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How to choose the perfect sofa cushions in the living room

Decorating your home is your favorite thing a lot of people, youYou are always looking for the best solutions for the decoration of their own homes. Cushions are those pleasant details that create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. That is why we decided to dedicate a separate article to correct selection of the seemingly familiar decor.

Speaking of the material from which made the coverliked the pillow you are kindly requested to present, whether it is the invoice to the upholstery of the sofa or chair will do. That is, if the furniture in the living room is made of velvet or velor, then cotton or linen textiles would be inappropriate. In this case, to help achieve harmony such fabric as velvet, with the addition of wool yarn flickering, fur. Conversely, a more practical and available materials such as chenille, jacquard cotton and accept the use of simple and light fabrics

How to choose the size, color, and pattern pillows?

Of course, many manufacturers have taken care ofavailability of related decorative pillows for different sets of upholstered furniture. But if you have a desire to refresh and diversify the sofa area, you should pay attention to the recommendations listed below.


If the living room there are active and quitelarge items, such as picture or pictorial panels or unusual carved chest of drawers, which focuses on the attention, do not need to use a lot of pillows, especially very bright. It is possible to do two or three pillows neutral hues thrown on the chair.



Mini compact sofa or sofa should not behidden behind the large immense pillows. Remember that small furniture fit neat and small, and a massive sofa may contain several volumetric pillows.



The muted or neutral tone furniture, andinterior generally allow the use of spectacular decor, which includes and pillows. Choose stylish saturated colors, combining them with the patterns, if the furniture of your living room or office is made with soothing monochrome colors. Bright colors, for example, well maintained neighborhood with juicy green, magenta, yellow. But the dark upholstery range (blue, gray, purple) may cooperate with other, lighter textiles (blue, white, red).


Silhouette of upholstered furniture plays a significant role in the choice of the form of decorative pillows

- For a squat elongated models of sofas suitable rectangular elongated cylindrical cushions;

- For the classic sofas and chairs with high backs, select the square with rounded corners;

- For sophisticated sets on elegant legs should be applied rounded cushions, which can be decorated with tassels.


Stylish design

Patterns - it is always nice, but to find the rightTextile print pillows can be, based on our previous article, we described in detail the fashionable prints and drawings. It should also be noted that the successful selection of the pattern depends on the style and the furniture of the room.

- Pillow with luxurious floral patterns look good, for example, in a classic English, French-style interior.

- When in the room I want to add oriental flavor, the exquisite ikat, damask, paisley or Moroccan ornament to your taste.

- But such figures as polka dots, stripes,Zigzag cell and goose foot, became a classic of its kind. They can be used on cushions for rooms as a modern progressive and traditional.

contemporary-living-room (10)

Tip for selection of pillows in the living room

If your living room - a place of frequent guest receptionsand friends, give up the use of silk, velvet and fur covers for cushions, as these materials may soon lose their appearance due to frequent contact, or spilled drinks and subsequent cleaning.

What to combine the sofa cushions?

With the basic rules of matching cushions we are determined, we should now understand how and what to combine them in the existing interior.

Combine cushions curtains

Of course, choosing a pillow after being picked up textile curtains and bedspreads, and not vice versa. Modern interiors offer a huge variety of options companion tissue.


Cushions in the interior


Cushions in the interior


Cushions in the interior


For example, if you're staying on silk forcurtains, will help you choose the same, but with a pattern for sewing pillows. By the way, enjoy sewing and that, and another is now possible in specialty boutiques curtains. It is very convenient, it does not have, buying the fabric, look for a good seamstress.

Cushions in the interior-555

Cushions in the interior

Cushions in the interior-666

Cushions in the interior

Cushions in the interior-777

Cushions in the interior


Pick up pillows in the color of your furniture upholstery

This option is also very good, but manythere are difficulties in the selection of suitable shade "tone on tone" when in possession and can not be upholstery pattern. In this case, we advise you to look for fabric for pillows (or finished goods) for one or two shades lighter / darker than the base color of your couch. This method gives a high assurance that the acquisition will be successful.


Cushions in the interior

Sofa cushions in the interior-888

Cushions in the interior


Cushions in the interior


Combine pillows accentual objects in the interior

Pillows for registration of sofas and chairs canIt is a logical extension of the main room decor. How, for example, a wonderful bright vase or a lamp shade unexpectedly juicy support. These items, as accents the room, you can "back up" with additional elements to complete the image, and thus, soft cushions, made in the colors of derivatives, visual counterbalance the load.

Naughty yellow puffs with an equally cheerful cushions, and bold saturated colors and pictures can be used for sofa decoration on the wall.

Cushions in the interior-7

Cushions in the interior

Cushions in the interior-1-443

Cushions in the interior

Cushions in the interior-62-1

Cushions in the interior

Cushions in the interior-333-222-333

Cushions in the interior

Tip - look for and find the unusual in the usual things, it's so exciting!

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