of several functional areas in the living room. Large and comfortable sofa will have guests during the day and night to become a comfortable bedroom. For more intimacy, you can use the screen or mobile partitions. This is particularly useful where there are in addition to the sofa and sitting area of ​​the chairs and tables, and when someone is tired and wants to sleep, he can safely go for a vacation while at the table, you can continue to communicate and gatherings. Of course, for sound insulation are not talking, so awake have to talk quieter than usual.

zoned living room7

Zoning living room partitions and mobile walls

These techniques are very good for separating a smallBedrooms in the perimeter of the living room. You can order special mobile structures, which will be folded and folded very simply, thus "forming" the walls at the right time.

Of the materials for these purposes, glass, plexiglass and plastic are best. In order to hide the superfluous from prying eyes, you can hang light curtains on the partitions.

This category we assigned another receptionzoning - the use of small wall-islands. Their length is usually 1.5-2.5 m As a rule, one side of the island put a TV table or other near-wall construction -. Wardrobe, shelving, shelves, paintings. With such a small wall is a clear zoning of the room.


Room zoning

Room zoning-555

Room zoning

Openwork partition in the living room

This group is more decorative designscharacter, but nevertheless provides a clear sense of space boundaries. Such partitions can be made of wood, metal, plastic and any other material, and more like a design small architectural forms, but often laced walls form a beautiful ensemble of shelves or shelving units.





Niches and cabinets in the living room: the space zoning

These pieces of furniture are very well helpzoned space. According to the principle - the higher the rack, the more obvious the division. That is, if you decide to split the area with a small niche or stone, place it kind of long items - vases of flowers, table lamps and statues. The combined living room-kitchen is the best splitter bar.





The process of zoning space with podium

One of the best ways to sharespace area. Of course, only suitable for rooms with high ceilings, but where it is, once clearly understood boundaries of one and the other areas. If installed on a podium bed, inside the podium, you can arrange drawers for storing linen and various seasonal items, as in the catwalk, you can hide the ventilation and other communications. The idea with a podium is very well implemented in large, spacious apartments, where the designer decided to create a single space.

zoned living room23

zoned living room16

Different materials and finishes

The use of different materials gives the finishinga clear notion that we have two different zones. That is why designers often use this technique to zoning, because here on the principle stands in a furniture store, once there are two independent parts of a whole - the living room. There is another interesting technique - can be the same material lay in a different direction, but this applies only to tiles and floors of small components. , Place different rugs on the floor To further protect one area from another.

zoned living room18

Zoning light

Light plays a key role inthe finishing of the interior, and for this reason, the separation of light immediately emphasize border zones. For example, in the evening you sit at a table on which a large chandelier is lit, and at this time the bedroom area is not illuminated, and consequently there can rest easy. And immediately clear if the living room to hang only one light source, it will not be enough for the room in which there are a few areas, or in one part of the world not to be missed, and the other is a surplus. Spotlights in the case of zoning rooms you will be a good help. Above the main zone, I hang a chandelier, in the same place more formulation of spots or vice versa.


Raised column

Raised columns are a handy attributezoning of any premises, but most of all, they fit exactly to the living room - all because of a few ceremonial values ​​is room. You may install copies of ancient columns, after the passage in which your attention will open a second room area. Or build a large column, which will resemble something like a chimney, or a small false wall. In any case, you will be able to win some space, which will give you the opportunity to place another zone.

The photo below is successfully applied to the reception of the column. It is not big and not small, but it is of a size that allows you to hide a little dining area.

Zoning living room

Placement of furniture

Put in different areas of furniture back to eachother. One of the most low-cost, simple and quick way to distinguish between the living room has been and remains the alignment zone furniture back together. Or in other words, to people in different areas we were back to back. This technique is based on the basic knowledge of psychology - "if I do not see, so it does not have." That is, if you do not see the people who are doing something close, you do not notice them. In this way, you can place in a single room about three different zones. Naturally necessary to observe the distance between the boundary zones should be at least one meter. Arrange the furniture back is also well suited for large open spaces in lofts and apartments open-space.

zoned living room13

Additionally zoning emphasized by the presence of different coatings on the floor. The two zones and two different finishes - carpet and laminate.


Zoning gives you the ability of a small one- or two-bedroom apartment to make space for a full vacation, reception and even sleep.

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