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Which style to choose for the interior in the living room: the interior design in a variety of styles

Living Room many rightly considered the soulhouse and a reflection of the nature of people living in it. Equipping the interior, we, first of all, to create a better environment for themselves, through which manifest the habits, tastes and opportunities.

We are convinced that there is no living room, the twodrops of water similar to each other, because each is committed to uniqueness in the selection of furniture and materials, combination of textures and patterns, the choice of suitable colors. Quite often, what of it if for reception room depends, will be a cozy and feature either a restrained and respectable.


Styles and trends in interior design

Styles and trends in interior design

It is recommended to take into account:

Dimensions. A spacious room with high ceilings has compelling advantages compared to small spaces. It is possible to allow the use of dark saturated colors and unusual combinations with bright colors, while the modest size of the living room is better to dress in bright light or massive ottenki.Chem diverse pieces of furniture, the calmer should remain on the palette of shades surrounding poverhnostyah.Esli your living room is characterized by a large windows that fill the room rays of daylight for a long time - the use of deep, rich color combinations welcome, but in order to room looked decent in the evening time, you will need to take care of high-quality lighting additional sources: lamps, floor lamps, table and decorative lamps, chandelier.

living room style is of great importance forcompetent selection of the desired colors. Therefore, in this article we decided to push it from the stylistic direction of the room to show what is better to choose a palette of shades, if sustained living in one of the most popular styles in interior design.

Interior design living room in eclectic style

Lovely and amazing image in the eclecticinteriors were created for different rooms. Thus, in the design of the living room are a place modern technical devices mounted on pieces of furniture from the past, and flashy colors is difficult, but, nevertheless, harmoniously combined with pastel shades.

Notable condition in arrangementeclectic living room is the presence of different, sometimes opposite and similar cultural currents. It happens all that liveliness, the originality of solutions and unexpected combinations of shapes and colors of objects.

If you are sure that eclecticism should sound inroom for receiving guests in your home, remember: it is not permissible to depression and monochrome, because the contrast of textures and colors - it is a prerequisite.

For example, will look very colorfuloriginal objects and furniture with bright patterned upholstery on a background of neutral color walls with the classical techniques in the lining. Spectacular image of the room can create a beautiful bright colors for classical forms of furniture, walls and contrast decorative stucco elements.

modern-living-room (1)

eclectic-living-room (1)

The interior design in classic style

When the decision is made in favor of pure classics, be aware that the implementation of such interior design ideas, in this case, in the living room, using unthinkable ridiculous, overly bright colors.

Living room in classic style - this restraintand dignity in all its forms. Thus, the surface of the walls and ceiling should be as neutral: white, cream, beige, light gray, light blue, pale pink, warm milk, etc. Parquet on the floor is better to use natural shades of oak, walnut, beech.

The naturalness of welcome and a choice of colorsupholstery: pale yellow, light green, brown. But darker colors can be used in furniture storage (dressers, wardrobes, offices), in the tables and consoles, which must be made of natural wood.


traditional-living-room (1)

Interior design: Art Deco style in the living room

For those who wish to bring to the interiorliving a creative atmosphere with a touch of pathos and claims, fit gorgeous Art Deco style. It is quite something elusive and languid, as if the essence of which is hidden behind a thin veil of obscure smoky shades.

Be prepared for the fact that in the living room Art Deco youwill have to work hard to show the true features of the style. It should use sophisticated shades, consisting of different colors, such as brown and silvery-purple, blue and blue-green, black with a touch of burgundy, and many similar.

Apply these colors in the interior room neededin furniture and its textures: silk, velvet and velor; in textiles and carpets. But for the better nature of Art Deco in the living room it is recommended to use a gold or silver decoration, as well as glass and mirrored surfaces, without which it is not possible bohemian room.

transitional-living-room (3)

transitional-living-room (4)

American style in the interior of the living room

The white color is the main and leadingthe interior features a living room with American style. Also, in a lot of it can be applied colors (ivory, cream, eggshell), which is used in the painting of the ceiling, wall panels, window frames and architraves.

If the clearance to be living in the USstyle, then you need to realize that the room must be spacious and bright with large windows that never halt heavy curtains with drapes.

For walls, choose neutral shades of paint andthe color of wallpaper, but some furnishings may well be brighter (upholstery of chairs, table decor, carpet and painting). Flooring should also be done in natural colors: natural color boards, beige or gray tiles.

eclectic-living-room (4)


Contemporary living room: tips and design ideas

The interior is based on the Contemporary style inBasically there is no specific guidance on the use of certain colors. It is only necessary to note that the range of colors, basically, should be neutral, black and white, but on her background, you have the right to apply the bright beautiful colors in decor items.

So, choose a practical tone upholstery: navy blue, chocolate, slate, gray, marsh. The interior Contemporary would be the best combination of these colors with light pastel shades for the walls, floor and ceiling, but when all is suitable for accessories - do not be shy, look for blankets, vases, pillows and decorative trinkets rich colors.

contemporary-living-room (4)

contemporary-living-room (1)

Minimalism in the living room: interior design

The functionality of objects, but not beauty - herea condition in which you can create a minimalist interior. If the features of the style you are aiming to recreate in the living room, remember, it must be different free space, only the necessary items of furniture and ample lighting.

The palette of colors in the living room-style minimalism is notcharacterized by the complexity of the transition of one shade to another, there is the whole environment should be quiet and simple, neutral, with the use of black and white, gray, beige, but it is possible, and the contrast in small decorative elements.

contemporary-living-room (6)

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