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Industrial Design: Bedroom in loft

If you want to do at the same time creative,modern, simple and at the same time cozy interior, the loft-style master bedroom is the perfect choice. It combines rough finish, the elements of industrial design, the uniqueness of each individual project, refinement vintage decor and comfort of a recreational area.

Interior bedroom loft-style surprise himI want to be considered and it would be desirable to sleep and wake up. But this stylistic direction of approach is not for everyone. If you are young, purposeful and energetic personality, then this style is for you!


Key features loft-style

Design bedroom loft-style like a rooma converted warehouse, factory or attic. High ceilings, large windows, a minimum of decoration and accented by carelessness in finishing only strengthen the similarity with the production workshop in the factory.
To create a bedroom in the loft-style apartment reliably enough to style the space of the room, pay special attention to the walls and ceiling.


Here are some basic rules that should be followed during the design of the bedroom in the loft:
Choose an uncluttered and multifunctional furniture;
Avoid the usual decor;
Rare accessories should be non-standard and work on the overall style of the space;
Preferably, the natural colors of the cold range of colors;
Avoid walls and walls, make the most spacious room;
Play on contrasts, combine different textures of finishing materials;
Laconic design - The basis of the interior in the loft style.


the designer said: On top of this interior can seem cold and uninhabited. To him it is necessary to get used to and feel the warmth of its kind.

What colors to use in loft

The primary colors oftenuse white, gray, light beige, brick or wood tone. Little bedroom in the loft style is made in cold tones, a large area is permissible to use a warm brown or blue.
Mirrors and metal elements beneficial to emphasize the scale of the cold room.


Design and interior of a bedroom in the loft

Walls and ceilings can be left in its original form, if it leads to the condition of your apartment. However, most concrete, masonry and ceilings have to imitate.
Interior style loft presupposesbrick wall, or at least, textured plaster. Decorative materials make it easy to solve the problem. Brick is better to use for finishing one or two walls at the head of the bed, and the rest can be painted with latex paint, covered with plaster or wood paneling.


Ceilings can be painted with bright paint, andIt can be sewn with a wooden board. All floors, beams, design details do not need to hide, but to emphasize. This will make your interior a truly industrial.
Gender: Wooden Floor, inherited from the previous owner, you can update using the clearcoat. If you're not so lucky, use parquet or laminate as a new floor covering.
Furniture bedroom loft style can be unusual,but its design should be simple and neutral color. Industrial metal bed or mattress on a wooden base concise - you choose.
Piece of furniture should be few,try to keep a maximum free space. For storage, you can use a dressing room or a large closet to the ceiling and an antique dresser.


What decor and textiles to choose for a loft style

The modern technology serves as decoration(For example, a huge plasma wall to the floor) and various items of urban design. Graffiti, abstract painting, collectible posters, world map and a black-and-white pictures perfectly fit into the interior of a bedroom in the loft. To make the space more cozy and warm, you can also add a touch of glamor industrial design.


Crystal chandelier, velvet cushions and fresh flowers help soften rough interior.
Little bedroom in the loft requiresrestrict the use of any textile. Give up the curtains, if the view outside the window allows you to do this. Single-colored linens and canopy over the bed - that's all you need to design your room.

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