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Stylish design dressing table: photo

Dressing table - this is a personal area,divine place, which houses the secret weapon of all beauties, allowing to turn into a beautiful goddess of dazzling beauty. There provodzn enormous amount of time caring for her face, Brushing her hair, preening, so it is very important that this piece of furniture was not only a beautiful interior decoration, but was comfortable and functional place to restore beauty.


Dressing table in the interior

Most often, a dressing table placed in the bedroom,but do not dwell on the fact that he was from the same collection, and that all the furniture in the room. If it is included - fine, but take a look to this table really completely suits you. You can find a separate option, different from the bedroom furniture, the main thing that all looked harmoniously together, and do not interfere with each other.


How to choose the perfect dressing table

Boxes: without them can not do. even if you do not use a lot of makeup, a great place for storing small things. So if you are familiar with this problem - it is better to look at the model with lots of drawers, then on the table there is a place for a vase with flowers, and frames for a photo in general for any decor. Still, it is better not to sacrifice convenience.


Mirror. The ability to see yourself from all sides -natural desire of every woman. Therefore, this point should be given special attention. Firstly, if you are in a room no full-length mirrors, a better look at the dressing table without a mirror, you can purchase separately and attach the mirror to the wall. Secondly, if you are of the opinion that it is impossible to sleep in front of the mirror, you can choose a dressing table with a folding mirror.


Mirror lay down and get a smooth surface, there is a place to work at a laptop. And the third option - a small mirror on the leg, a lot of places do not take, performs its function perfectly.


Poof. Sometimes it is supplied, but it can be separately andpurchase. Useful stuff, but if you are used to carry out the dressing table is not a couple of minutes, but for a long time, have pity on your back and keep an eye mini chair.


Lighting. Do not forget that next to the table should beor one lamp or two on both sides. In low light it is difficult to direct beauty. And it would be nice to make a number of outlet for the hair dryer or curling curls.

Dressing table is the main attribute in Interior of the room for a young girl, How beautifully to make an interior design you can learn from our article.


Dressing table: photo


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


Dressing table in the interior


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