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How to make a home library

No modern device for readingInformation can not be compared with the traditional book because printed literature, as before, is a very important and necessary for us for many reasons. Many ns still aspire to accumulation of knowledge gleaned from books of classical and modern prose, poetry, encyclopedias and dictionaries, in order to preserve and pass them on to future pokoleniyam.Samye sighted readers act very prudently, organizing home libraries to help protect the best examples of printed storage literature.

Going to arrange accommodation for a large number of books in their own house or apartment, it is better to take into account the following observations:

we strongly recommend not to arrange a libraryindoor kitchen, because the specifics of it is that tiny droplets of different vapors are day and night to settle on the roots and the covers of books, spoiled the quality of which can not be returned; discard the idea of ​​placing a rich collection of literature in dark rooms (pantries, closets, basements) because the fungus mold and rodents will not feel sorry for expensive izdaniya.vspomnite as organized public libraries, and try to follow the same rules: each book defines the place and the serial number (letter of the alphabet), or, for example, can be broken down all the literature on the genres, age groups and areas of different professions.

Spend time researching this article, if you are determined to organize a library in his home, performing a task with the responsibility of devotional reader.

Home Library: classic interior design

Of course, home library, a classicunderstanding involves organizing in a spacious room, where, besides it is strategically located and other objects, emphasizing the purpose of the room and the status of the house owners.

Thus, in order to create an atmosphere of totaldipping into the special world of literary adventure, you must install the high massive cabinets (they can be an open or glazed), closely adjacent to each other, with simple paneled facades.

You should also buy a comfortable sofa,sofa or a pair of ergonomic chairs and a work desk. Think of the right light: it should be represented by the upper flood light, outdoor floor lamp, working and decorative lamps.

traditional-living-room (1)

Storage of books in the library

Such stationary or mobile designs youcan be used in every room, placing them in the literature, based on the destination premises. For example, a small outdoor rack in the living room can contain a variety of reference books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, guides; in the bedroom - the historical and adventure novels, volumes of poetry and prose; in the kitchen - prescription guides, collections of food preparation peoples of the world, etc.


Give the library one of the walls

Do not clutter the room, even if itenough space to process multiple functional areas. It will be better when a home library, a large rack or frequent shelves, just take a entire surface of one of the walls of the living room or office from ceiling to floor.

The entire stock of accumulated years of literature easily and very aesthetically pleasing will be located in the area of ​​the room.


Use the combined structure design

The principle of combining open and closed sectionsClosets need to use when the need to save space comes to the fore. In a small one- or two-bedroom apartment does not make sense to place additional cabinet or shelving for books only, but if you combine the two types of furniture together, we can achieve greater functionality.


Make shelves around doorways

Try to organize a library in accordance with thisprinciple, and you have a comfortable, well-organized residential interior. It is required to build a structure of the vertical and horizontal overlaps, filling them with the help of free space around the window or doorway. The design of the rack should be quite reliable, and material for it can serve as a wooden or metal elements, as well as the construction of plasterboard.


Apply a lightweight section to the shelves and shelves of books

To the room where organizedlibrary, did not look visually overloaded, you can "extend" it (the library) around the perimeter of the room. That is, set the stand-alone section of books next to each of the walls. This will help to balance the load coming from the shelves, abundantly cluttered with books.

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Provide free access to the top shelf of his library

High spacious shelves as a basis forhome library, have proven very successful in the interior, because they can contain abundant reserves of literary publications. Nevertheless, there is a disadvantage in terms of the apparent impossibility of approach to the upper tiers of similar design: it was too high and they are unattainable for everyday use.

We recommend installing a neat mobilestairs to the monorail and hinges, which, if necessary, it is easy to move to the left or right along the structure of the rack so that you can quickly and easily get the desired book from the top shelf.


Mezzanine in the home library

Under a library with all the literature you can take home a mezzanine on the mezzanine, if this is planned in the apartment or house.

Remember to be and that there is likely toit will be impossible to install heavy furniture, including, for direct storage of books. The best solution would be the installation of suspended shelves without reliance on the floor, because the total weight of the books, is likely to exceed position for mezzanine shelves.


Library under the stairs, save space in the apartment

Under the stairway or along it inadjacent walls can be arranged racks, shelves or hanging lockers for books. In this case, it is recommended to act according to the principle "exploitation of the space with the maximum benefit." If the region has plenty of room, set a comfortable chair, a coffee table and floor lamp necessarily.

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How to save space in a small room

Not only the spacious living rooms, but narrow rooms and bedrooms boast the presence in its interior of a home library.

But for this, planning to fill the room, you need to calculate a place for niches, which will be most convenient to build shelves for diverse literature.


Library interior walls

Quality good home organizationlibrary calls for a serious relationship and more creative approach, if you will. It is necessary to stop and carefully look around as there are unexpected ideas and bold solutions, for example, built-in room dividers or shelving suspended glassed bookshelves. Make a library can be in the wall between the living room and a corridor, bathroom and bedroom, kitchen and dining room and other rooms in which the proximity of important literary muse.


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