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How to make an arch in the doorway

Now we will give you practical recommendations on how toHow to make an arch in the doorway with your own hands and analyze the whole process "on the shelves." We look at the arch in the opening, which is installed instead of the door between the rooms.


Arch in the doorway

How to make an arch in the doorway - the choice of material

To create an arch structure, you canUse any materials: brick, stone, wood, metal and plastic. The first are of great weight, and the second are of high value. The most popular and acceptable option is the installation of arches of plasterboard. It is a light, environmentally friendly and practical building material.

This design has several advantages:

  1. strength;
  2. reliability;
  3. simplicity.

Its installation is not accompanied by large-scaleWork with increased noise and high consumption of building material. It is not superfluous to note the affordable cost of all the building elements used in the installation of the gypsum board and a huge assortment in each construction shop.


Arch in the doorway

How to make an arch in the doorway - preparing a doorway


Types of arches in the interior

By selecting the type of arch to be installed, you can goTo prepare the opening. First you need to get rid of the installed structure, instead of which you want to build an arch. Remove the door and remove the door frame.


Arch in the doorway

For this purpose, scrap or otherSubjects. If the dimensions of the opening do not satisfy you, correct the situation. You can cut a part of the wall, or you can build a smaller construction, reducing the distance in the opening. The surface must be cleaned of chips, dust and pieces of concrete. To protect yourself from fungus and mold, treat the wall with antiseptic impregnation.

How to make an arch in the doorway - installation of the frame

The main frame is made of a guide profileArches. Pre-prepared strips need to be attached parallel to each other on both sides and to the top of the opening. Drill holes in the floors to fix the profile with dowels. Pay attention, to establish the basic skeleton it is necessary with deviation deep into the opening. The retreat should be equal to the thickness of the drywall sheet and the putty. Thus, the surface of the door arch will have one plane with overlapping.


Arch in the doorway

For the production of the arc-shaped part of the frameWill have to perform a "simple" manipulation: cut the side shelves of the profile and curl to the state of the arc. The incisions are made using scissors at a distance of 50 millimeters from each other. The formed arcs are fixed with self-tapping screws to the main guides.


Arch in the doorway

Drywall made of plasterboard, made by own hands, should be strong enough. To do this, install the stiffeners from the supporting profile.

How to make an arch in the doorway - arcuate fragment of the arch

Using a tape measure, measure the length and width of the arc. Take the knife and cut out of the plasterboard a piece corresponding to the dimensions. Now, to bend drywall, you can use 2 ways:

  1. Water it. Suitable for creating a slight bend.
  2. Make incisions every 10 centimeters. Use the construction level to make the cuts strictly perpendicular to the side edge.

Drywall should be turned over with incisions. Carefully give it the right shape. Be careful and drywall will quickly get in shape.

Fixing start from the top of the arch with screws. Step by step a sheet of drywall will acquire the form you have conceived.

How to make an arch in the doorway - decoration

Formed and pasted arch requires additional design:

  1. Painting. The interior is painted with light paint.
  2. Wallpaper gluing over the arch. This is a simple and affordable way.
  3. Finishing with stucco from polyurethane. Skills will not be superfluous, but everything is quite simple, because all the elements are assembled and glued in stages. The assembly starts from the top of the arch. The lateral elements are adjusted to the required height.
  4. Decorating stucco from gypsum. The method is similar to the previous one, however, doing the work yourself, you risk making substandard seams and ruining the appearance.
  5. Masonry of decorative stone. This work is better to entrust to professionals.


Arch in the doorway


Arch in the doorway


Arch in the doorway


Arch in the doorway


Arch in the doorway


Arches in the doorway


Arches in the doorway

Arched doorways add to the design of the houseA kind of architectural charm. The arches are designed to visually increase the space of the room. Do it yourself or consult specialists - everyone decides for himself.

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