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How to apply cushions in interior decoration

Textile has the unique ability to changeinterior and give it the character and mood, which is required. Are you in a few hours you can dramatically change the appearance of the room, just in a different way by applying textiles.

Pillows - is one of the most usedinterior "scenery." Textiles as a material very distinctive, inexpensive, and has many different types, it is very easy to apply and "entered" into the interior, with the help of pillows.


How to apply cushions in interior decoration

"Anyone, even a rather conservative person,quite easy to decide on a mottled pattern cushions. At the same time to change the upholstery of the couch is quite difficult, time-consuming and costly. "

Choose bright prints, patterns or even a wholeColor mix - this is almost an impossible task for many. In the pursuit of traditional things, there is absolutely nothing bad or shameful at the heart of the interior - on the contrary, such a base becomes ideal for the same experiments with textiles in the future.

Let's see exactly where we canuse a pillow, how to combine them to shapes, patterns and colors. Talk about all the known variants, we will not, and better focus only on those that are most relevant today.

Where you can use a pillow in the decor

Pillows as a decoration on the couch

These are the pillows are so comfortablescattered on the couch. They can rely on, can push aside, carefully treating the fabric or drapery. But if the sofa in most living rooms, takes pride of place, the role of airbags in the perception of the entire room will be huge. That is why for textile design, should be taken very carefully.


Bright cushions in the interior

Decorate the bed pillows

Here we are not talking about large cushions thatconvenient and often used during sleep, but the decorative pillows. They are appropriate to put on the veil has the laid bed. There is no function other than decorative, they usually do not carry, that does not negate virtually unconditional need for them in the interior of the bedroom.


As a functional element of a soft mattress or on a chair, stool or bench

Such pads are often provided withadditional ribbons, laces, Velcro and other fasteners that are needed to fix the cushions themselves. In terms of size - it is almost always an individual, are sewn similar products often under the order and on a particular occasion.


Cushion the object of upholstered furniture

These pillows are fairly large in size. Fabric for them to have to choose durable and not the brand, because the location of the pillow - almost always directly on the floor.


How to combine colors and patterns cushions

And now look at a few examples of successful organization of pillows in color. You will need only to choose the most interesting option and try to make it a reality in your home.

Contrasting pillows on a sofa

Select covers for pillows, which are actively contrast with the color of the upholstery of the sofa. For best effect, use no more than 2 prints - similar or created by inversion.

In the photo you see the black-and-white and white-black pillow, which are absolutely similar in color and style of execution - the only difference is a fundamental change of colors.


Rules ideal organization pillows

Patterns and ornaments on pillows, stylish interior of your room

The culture and traditions of different countries can be founda fount of inspiration, which any artist for a lifetime is enough. Open book with patterns and ornaments of ancient peoples, and you will be surprised by how much of it we use now, and how much more worthy of patterns can be taken as a model as a good example.

In the photo below - the general mood of pillowsIt creates a clear association with the Chinese culture. Their pride - the finest porcelain, was often made it in this white-and-blue color scheme. And if you also buy a table or tea set in the same style, all left to wonder reasonableness of your interior.


Pillows in the interior

Pillows in the interior

Pillow as duplicates element in the interior

If it turned out that the room you have already usedlots of flowers, and to cushion the case is still only realized smooth the situation can be that way. Simply duplicate their upholstery colors that are already present in the room. Ideal would even repeat the tissue, although a properly selected shade of the same on the other texture will look even more professional.

Thus, you do not aggravate the situation withusing a variety of colors and shades, but simply create an atmosphere of support already. If the flower is too much left, pick up the couch cushions in the same tone that he was quiet and unobtrusive element in the room.

Pillows in the interior-555

Pillows in the interior


The analogy with living plants

Many homes have living plants. Mistress dearly love them, care for them, put in a prominent place. That is why almost the most win-win option will support the "green range" in the design of the room with decorative pillows. Let it will be different shades of green and other natural colors of nature, which can be successfully alternated with expressive geometric patterns, simple lines and shapes.

Pillows in the interior of your house-888

Pillows in the interior of your house

Home decor pillows-666

Home decor pillows

Rules ideal organization pillows

Black and white geometric prints on cushions

By this pattern, we are back for the third time. And no wonder - it was like a variation of prints at the peak of popularity right now. They look fresh, bright and at the same time discreet. Completed at most in black and white colors, with geometric print pillows are appropriate in any of the combinations described in the article.

Pick the most interesting for you personally patternand use it in one or two pillows. If you have an apartment yet some elements of black and white - a picture frame, rug, coffee table or a vase - you create a decent band and at the same time support the already existing color combinations.

Rules ideal organization pillows

Rules ideal organization pillows

Natural and environmentally friendly at all

Use in the design of natural pillowsthe cloth. Her colors at most rather simple, not too busy. Although a certain brightness and accents can be added using the print or paint to fabrics. Whatever your interior, rough natural textiles it will definitely be "a person". After all, it is appropriate in a country style and Art Nouveau - Art Deco. There are already more a question of ability to properly apply the material and combine it.


Remember that this textile decorationpillow sets a certain tone and, most likely, other elements (curtains or tablecloths on the table) in your home should also be made of pure and natural materials, which are already over-look decor is very common and only add comfort and warmth in the room.


Rules ideal organization pillows


How did you make sure to combine cushionpretty simple. Do not get - you can always change the cover - and do it easily and completely the inexpensive. It is realizing the "lightness" of the problem, you decide it quickly and with pleasure, simply trusting in a good mood. And to my surprise, in 90% of cases you will be happy to notice that the experiment was very successful. After all, the design - it is emotion and a lot of spontaneity. Succumb to feelings and listen to the feelings inside. This will definitely help!

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