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How to make the living room Mediterranean-style

Looking at the photos of Mediterranean landscapesit seems as if this region radiates goodness and happiness. The local houses look as if nature itself was involved in the construction, and then, in the interior. But rest assured, this idyll in the form of housing - it's a natural part of people's lifestyle, characterized by cheerfulness and hospitality.

If you want to know how to fill the homeenvironment spirit of the Mediterranean and just in love with this style - we will cover the basic nuances that help to create a colorful living room, even if it is part of a city apartment in our latitudes.


living room Mediterranean-style

Interior design in Mediterranean style

There is a detail that should be remembered, furnished room in Mediterranean style. Experts divide it into the so-called "turn-styles": the Italian and Greek.

Italian means a combination of warm earth tones, wood and stone, using forged elements in large quantities in the furniture and decor.

The Greek area of ​​the Mediterranean style -This snow-white color at the base, complete with radiant shades of blue palette with splashes of yellow and terracotta. Pieces of furniture are made of wood, and, treated rudely "faded".

The characteristic features of the Mediterranean style

A lot of air and light

No matter which of the "under the style" youchoose for your living room, be prepared for the fact that the large windows - is the first step on the path to a successful Mediterranean image interior. It may happen that it will take a few to expand or "pull" the window openings, because in the original reading, the style does not accept the constraint and lack of space.

Should create a feeling that your living roomIt forms an almost integral with the external environment in order to achieve this, try, for example, to make two windows - one, but not great. In private homes make it much easier than in apartments, because they do not require approval authorities.

mediterranean-living-room (2)

Often in Mediterranean homes windows occupy a large area of ​​one of the walls, bringing guests to the garden or terrace.


Natural materials in the interior

In all that relates to the lining and filling living rooms should be used natural friendly materials, or, in some cases, their successful imitation.

Paul spread the living room with ceramic tiles, natural or artificial stone, wooden boards or laminate with a rough texture.

mediterranean-living-room (9)

Avoid wallpaper, paneling, moldings - toMediterranean interior they are not relevant, you just need to be plastered and covered with bright paint all the walls, including the ceiling. Please note that the wooden beams in its decoration are equally essential feature of the Mediterranean interior as large window openings. The tree for this purpose are selected rough, as if soaked in sea salt, podtresnuvshee, gray-brown or natural light brown color.

In most cases, the color of the wooden beams in common withtone doorways and window frames, which are also isolated by visual tree. Using a metal forging, but only in the case where, as mentioned above, the interior room tends to Italian-earth.

mediterranean-family-room (1)

Nature's palette in the interior: the basic colors

Italian Mediterranean sound in the living roomrequired to saturate the interior warm colors of the earth: terracotta, sand, beige, gray, brown, dark brown, cream, Naples yellow, and in addition to use of green accents and black as an accent in a small amount.


The Greeks did not knowingly give preference to whitethe outer and inner lining spaces in hot climates it is the best way to cope with the effect of bright sunshine, not absorbing its rays, but only reflecting.

In addition to the use of white living roompiercing turquoise, azure, blue, cobalt, bright yellow and lime, light terracotta, straw and sand, pale green color. Against the background of neutral natural shades, the colors of the sea and the sun in the accessories highlight the nature of Mediterranean living.


Features Mediterranean interior, simple decoration surfaces

To secure your information on memorythe distinctive features of the interior of the Mediterranean, again, the walls covered with relief stucco and paint. But against the background of these "rural" walls, focuses on the portal fireplace, and it is very important for the Mediterranean interior.

If you can not build a realfireplace, you can create one version of a pseudo, and is located in the middle of an electric heater, or else to place candles. But in each case, try to somehow identify this area, for example, a good solution would be a stone or tile laying around. Floor near the fireplace can also put colorful tiles or chipped mosaic. For decorating the portal, you can use all of the same rough Aged wooden beams, both for the design of the ceiling.

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Mediterranean style in the interior

mediterranean-living-room (10)

Mediterranean style in the interior

What furniture to choose the interior for the Mediterranean

To further pinpoint the stylisticInterior living room accessory, you must choose the right furniture for it. First of all, it is, for the most part, it should be wooden, quite massive and stocky, with regard to all items.

So, if you install the cabinet, something the averagebetween the chest and the dress to the top could arrange decorative trinkets. In the Italian Mediterranean used chairs and sofas with forged elements, or even completely with metal openwork frame. In the dining room the living area from the dining table and chairs are arranged elegant high-backed curly and soft seats.

The Greeks, in turn, tend to complementsituation especially wooden furniture, often using wicker chairs and tables. But for the Mediterranean in general, characterized by the use of dense natural fabrics from which sew simple covers for sofa backs and cushions, as well as for chairs or poufs.

mediterranean-living-room (6)

So, you should furnish the living room Mediterranean-style around this set of furniture:

Wide, fairly large low sofa,supplemented by a pair of the same kresel.V center between them - a coffee place stolik.Vdol wall bookcase, sideboard or stellazh.Vmesto they can install two identical spacious komoda.Mozhno deliver high stool for decoration or table lamp.

Furniture should not be "congested", orarranged in a row at the walls. All the furnishings necessary to determine the place, some distance from each other, and so to be able to move freely between them.

mediterranean-living-room (4)

What to choose curtains for the interior Mediterranean style

After major repairs need to proceed to the most pleasant experience - decorative design of the living room in a Mediterranean style.

For windows characterized by the use of light fabricsa simple functional curtains. We'll have to forget about swags, drapes, Steklyarusny muslin and other ornaments, - only natural (cotton, linen, tulle), the curtains fluttering in a light Cova ledge.

Sometimes, instead of the traditional woven curtains on the window opening wooden sash fastened with shutters from inside the premises. But you can decorate windows with bamboo blinds, scattering sunlight.


Decorate the living room Mediterranean-style

The decoration of Mediterranean livingno different sophistication, but stresses situating the nature of the situation. For example, the decoration of the room can be a variety of pottery, painted plates, clay pots and amphorae. By the chimney breast is appropriate to attach forged candlesticks, and next on the floor to put a couple of the same copper or, again, with a basis of ceramics.

In the sitting room area spread out several colorful brightpillows, coffee table decorate broad vase for fruit. Instead of large dense carpets should lay light fabric mats or track, and smaller copies decorate the wall above the chair or dresser.


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