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Coffee tables in the interior: how to choose the appropriate table

Coffee tables - is an integral part of theliving room. Around them, as a rule, there is the main area - sofas and chairs, where we spend leisure time and communicate with guests. Choose the same table is not so easy, because they can be a great many, and not always possible to choose the table that fits perfectly into the interior of the living room.


Coffee table

Coffee tables can be divided into several groups:

practical stoliki- large, roomy tableswith a large surface area and a variety of shelves or drawers, tables convertible - their transformation function may be different, they can understand and become a separate mini-tables, or turn into an ottoman or a banquette table decoration - such tables tend to be an unusual shape, material made of fancy, they many not fit due to size or shape because they are flat decoration

Practical coffee tables

This is the most common form of tablesliving room. and are the most simple, and complex multiple-level tables of this type. This group of tables characterized by the absence of a large number of details and bright decoration, they are usually large worktops and stable base. They may have different shapes - square, rectangle, oval, circle and diamond pattern such tables can be in a variety of styles, but the most frequently encountered - a classic, minimalist, high-tech.

Practical table is suitable for all - forgood cheer, for parties, for a cup of coffee, table games, and for the evening with a book. It is convenient to store different things - books, magazines, CDs, consoles and games. It can be flower pots or vases, and even so, enough space for a tray with coffee and croissants. Of course, such a table is not suitable for regular meals because of lack of space and low altitude, but it is convenient for lunch, or invite friends to a glass of wine and snacks.

These tables are suitable for people who love order and functionality-all in place and at hand. It is very convenient when at the table open shelves, it facilitates access to all the stored things in it.







Transforming tables

In this section we have placed tables, in which tofirst place functionality and design, and then later convenience. Often, such tables have no place to store things, because it is difficult to combine incongruous. Transformation may be different, but the most common are: from table to the couch or ottoman; table decomposed or assembled from smaller components into a single, small table with wheels, and can "move" to another location.

Such advantages are valuable in small living rooms,Or in homes where there are often many guests, and there are not enough seats. Or there is not enough room to hold a large table, in that case, a folding table is just a godsend.

A table with wheels is very convenient, if you likeOften change the arrangement of furniture, or at the place of his temporary "parking" is another, more important purpose. And when there is a party in the house, everyone has access to the table, it is transported to a place with an approach convenient for all.

When you select a table of this type, it is necessarythink about a place to store those little things that usually it is. Think of the shelf or chest of drawers, and maybe a stylish TV stand that can accommodate books and magazines.

coffee stolik19

These lovely feet turned upside Little goblets, at any time ready to become stools for arriving guests. In this table clash between practicality and beauty of form.

coffee stolik15

Tables, footstools are very versatile as they are solid enough to hold the food and drinks, but also soft enough to be comfortable for them to sit.

coffee stolik54

Beautiful, covered with leather stools with Eastern accent are always ready to become coffee tables. From the fact that the two of them, it is also more convenient because one can always podovinut closer to the sofa.

coffee stolik27

Simple in form table has three niches in hiding three ottoman, in case viewers in the home cinema comes ahead of the hall seats.

coffee stolik23

And although a table with a height, is unlikely to be useful during a noisy party, it is easy to move to another place and bring the table a little more, and maybe make room for dancing.

coffee table

Designer coffee tables

To this group we assigned tables-productArt as a form of content is higher, the beauty is more important than functionality. These coffee tables - are objects of art, which occupy a central place throughout the interior, because they do not pay attention to them is simply impossible.

coffee table

They may be of any shape, it is made of theunusual materials, colors infinite size can also be very different. It goes without saying that you can forget about practicality. Often, such tables have no place to store things, a maximum - to put them on a cup of coffee. But the purpose of these tables - to decorate a space, and this is important.

Tables made of glass or glass topcreate the illusion of light prisms. Things to them as if floating in the air. Of course, such a table is very visible dust and any spots, but nevertheless, it is worth it.

coffee stolik51

coffee stolik43

Very interesting are the tables in which the table topIt is a piece of wood bizarre, or legs are made of driftwood, and maybe instead of a table and does a beautiful log. There are several advantages - it immediately attracts attention, because of the non-uniform surface of it is not visible dust and stains.

coffee stolik26

coffee stolik8

coffee table

Very good happens when old things givesecond life. Tables made from old doors, floor boards, chests, barrels, lavok- of everything that comes handy. The main thing - to find a suitable raw material, process it and give it the proper texture and color.


Old paint will help to remove the building hair dryer, to clean out unevenness - sandpaper, then choose the paint or varnish.

And it's a matter of small - to saw or dismantle onThe necessary pieces of the board, and then knocked down already in the new product. Such a table will be unique in the first place, and secondly, for many years it will please you, like everything done by yourself.

coffee stolik33

coffee stolik21

Coffee table - this is an important attribute of anyliving room, choose it should be based on the needs of tenants and premises of destination. If you are going to store only books and consoles, you need one table (the table with shelves for injury), if you hold the tea noisy - other (table-transformer or a few tables drawn up together).

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