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Popular Folding sofas mechanisms: overview and tips

Today it is difficult to imagine any apartmentwithout the sofa - they fit into our lives and occupied a niche in it. Particularly relevant sofa beds in small apartments, where there is a need to save space, while at the same time the sofa serves as a place for sleeping, resting and storage.

How to choose a sofa: a review

It is important to quickly sort and sofawas formed, it had a quality and durable mechanism like the look. We would like to note that when you choose it is a sofa, his appearance fades into the background, and convenience, on the other hand, goes to the first.

Sofa with "book" mechanism

Sofa with "book" mechanism

This type of sofa is familiar to us all from the SovietTime - is the easiest and most inexpensive type mechanisms, which, in turn, has a positive effect on its longevity. The principle of his work is that - you pull the seat itself, it pulls ahead, there is a free space above the glove box and it falls back. The mechanism of "book" is not the most reliable, but now there was a novelty - book click-clack. This is the same "book", but it has a transitional provision when unfolded - 45 degrees, by which it turns out to redistribute the load, thus increasing the life of the sofa.

Sofas of this type are suitable for smallapartments, where every meter counts or when the bed is in a tight spot. In addition, manufacturers attract shoppers with low prices because the mechanism is much cheaper than the other book. With the active use of "books" mechanism service life is 5-7 years.

Sofa mechanism "Euro-book"

Sofa with "book" mechanism

Euro-book - is now the most popular and affordablethe price mechanism among the goals of transformation of sofas. He has several distinct advantages: ease of transformation, the durability of the mechanism and a large flat surface to sleep. The principle of transformation is that - pushing forward the sofa seat, and then gently put back in the glove box, and your bed is ready.

Euro-books usually come with pads and withfixed armrests or one right or left. It should be noted that it is important for the euro-book couch - quality slats, because thanks to them will serve as a long sofa and sleep, you will have a healthy and high-quality.

Sofa with a "clamshell" mechanism


Sofas with clamshell mechanisms occupyspecial place among the sofa mechanisms, as they allow you to make sofas with a most peculiar design sleeper. All thanks to their compact design and small size of the clamshell, which easily hidden inside the couch. Transformation Principle: pull the seat to him, and then deploy a roll, and at this time becomes a clamshell on metal legs, on which rests.

The main advantages of the clamshell-couch:

The compact dimensions of the clamshell, whichIt takes up little space, so that is placed in a shallow box, durability mechanism; Easy to use and quiet operation mechanism when folding and folding; This sofa looks like a normal cot, but unlike her he is more durable, and thanks to the orthopedic sipes will be a great place to sleep ;

The downside is the lack of the glove box, or rather they often can only be used in the unfolded form.

Sofa with "dolphin" mechanism (withdrawable)

Sofa with "book" mechanism

The mechanism of "dolphin" is well known as the book. It is very simple in layout and is quite popular because of low prices. The principle is a mechanism - you pull the seat is pushed forward, and the glove box of the other parts are put forward, which form a common bed. In addition, the bed can form a backrest with inner tab and built-in "clamshell" with a mattress (which folded laid large cushions).

Also sofa dolphin usually has beautifuldesign, comfortable to sleep on it every day, thanks to orthopedic frame, and hard seat. Most often this type of mechanisms used in the floor angular sofa, so you get two boxes for storage.

The main drawback of this is his sofalarge dimensions, since it requires a lot of space when unfolded. The mechanism layout can be considered durable, it can be slightly loosened with time (over 5 years), but only from the constant unfolding.

Sofa with "accordion" mechanism

The mechanism of "Accordion"

"Accordion" - is a popular folding principlesofa or chair. He usually wooden backrest and armrests and a folding soft sleeping surface. folding principle is this: you pull the seat to him and sofa, as a paper booklet unfolds towards you.

This type of transformation forms a large sofaflat bed, but at the same time, it is inconvenient in reverse folding, you have to be great to try to fold it. Moreover, folded his very thick back, in addition to the stationary wooden, you get one more - from the folding of the bed. The accordion is not as durable as the click-clack or a dolphin, but because of the constant fuss here and there it could spoil the floor. Besides all this accordion requires a lot of space in the unfolded form.

Custom assembly mechanisms sofas

In this section we will talk about the unusual, or evenvery practical kinds of transformation of sofas, but they are the same as the others, deserve our attention, if only for the novelty of ideas and fresh interpretation of the theme sofa bed.

Sofa mechanism "Wave"

This new, modern facility that isused in large luxury sofas. Its advantage - stylish, beautiful, spectacular, but practical - at least, as this wave affects only the convenience of a sitting position.

Flap sofa

transformation principle is - you changeback position, because it is flexible, as the spine, thus making it more convex or flat. If you pick a large sofa for the living room, which will not be sleeping, or chase fashion trends, you can buy and such a mechanism.

Modular sofa

This type of sofa is very convenient to publicestablishments - cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, offices, but can also be used, and a residential area with a large area. The modular sofa consists of several modules, which at the right moment going into some kind of structure - in a row, square, triangle, rectangle, or as in our photos.

Modular sofa-1-62

Which sofa to choose?

modular sofa

A modular sofa may be sleeping, butHe has one big disadvantage: as a rule, the modules are not fixed to each other, and at any moment can pass one another, and then you run the risk of falling off the couch at night. Therefore, this type of sofa is still more convenient to use separate modules, either in the form of a long sofa, but not bed.

Flap sofa

Flap mechanism is similar to the principle of a wavesofa with a twist: in this sofa backrest moves as a whole, rather than bent, like a spine. This type of sofa is more comfortable than a sofa-wave, as it still is initially expanded, like a book and then later you can adjust the backrest height.

Flap sofa

The peculiarity lies in the specificmechanism that can capture back at different heights. This sofa is comfortable on all sides - it can easily be expanded, it is convenient and comfortable bed, and thanks to this original back, he will be an excellent place for a friendly get-togethers, where each vacationer can choose for themselves the back height.

We encourage you to consider before you buy a sofa questions such as:

I need a sofa to relax or bed? how often I'll lay out the sofa? where he will stand? how much free space is around the couch?

And giving answers to these questions, you will be able to understand exactly what mechanism suits you the most. We wish you a successful purchase of the sofa, a good rest and healthy sleep.

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