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How to hang a picture on a sofa in the living room: 10 Ways

By purchasing paintings for the decoration of your home, you may be confused as to how to place them on the wall to the selected work in harmony in the interior look.

How to decorate the room with the paintings

Pictures - is a universal decor, whichappropriate in any room, and can be both independently and serve as a companion to other objects of decoration and furniture. In this article we will talk about different ways of organizing the pictures in the area above the sofa in the living room.

Classical art: large thematic painting

How to hang a picture over the sofa

Figure 1 shows a number as above the sofathe big picture can be placed, enclosed in a robust frame and is made with oil, or in a modern printing techniques on canvas. Such pictures require a lot of space and do not tolerate the neighborhood works or other limitations furniture. Since some instances can be quite large, they are placed on the wall from the upper edge of the sofa backrest and to the eaves. The picture is less need to hang not too high, but at eye level, so that it was comfortable to watch.


The horizontal placement of the picture in the room: symmetry

How to hang a picture over the sofa

This option is the placement of pictures over the sofa makingsituation in some order. Such a composition can be formed by two works for it, the same width and height, placing them on the sides of the smaller picture. The condition here becomes invisible horizontal line drawn along the bottom or top edge of the paintings.

contemporary-living-room (2)

Playing with the contrast: a very large and very small

How to hang a picture over the sofa

Quite a spectacular way in whichIt uses two different pictures. It is necessary to choose one, very large, with an abstract pattern unclear. The second must be smaller, but bright and clear. Place them so that the small active picture of a little covered a large picture frame with one hand. This creates an interesting option stylish wall decor.


Strict placing the paintings in the room: geometric shapes

How to hang a picture over the sofa

The beauty of this is placing paintingsthat you can choose the optimal number, four or more, depending on the particular portion of the wall. At the same time, it is necessary to comply with the specified vertical and horizontal distance between the same patterns to form with them a perfect square or rectangle on the wall.

contemporary-living-room (1)

Decorate the room with paintings: Orderliness in symmetry


If a few small photos or reproductions interfereyour work for the cabinet table, you can always move them to the wall. Hanging them in a row, it is possible to form the finished composition, backed larger patterns, one on each side.


The combination of the three paintings: the perfect triptych

How to hang a picture over the sofa

Three paintings in elegant frames can be hung onthe wall is very close to each other, thereby repeating the length of the sofa. The subject of the picture, choose similar motifs in one color, because otherwise they will compete with the furniture.


Three plus one

How to hang a picture over the sofa

Not a bad option for the organization of pictures of premisesin muted colors. Fairly large size abstract painting can be supplemented with several photos and reproductions, aligned vertically on the right or the left side of her. If you choose the small images on a stretcher, then drawing them may be more active than the main picture next.


Create a visual effect with the help of pictures: narrow and tall walls

How to hang a picture over the sofa

This method is good for the placement of rooms andlow and high ceilings. Because, in the first case, the painting in thin frames (or without them), arranged vertically one above the other, can visually raise the ceiling height. A spacious room in this way to help spread the visual high wall load evenly, if you place the picture over the sofa so that they occupied 2/3 part.


Practical placement of the picture: on the shelf

How to hang a picture over the sofa

A good alternative for those who do not wantmake extra holes in the wall, damaging its beautiful wallpaper, it may be about to be this way. Pick a narrow wall shelf laconic form and place it over the sofa. It will be a great help to accommodate not only paintings, but also your family photos. Moreover, such multiple shelves may be on the same wall, it depends on the size and number of frames.


Location paintings in groups: an ordered chaos

How to hang a picture over the sofa

If you want a small picture to place onlarge wall, it is better to create one beautiful group, while select one picture larger, around which are located the ones less. It should be noted that such a group should be composed of similar style, theme and color pictures. For example, it may be a series of pastels and watercolors and acrylic or oil, or just your black and white photo.

eclectic-living-room (1)

We believe that the competent organizationdecor items, including paintings on the wall, if not able to completely transform, or at least significantly improve the look of the room. We hope that our recommendations will help you in this.

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