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make-up mirror with lights: Ideas

make-up mirror with lights - a necessary thingfor every woman. Currently the dressing room mirror - is not only the prerogative of the actors and other creative people acting on stage. This is an indispensable attribute of a bedroom, dressing room or bathroom of any woman, without which it is very difficult to put a quality makeup and evaluate your wardrobe.

But if the dressing room mirror besides also equipped with the corresponding good light, which provides the correct light fall on the person - it is an indispensable option for every beauty.


Mirror make-up: the main criteria when choosing a mirror

Now the consumer market is saturated with differentoptions for make-up mirrors, designed for every taste and budget. Why spend money to buy enough expensive instance, if you can use the powder box, or apply makeup, standing in the hallway or the bathroom. Dressing room mirror has a number of advantages, distinguishes it from the usual model. First of all, using a large dressing room mirror with lights, you can assess your make-up completely, and not in fragments. Indeed, in a small analogue thereof, you will see only a few makeup items - lips or eyes that will not let you see the entire image in its entirety. As a result, it can get quite harmonious.


Among other things, if you become happythe owner of the dressing room mirror with professional lighting, it ensures the correct direction of light. This will allow you to apply makeup correctly. This effect you will not get in the rooms where there are no appropriate lighting. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a mirror with integrated lighting already.

And one more important caveat. Look in the powder box or in the bathroom mirror, you do not get that aesthetic pleasure as preening in front of a real dressing room mirror, analogue was once used by Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo. Preening in front of a mirror so become a real ritual, mystery and will help to create the right image.

In addition to its main functiondestination, the dressing room mirror has also an aesthetic component. Indeed, sitting in front of a nice big mirror, so easy to feel like a film star in the way of this.

Features of the use of mirrors in interior decoration

Currently on the market of cosmetic productsthere is a wide variety of options for all kinds of shapes and forms. How not to get lost among such abundance? Here is a classification that will help you navigate.

Should be guided by choosing a mirror,so that it is well fit into the interior of the room. Therefore, you should carefully approach the selection of frames for your trusty "assistant". The easiest option - without a frame. This model is suitable for rooms, seasoned in any stylistic direction, but more organically it fit into the room in a minimalist style or high-tech.


Ideally, the frame will be in harmony witha detail of the interior, for example, with elements that adorn the bed. Pick a similar framing and mirrors. So, if your bed is decorated with forged elements, it is very nice to look mirror with exactly the same frame. However, in this case, you will most likely have to buy a mirror "to order". However, in this scenario you can also "play" with the frame color. Indeed, in most cases the demand in the market are limited to black and white, which may not suit your decor.

Forms and types of make-up mirrors

First, mirrors vary in shape. The most classic of them is square or rectangular. It is to such a model preparing to enter this film star Marilyn Monroe. You can buy the same version and your premises. However, a mirror of round shape still seems to be more appropriate and aesthetically appealing. In addition, this model is suitable for placement in any style. In terms of size, it is considered the standard square mirror 50/50. But keep in mind that the larger the mirror, the better you will be able to see yourself.

Council: Go to far to the size it is not necessary, otherwise the mirror faces occupy most of the wall, and it will look too congested. So, more than a miniature mirror looks much neater.


There are also full-length mirror thatplaced on the floor and allow to evaluate the entire shape of the whole. Mirrors and different method of mounting and installation. That it did not fall, it is expedient to mount on the wall adjacent to the dressing table. Or just buy table or a trellis with a mirror. But a professional mirror still sold separately.

If the purchase of the dressing room mirror you thinka waste, then you can try to do it yourself. In this case, you get a unique copy, which will meet exactly your tastes and needs.

How to make a make-up mirror with your hands

To make the dressing room mirror with lamps with your hands, you will need the following tools:


straight wide bars made of wood - 2 pieces (size corresponding to the selected mirror);


measuring tape,

copper wire - white and blue colors,



light bulbs (25 watts)

cartridges for them and extra fuses,

fork wire

Bolts 2.5 cm in length,


two-way (industrial) tape,


In the manufacture of home-made mirrorsbacklight should follow precautions. In particular, we recommend that you use a shoe equipped with a rubber sole. It will provide additional security.


