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Interior design living room in classic style

The dignity and beauty in every detail - sofew words can describe the interior is embodied in a classic style. Living room decorated in this way, created exclusively for persons aged and faithful to the best traditions in design and architecture. In addition, refined taste and understanding of what a classic is timeless and competition come with age, which is why among the adherents of the classical canons of more people over middle age.


Interior in classical style

Living room: the interior in a classical style, the basic design rules

Creating interior in classical style is appropriate,if your living room has a rather large size with high (three meters or more) ceilings and windows through which light will abundantly fill the entire room. All the living environment should consist of good-quality, high-quality materials and furniture, buy that - so seriously fork.

Classical living room - it is elegant in every subject, clearly adjusted proportions, elegant form without pathos and frills.

Tree in a classical setting alwaysused in furniture, floor coverings, decorative items; fabric upholstery, curtains, cushions and tapestries, too, are made of silk, linen and cotton; metallic elements are present in lighting fixtures, decor.

Eesli you are serious to translate into living roomall the features of the classical style, can not do it without the fireplace. This facility shall be here unconditionally, because a priori is the heart of the living room.

The main colors of the interior in classic style

For the most part, in the regenerationclassic living room, use light neutral shades: cream, pale pink, beige, light gray, soft blue, pale yellow, green blur that must be combined with a lot of white. Contrast is welcomed as a dark wooden furniture, lighting scaffolds, decorative knick-knacks.

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Interior in a classic style

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The floor and walls of the interior in classic style

Sex is often stacked with natural parquetHigh quality wood, with a classic filigree or geometric patterns. You can also use the floorboard, but not too dark, or a feeling of lightness classic interior can evaporate.

Natural flooring is used not only for its great aesthetic appeal, but serves a practical function, since this coating is very durable.


Walls in a classic interior design living room

Can be painted in a light shade anddecorated with stucco elements: columns, half-columns, pilasters, paneling, friezes and moldings with moderate relief. If the living room wallpaper, choose discreet ornamental motifs or floral pattern to match the main color of the room.

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The ceiling in the classic interior design living room

Always white, decorated on the perimeter of the traditional classical cornice and frieze, rosettes, moldings and other moldings made of gypsum, which can now be replaced with polyurethane elements.


What to choose furniture for the classical style in the interior

It was she who creates a special character of the room,because the items set those that most clearly reflect the essence of the historical style. Very often choose among them antique chairs and tables in the Chippendale style, tables and chests of drawers Sheraton, Chesterfield sofas.

As mentioned earlier, all of the items aredistinguishing feature - is the material from which they were created: natural wood (wenge, oak tree, Hevea, mahogany). Upholstery classic furniture should not be too different from the main room scale, and ideally, be natural white or sand-colored, but may have one of the shades of the wooden frame. For example, a chair with curly thin legs, back and armrests made of oak can be upholstered in light brown jacquard, velvet or velor fabric.

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Living room in classic style canIt is represented sofas and armchairs on elegant carved legs, but with moderate decor. The interior of the all items should be placed at a certain distance from each other to clearly felt free space. It should not be also overload the space with unnecessary overweight subjects, even if the footage allows you to do this. It will be enough, in addition, set the coffee table, dresser, desk, console and sideboard to the situation did not look empty, but harmonious.

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Which to choose a chandelier for a classic style in the interior

In the center of the ceiling to be its rightful placetake a chandelier with multiple horns imitating lighted candles, or else with the classic fabric lampshades. Together with them, you should choose the model of the lamp so that it contained a crystal pendants - as the classic method.

By installing a chandelier, be careful that it is suspended at a distance from the ceiling, and did not suit him tailgating, use well-furnished room height.

In the classic version, the suspension deviceIt made of wrought metal or carved wood with gilt bronze or effect. In addition to the main light source is recommended to choose wall sconces (or in the form of candlesticks with shades) and table lamps with curly bases.

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Classic style in the interior, how to choose curtains

Windows halt blackout curtains, combining withlight tulle, but the blinds or Roman shades in the classic living room is not the place. In order to ensure good access of light in the room, picked up the man the curtains with decorative tassels and hung on the traditional cornice-bar with brackets.

Speaking of patterns for textiles, it should be noted,that too bright colors are not made use of, and preference should be given to neutral, with a barely noticeable ornament, a tone different from the background color.

In addition to velvet and jacquard, also usedprinted silk, brocade and satin, you can pick up decorative pillows, which will repeat the pattern of the sofa upholstery fabrics, wall color or combined with patterned wallpaper.

If desired, for the curtains you can choose a heavy cloth over saturated colors (deep carmine, wine), which will be in harmony with a touch of solid wood furniture.

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Accessories and interior decoration in a classic style

The walls, except moldings and wallpaper, you should decorate paintings in massive frames, and subject them to become landscapes, hunting scenes, ceremonial portraits, in general, traditional paintings.

Tables, Console or fireplace decorateporcelain figurines and vases, chandeliers and decanters of bronze and silver. But it is worth remembering that these things should not be much, and the surface - with modest decorations.

Good, and most importantly, naturally in the living roomclassic style look book placed wardrobe, solid wood, or the like rack. Not superfluous will use as decorations, family photos, make sure to wooden frames, which are exhibited in small compositions on the mantel, dresser or console wall.

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For the classical interior is characterized by the use of gilt bronze and flicker, which cover carved pieces of furniture, frames for mirrors and paintings, wooden candlesticks.

If you have a desire to create a Solid interior on the year, or even decades, after reading this article, you will be one more reason to bring long venture in life. Good luck and creative achievements!

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