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How to arrange the furniture in the living room: the basic rules

Often living for you is the bathroomrecreation, gatherings with friends, and sometimes, and venue for lunches and dinners. In any case, from this premise always expect a lot: comfort, aesthetics, design and well-planned environment as a whole.

Making a living room furniture items should notoccur in random or conventional manner. For example, a spacious sofa possible to be limited, instead of a set of more massive objects (chairs and sofas). This can save valuable space of the room, but to create a comfortable environment.

Remember that the living environment should be designed according to the needs, lifestyle and habits of each individual family, not a template.

How to draw a stylish living room furnishings

In this article we will talk about how toto furnish a living room so that each subject and object are found places put them, and do not interfere with the free movement around the room, as well as your personal comfort.

Keep the sequence

If living in your apartment is combined withkitchen, it is important to take into account this feature of the regeneration of the furnishings of the room. So, it is not quite true to arrange a dining area with table and chairs next to the window in one part of the room, if the kitchen is located in a completely opposite. Thus, constantly have to pass the sitting room area, overcoming the extra distance when you can just swap the dining room with a sofa group.

Thus, the first recommendation reads as follows:

The atmosphere in the living room is bound to be built on the basis of elementary logic, which should be encouraged, if you want a ergonomics, ie, properly formed Wednesday.


Let the passages are wide

living space should be issued so as to avoid any discomfort when moving between the main pieces of furniture, and from one end of the room to the other.

Sofa group should be positioned so thateach subject could easily walk around without touching the neighboring. If this is not possible - it is better to give up, for example, large chairs, or use one large corner sofa and coffee table beside him.

Dining Group, located in the living room, also needs to be more isolated, even visually. Ideally, between the sitting room and a dining group passage must be at least 1-1.5 m.

The distance from the front door to the room to rest areas must be equal to 1.5-2 m, otherwise you and your guests will feel uncomfortable, "at a glance".


Freedom in a small room

When the seating is different scale, but itspace must be placed sitting area, as well as the dining room group, better to opt for a compact furnishings. For example, to install two or three seater sofa, one comfortable chair and ottoman; or put one wide sofa along the wall, adding to his pair of puffs.

As a group dining table transformer can be used, which will increase as necessary and classic chairs with high backs.

In the small living room furniture is not the place overweight or greater number - choose to be neat, elegant pillars on objects of simple forms, without unnecessary decoration.


Divan area and its center

Not the coffee table is the center of the sitting roomzone, and the TV or, more rarely, fireplace. It is around them, we build the ensemble of those pieces of furniture that we consider necessary and most convenient to use.

Immediately I must say that the TV monitorshould be placed at a distance of not less than 2 m, preferably 3 m from the seated person, thus, the image must be at or slightly below eye level (but not higher).

That's right, if sitting in front of the TV, look straight draws, and not holding the head, directed toward that causes discomfort.

Set the monitor better the wall,perpendicular to the window - the location is in front of him or in the immediate vicinity will inevitably lead to fatigue the eyes and irritation of mucous membrane, due to the high voltage and twice the brightness (light from the window, and the light from the TV).


Table "island"

Now more about the rules of table arrangement inliving room, and seats around it. As mentioned above, a dining group should be located separately from the sitting room, and to be on the periphery of the kitchen, if the room combined. To calculate the space needed for a comfortable accommodation dining area, you need to sum up the size of the table and the size of the chairs in the extended condition, add a distance of meters around the perimeter of the dining group.

For the dining area, designed for four people, is quite 4 - 5 square meters of space, and if you expect a larger number of people - should be left free additional 2 - 3 sq.m.


The compact arrangement of the furniture

Today the trend is to combine actual situation inone room several diverse subjects. In the case when it comes to how to make the living room a comfortable, stylish and sophisticated, while preserving space as possible free, it is better not to use a familiar set of furniture items.

For example, installing a massive sofa, notyou need to supplement it as large armchairs, and put beside the rocking chair or a chair in the style of the couple Ames (sleek, thin durable wooden legs). Wide ottoman or low ottoman, coffee table on wheels, or other similar object diversify and freshen the atmosphere, make it convenient and save useful area of ​​a room.


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