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How to choose curtains for baby girls room

Children's room - it's always one of the mostof interest for the realization of designer fantasies. Parents are happy to pick color schemes, themes of the room, choose a photo-prints and other unusual accessories that in adults the rooms not meet. The room boy is always more strict, you could even say courageous. A maiden - a very gentle and romantic (at least in most cases). Although most parents say that their daughters are not so fond of the puppet characters and pranks at least the boys in recent years. All this, of course, is reflected in the interior.

Let's see how you can help attextile design diversify the girl's room. We will talk directly about the curtains, and for clarity divide them by age and characters:

Room newborn girl

Calm child

In newborn infants, the character can be seen almostimmediately. Someone cries all day and requires active attention, and someone quietly asleep near mother myself, without causing much trouble to others. If your girl is very calm, she was by nature closer pastel range of colors and romantic design curtains - with all kinds of fabrics, ruffles and frills. Depending on what purpose in raising a child you want to reach, the room design also need to coordinate with them.

For example, if you like a quiet nature, it is necessary only to maintain, using the previously listed color combinations and design options curtains.

Choose the curtains in the room for girls

If you want your child to be moreactive, these qualities can be in it "provoke." For curtains, choose a bright color. Design can also be simplified, because the more "alive" in terms of the color room, most likely, and the style will be different and will have more modern.

zigzag 3

Choose the curtains in the room for girls


Active girls restless, on the other hand, sometimesyou need to pay off a few. Use a calm, soothing combination that does not excite the psyche. One of the best in this respect can be considered yellow, light gray, lavender and green.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls

If the curtain design will seem too boring andmonochrome, it can be diluted with contrasting narrow ribbon sewed along the contour of the tissue web. Or you can make the whole shade of two parts - a broad dark band at the bottom (up to 80 cm from the floor, no more), and is already up to the ceiling - a lighter fabric.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls

Room girls from 3 to 7 years

Calm child

At this age, the child behaves wellconsciously. But since the formation of the person it is still in progress (under 5, the basic character traits and values), it is possible to direct the development of the child at the right ruslo.V aged 3 to 7 years for gentle and quiet girl there is nothing better than such a " kingdom "in a private room - where there are a lot of girls' toys and gizmos. Textiles will also complement this situation: large prints are welcome to curtains and drapes.

Look around you. If the room is quite bright - on the walls of many paintings and patterns, bright wallpaper, plaid patterns on the bed - then in the curtains better to be more concise. Form a simple approach - straight curtains on the metal ledge to the child to be comfortable and he could learn to close the curtains from sunlight.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls

If the room is not oversaturated active forperception of details, with the help of interior curtains, you can "paint" and add the missing accents in it. Bright juicy colors are welcomed in the finish, decor and textiles.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls


For girls from 3 to 7 years, which is veryactive, it needs a special approach. Despite such a young age, they already possible to bring femininity. And if the love of a girl's habits and habits will come much later, the baby can now surround the relevant things.

Delicate curtains flying fabric, natural bleachedand slightly colored linen, drapery trim, straps - all this will give the room lightness and elegance. As to the form, you can hang flat curtains. Just be sure to see to it that the cornice was very hard mounted and in any case was not dangerous to the child at the time of the game, he accidentally pulls the curtains or step on them.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls

The most versatile can be considered Roman blinds. They are convenient to use, but the baby just do not frustrate them with a window during the game.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls

Room girls from 7 to 11 consecutive years

Calm child

Now that the primary line formationthe nature of the child has overcome, he just need to give the freedom of expression. At this age, it can become a valuable source of advice for you, and tell myself, what interior it more to their liking. Take a daughter with him to the selection of fabrics for curtains, and she was pleased to show you what color she likes more. quiet and modest girl is likely to choose pastel shades in pink, purple, turquoise colors. To avoid an unpleasant moment when the child can choose something very inappropriate to your decor, invites him to only those options that are known to look good in the room. Good will look such forms of curtains, as the Austrian, Roman, curtains picked up.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls

Also, kids love all kinds of options for short curtains, if the table is located directly in front of the window and you can not hang long curtains to the floor.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls


The girl is very mobile and active willwrong for organizations to offer options curtains with ruffles and lace curtains. Making windows must also be dynamic. Curtains should be able to quickly and easily zashtorivatsya. For these purposes, it is best to fit Roman blinds or perhaps - Vienna. In short, the emphasis needs to be done to maximize the functionality options.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls

Today you have the opportunity toto work with a huge range of color combinations and different textures. By applying one sample to another, you can eventually choose a great song, and when sewing multiple segments of different tissues, that is very important. In the children's room the child of this age already safe to use in the design of all kinds of curtains historical motives, interesting prints and patterns. Note zigzags, paisley, diamonds, fabric with polka dots and other simple, but very characteristic patterns.


Choose the curtains in the room for girls

Summarizing all the above, I want to note once again the important details that must be taken into account in the selection of curtains in the nursery girls:


the child's age

his temperament and character

overall design of the room

Walking from point to point, you involuntarilyYou come to just a few or even a single, acceptable and very advantageous embodiment. And if you run into difficulties - Encourage your child to help you to choose between two or three options - their intuition is fascinating, so do not even hesitate - the child will choose the best option for you and your room. Good luck to you to decorate!

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