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Wood in the interior: best ideas, traditional and non-standard solutions

Wood in the interior is simple and environmentally friendly.A clean way to transform any room. The tree adapts well to the environment not only in nature. In the interior it also shows the wonders of adaptation. More universal material for construction and decoration is difficult to imagine.

How to use wood in the interior: Windows, doors, furniture

The traditional option is apartments, furnishedFurniture made of pine, larch, beech and other natural raw materials. Deep warm shades of wood will fit into different styles, whether it be classics, "chalets", minimalism or ethno. And the presence of a stone will emphasize the spirit of naturalism that reigns in the room. This combination indicates a good taste of the owner of the home.


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment

A classic way to use a tree inInterior - it's their own hands to install in the room doors and windows made of this material. The combination of it with glass - another universal find that gives the interior expressiveness.


Tree in the interior: the best ideas and photos

The original way of using wood in the interior. Spili are just what you need to surprise your guests. The spili have a flat circular shape, which allows them to be used in different variations.

"The wall is in the back». Each of the wooden "disks" hasIndividual pattern, shape and size, which helps create an unusual effect in a standard apartment. Such a finish gives the wall the appearance of the outside of the hut. However, it is not necessary to use the saws on the whole wall: for example, you can lay out the original drawing. By the way, you can do it yourself.


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment

A lot of what can be successfully used for the interior, a person can find in the forest or even on the street.

Stump. This "good" can be found both in the forest belt and in theA household plot. Subjecting it to minimal processing (grinding and varnishing), you can get a table, bedside table, stand under the lamp or chair. A natural pattern, characteristic of a tree, will emphasize your taste. However, if you want to achieve a completely different effect, the stump can be covered with paint and even ... gilding. This will give the interior a special refinement. And you can achieve this effect by yourself.


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment

Branches and brushwood. To understand how to use them in the interior,It is better to get acquainted with the numerous photos published in the World Wide Web. So, you can find a photo of a table made in the form of a bunch of branches, in several places intercepted by twine. Above the unusual design, you can put a transparent glass: so minimalism will be bound with mysticism.


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment


Advice! Want to give the children's room originality, butDo with the small amount of money? Easily! It is enough to find a large branch of a tree and paint it in bright colors. Then you need to secure it to the wall as much as possible. If the lateral branches are strong enough, they can hang small toys or multi-colored flaps. The child will be delighted with such a bright detail, and most importantly - can help with their own hands in creating it. In this case, the wallpaper in the room should be monophonic.


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment

Apartment decoration with wood

Stunningly look like spills, obtained from wood and stone - natural or semiprecious. To compose them is better under the supervision of a specialist, so that there is not a feeling of "too much", that is, a search.

Advice! When choosing a spil, you need to know from which tree they were obtained. The sections of oak and larch retain the longest aesthetic appearance, pine and alder quickly deteriorate.

Elements of decor. In this case, the spili can be used pointwise. For example, put them in a wooden frame hang on the wall, like a picture. The wallpaper should be as neutral as possible. Or make unusual stools or a bedside table. Or divide the spili into two parts, make ridiculous shelves and attach to the wall.


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment

The ceiling can also be decorated withUsing natural materials. Apartments, designed in this style, always attract the attention of others. The combination of white walls and ceiling, as well as brown or black beams help create an interior in a colonial style.


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment

Finishing the ceiling with wooden beams impliesA lot of techniques: "lattice", "herringbone", "parallels" and so on. On the Internet, you can find a lot of photos, clearly demonstrating how clearly the beams can fit into different styles.


Advice! It is important that the decoration of the walls in this case, combined with the design of the ceiling. Great idea: solid wallpaper of warm colors or painting of walls in similar shades.

Wood and stone in the interior

Wood and stone are unique materials thatWill fit into the design of almost any room. However, when working with them you need to be guided by a sense of proportion and taste. In this case, and the decoration of the walls, and the decoration of the individual elements of the decor will cause only admiration.

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Wood and stone in the interior and design of the apartment

Naturally, the combination in the interior of wood and stone looks. Therefore it is logical to use a small stone if you need to somehow decorate the space inside the tub with the tree.


Advice! Do not try to do everything in the house with your own hands, if practical skills are not enough. It is better to turn to professionals, study the portfolio with a photo, and entrust them with repairs in their home.


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment


Wood in the interior and design of the apartment

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