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Room Decor: mirrors in bedrooms, living room and dining room

We know a lot about functionality andthe aesthetic properties of the mirrors, among which are the ability to expand the space, multiply the light and create the necessary volume of the room, the size of which is far from desirable. In addition, all reflective surfaces and mirrors in particular, tend to make the room more mysterious and attractive, if there is something hidden behind a veil.

In our today's article we will talk about how it is necessary to have a mirror in the living room, and from what methods should be abandoned.

Interior room: Mirror in the bedroom

As has been said repeatedly, bedroom -special place in the house where a man takes a break from the madding crowd. Therefore, ideally, nothing should disturb the harmony or interfere with your privacy. And hence, the mirror is better placed where they will not disturb the constant flickering reflection.

"If you have provided the use of mirrors in the bedroom, it is better to use them for other purposes. For example, to put himself in order: to apply makeup, comb your hair and pick up clothes "

Using decorative partitions asIt shows the photo below, is a very interesting and very functional reception, as it serves not only the element zoning but the most successful spot mirror arrangement in a duet with a dressing table. The mirror in this case is not aimed at the bed, and thus will not disturb you during the holidays.


The mirror in the headboard

The use of mirrors in this zone is likelyornamental value, and if there is no urgent need, it is possible to give up such an arrangement. If you do intend to use them on the bed, you should choose the mirror small size - round or oval, placing them randomly or symmetrically over the headboard.

Decorative mirrors or thin curlymassive (picture) frames - effective way to draw a blank wall above the bed. Speaking about the choice of the correct height, in this case, it is not fundamental, and you may well place the mirror just above the middle of the wall or just below it.

Mirrors in the bedroom-666

Mirror in the interior of the bedroom

Mirror in the interior of the bedroom-777

Mirror in the interior of the bedroom


Interior Bedrooms: Mirrors in dark bedrooms

If the main tone of the walls of your bedroom - the dark, thethe use of mirrors in this case will lighten and facilitate visually room. Choose a mirror of strict geometric shapes, repeating the outlines of the selected section of the wall. The size of the mirror can fairly large, so it will reflect more space and light coming from windows and lamps.

Mirror in the interior of the bedroom-12

Mirror in the interior of the bedroom

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Floor mirror in the bedroom

We like large mirrors, which can notinstallation just put on the floor near the wall. They are extremely useful when you need to properly evaluate the appearance from head to toe. But, already known reason, it is better to install a mirror out of a bed or the side wall at the foot level. So you will be as comfortable as possible come to see the reflection, which, in turn, will not disturb you during the holidays.


Mirror in the interior of the bedroom


Mirror in the interior of the bedroom


Mirror in the interior of the bedroom


Location of mirrors in the living room: interior design living room

Of course, the living room is not the place where we take caretheir appearance and therefore, even if there and there are mirrors, they bear an entirely different function. First of all, it is the expansion of space and effective way to design. It may be added that the mirrors in the living room makes it a much more luxurious and original.

"You can not constrain himself any frameworkwhen choosing a mirror for the living room. They can be large, rigorous geometric shapes, round, convex, as well as a scattering of small, round panels forming a single lens "

Mirror in the interior -555

Mirror in the interior

Mirror in the interior -777

Mirror in the interior

Mirror in the interior -1-62

Mirror in the interior


Accent mirror above the fireplace

If the living room has a fireplace, it is hardly a smallarea, which means that there is a place for other interesting objects in a room. Thus, for example, can be a mirror, which, if placed it above the fireplace, will certainly become a main focus of the room. You can put it directly on the fireplace or attached just above the wall. In a room with a high ceiling, you can hang a mirror high enough to visually balance the lower and upper part of the living room.

To mirror over the fireplace was a truly memorable object of the living room, we advise you to enclose it in a massive frame with a contrasting shade of the walls.

Mirror in the interior -765

Mirror in the interior

Mirror in the interior -1

Mirror in the interior


Location mirrors in the dining room

The use of reflecting surfaces in the reception areaguests and family dinners of help in making sense of presence in a restaurant or cafe. If you want to use a mirror in your dining room, be sure to buy copies of a fairly large size in the frame, or those that are mounted on the wall with liquid nails.

The height for the location of the mirror to determine quite easily in the dining room, need only recall that the institutions they often decorate the walls of the region, starting sospinki sofas or worktop surface.

It is not recommended to use a mirrorthe surface in large quantities in this room as a dining room or kitchen. It can hurt your coordination, and mirrors of care requires a fairly frequent and thorough washing.


Mirror in the interior

Mirror in the interior -8

Mirror in the interior

Mirror in the interior -23-555

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