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How to position the TV on the wall 6 of the rules

Almost every home has a television set, andsometimes - even a few. It is most commonly associated with us with pleasant, family or friends. Our eyes are turned to the electronic device, and often does not matter whether it broadcasts TV channels or just a monitor for watching movies or videos on the Internet.

TV in the interior of the apartment, the room layout

Let's see how to position correctlytv monitor it to be as comfortable, safe and convenient for all households. Read all items carefully, constantly looking back on their own terms. All tips are closely interrelated, and technical inconsistencies of one of them in the selected room can affect the particular plan that has seemingly clearly defined.

How to position the TV on the wall 6 of the rules

1. In what part of the room is a TV

Location dictates the placement of the TVfurniture in the room. First of all decide the same time, with what kind of rooms points (or more) you will watch it. This may be a sofa, dining table, kitchen work area - but there are other options.

"It is particularly important to consider when determining the place ofTV location should be a window. If the screen is located on the opposite wall, it is likely that he will Lambent and you absolutely do not see anything. "

The way out of this situation can become a window blinds or close the curtains tightly to the effect of "blekaut".

Think about how much you are willing to close themtightly each time, including television. For those who will be the location that way, recommend to look at the curtains on electric cornice, which can be controlled with the remote or tablet. It is worth it's not expensive, and such optsiyadobavit comfort and keep a neat appearance and curtains themselves, which too often by mechanical impact can quickly get dirty and lose the original appearance.

How to position the TV on the wall 6 of the rules

2. At what height to hang the TV

If you want to watch TV in the kitchen,say, standing at the stove, get up in the imaginary (if you until repairs) or an existing work surface and then quickly move the view on the section of the wall where you plan to mount the TV. The place where you look (this is likely your eye level or just below / above), you need to remember and immediately gently fix, say, the fine on the wall. There is supposed to be the center of the monitor.

"The height of the TV location is dictated by the position in which you are going to watch it. The standards in this regard is quite arbitrary, so there is nothing better than a personal rechecking can not be. "

Similarly, on the same principle, you will be able to determine for themselves a comfortable height of the TV position on the wall in any room where it is supposed to be.

How to position the TV on the wall 6 of the rules

3. How to attach the TV to the wall

When planning your TV locationassumes its installation on the wall, it is necessary first of all to check the technical feasibility of this operation. Remember - the wall of plasterboard heavy monitor can not be hanged. More than 30-35 kg, it will not stand, and runs the risk of simply collapse.

On a wall of bricks or blocks of the monitor can be mounted with brackets. In advance, make sure that the ground anchors intended location does not pass the wiring.

"Brackets are both rigid fixation andadjustable. We recommend in any case to choose a mobile version. Who knows - suddenly you need to change the angle of inclination or slightly rotate the screen in one direction or another. "

How to position the TV on the wall 6 of the rules

4. To hide the wires and cables from the TV

If you now your apartment is in a staterepair, configure in advance and prepare properly place the TV location and relevant conclusions for him. What you will need to be sure - 3 conventional outlet for the monitor and TV 1. In them you connect himself plasma monitor, a tuner and / or Wi-Fi adapter. All these outputs can safely hide behind the very plasma onitorom, placing the outlet at a distance of 8-10 cm from the top or bottom edge of the monitor (as in your situation it is more convenient).

If a TV is located TV cabinet, which is expected to be another media appliances, sockets for her, too, you will not interfere.

"At the height of 30 cm from the floor, place a block on 4-5outlets - even if they are now, and you do not need on-site technology does not stand, it is better to spend a little now and protect yourself from the hassle with wires, outlets and transportation of tomorrow. "

If the repair is already done, all wiring can behide in the cable box and gently bring it to your TV. Later, this box can be issued under the style of the wall on which it is located - in order to maximize his disguise.

In the case where the television is located opposite thewindows and you decide to take advice on the curtains in the electric cornice, plan another outlet on the ceiling at the spot where it will hang this curtain (Interior experts and an electrician will tell you more about this).

How to position the TV on the wall 6 of the rules

5. How to choose the size of the diagonal of the TV

Many TV fans dreaming about large plasmahalf of the wall. Buy a TV is not difficult, but before you do, check how the parameters of your room will allow to look at a monitor without harm to health.

"Distance, comfortable to the eyes from the monitor - 3-4 diagonal screen, in the case of LCD monitors - 2-3 diagonal."

That is, the 40-inch television you need to look to the80-120 or 120-160 distance inches (1 inch equals 2.54 cm). Now it is possible to calculate that person's eyes, looking at the 40 inch plasma, should be placed on it for 3-4 meters, and for LCD monitors - 2-3 meters.

How to position the TV on the wall 6 of the rules

It is easy, watching reality, to make sure that many neglect this rule than spoil the vision not only themselves, but also their loved ones. Do not repeat these mistakes.

How to position the TV on the wall 6 of the rules

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