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Grunge style in the interior

Provincial classics - also known as grunge. This French style is not as popular as, for example, Provence. But it is definitely worth a look and finds its admirers. Grunge, like its prototype - the classics, there is fashion. Do you want to recreate it at home? Then remember the rules!

6 basic rules grunge style in the interior

Rule one: grunge does not tolerate unjustified luxury typical of the classics.

grunge style promotes the wise philosophy of life: give preference to the classical style, but avoid unnecessary pretentiousness - stucco, gilding, expensive decorations.

Instead deliberately expensive finishes are held in high esteemobjects with history and patina of time. When you get into the house, decorated in grunge style, often there is a feeling that you are in the family estate, the existing more than one century. But the noble patina - only spillovers, which hides the real value of things.


Grunge style in the interior

Rule two: grunge is not as relaxed as a country or provence.

Grunge - it is rather an adaptation of urban interiorFrench bourgeoisie to suburban life. That is, from the originally rustic style it is more of shares of urbanization and the highest level of household life. Of course, it meets and flowered upholstery and forging, and an abundance of live plants in the house. But all these details some lofty, elegant those that occur in a purely provincial houses.


Grunge style in the interior

Rule three: grunge attaches considerable importance to the quality of materials.

Do not think that if there is no glamor and Grangergilding, it is cheaper than the classics. Quality materials this style pays enough attention: they all undergo a rigorous selection and are the only ones who are able to last for at least a century, in fact - will eventually become only more beautiful. This natural wood, stone, metal, and others. All these expensive and sturdy materials are present in the Grange, but they do not hide behind trim polished and expensive, and is used in its pure, natural form.


Grunge style in the interior

Rule Four: grunge love and comfort.

In principle, it can be said practically aboutany style of interior. But in our case we are talking about the organization of holiday destinations. The fact that the respectable suburban life can not be complete without the cozy places for gatherings and leisurely enjoying the society and environment.

In grunge, sofas on bent legs and low tables are found everywhere and even several copies in one interior.


Grunge style in the interior

Rule Five: grunge has common interests with the rustic style.

grunge style, not only refuses to lush decor, but also replaces some are too frilly - from his perspective - classical decoration materials.

So, instead of silk wallpaper it is used cotton wall with printed pattern, instead of Venetian plaster - painted brick, instead of the glossy parquet - wooden planks.

All this - the "machinations" rustic, but in a much more subtle and elegant interpretation.


Grunge style in the interior

Rule six: grunge style honors the works of art.

But home photo archive - not the only thingIt collects in a grunge style. His fans are usually characterized by increased interest in books and paintings, so in the interior they are given a special place. For literature equips glazed cabinets or open library, and paintings hang on the walls and put on the shelves, using one or grouping in the composition.


Grunge style in the interior

Most often, grunge style still choose mature,and even elderly people who had tired of the bustle of the order, as well as to earn enough money for a respectable and comfortable life. Grunge is fully consistent with measured way and allows to forget about repairs for decades, because like wine - over the years it is only prettier.


Grunge style in the interior

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