Cut a frame from agreeing with barsthe size of the original mirror. Saw bars so that their ends form a 45 degree angle. To do this, use a ruler and a pencil. Previously not forget to make notes. Treat both should obtain the details of the frame with sandpaper. They have to be perfectly smooth.

Then measure and make the appropriate mark for the holes at the same distance. They subsequently you insert the cartridges for light bulbs.

After that, we proceed to one of the mostcreative works - painting. Pick up the pre-paint that is most suitable to the interior color scheme. Use special paint for wood. Alternatively, you can leave the frame in its original form - in this case, it is harmoniously fit into the interior in Scandinavian style or country style and Provence. Just be sure to cover it with varnish for wood.


Mirror advisable to attach usingdouble-sided tape for industrial frame. It should be firmly grasped. The next stage begins with the separation of the blue wire from the white into pieces about the size of 15 cm. Bring them into the holes for lamps provided at the previous stage. Thus, you will have in each of the holes on a pair of blue and white pair of wires.

The final stage of work. Here, we need ammo. It is necessary to twist the bare wires on the proper side of the cartridge screws. Attach the cartridges directly to the frame using a screw. So we did the wiring and fixed bullets. Now is the time to do a fork. For this we need a long strip of wire. One of the ends to be connected to the first line in the lamp holder. The opposite end must be connected to the plug. He must maintain a proper color match.

Attention: For security purposes, be sure to make sure that the wires do not touch each other. If one of the lamps did not work, be sure to check the wiring.

Use several fuses - theyhelp significantly extend the work lights. Keep children away from the mirror! Use LED fluorescent lights. It is not recommended to buy ordinary incandescent lamps. Indeed, in this case from them is too hot.


When describing manufacturing steps of a mirror, thenare the following ones: the production of the frame, drilling holes, kalёvki selection, grinding, painting, coating, varnishing, sanding between coats, assembling cartridges, fixed mirrors and the rear cover.

Using these guidelines, you can make a dressing room mirror lights with their own hands.

Dressing room mirror lights: how to choose lighting

Very often the make-up or make-up mirrors are sold with built-lamps. It is advisable to spend it on a model, as it has significant advantages over the others.

One of the best lighting options - alamp located around the perimeter of the mirror. You can choose a lamp dissipating cold and warm light. It should be taken into account that under the cold light will be more noticeable wrinkles, age spots, acne and other skin flaws and irregularities. This is important if you want to be like their disguise.

Another variant of lighting - with lamps,be dispersed warm light - is more pleasing to the eye, and your psyche will once again be injured by possible defects of the skin. In any case, the choice - for you. As for the number of bulbs, then this criterion is strictly individual. However, there is one major rule that we should not forget - two lamps must be at face level. In this case, you can create the perfect lighting for makeup.


When buying a mirror with lamps or individual lampsPay attention that they are not heated. Otherwise you will be uncomfortable to sit in front of this mirror, not to mention the fact that this may not be the best way impact on your makeup. Mirror and lamps should be positioned so that between them and you there was a slight distance.

Mirror make-up: How to choose a lamp

The optimum is to create makeupLED lamp. It is the lighting use professional makeup artists and makeup artists. Follow their example. In no case do not waste fluorescent lamps. They distort color and as a result, causing you think the perfect make-up, after reaching the daylight, he will not be so perfect.

For the same reason not to do makeup in the bathroom. Indeed, in this case, the light will fall on top of and as a result, change your complexion.

Of course, make-up or make-up mirrors arethe price tag is more expensive than usual. But they are worth. After all, every woman wants to appear in the best light. So do not skimp on such accessories. Try to find a place for a dressing table with a mirror, even if you do not have a separate bedroom. Only in this case, you can create the perfect make-up. Such a mirror with a properly chosen lighting allows you to see all the fine skin imperfections and disguise them competently. In addition, such a mirror is indispensable for home beauty treatments. In the end, for it's just nice to sit and comb your hair or apply perfume. That is, this accessory allows you to feel like a real rock beauty!

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