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Carpets in modern interior

In the early nineteenth century, carpets were an integralPart of the interior of any home, but then their popularity has fallen sharply - there were new tastes and a practical floor coverings. Still, a little more than a decade, to complement the image of rooms with carpets again becomes important and even fashionable. The main thing is to choose the right design, material and color corresponding to the selected style of interior.

How to choose a carpet for the interior of the house

First of all, acquiring a carpet, it is necessaryevaluate its quality and performance characteristics. Depending on in which room to use the product, you can choose a carpet with a thick high pile (for a bedroom or dressing room), with a low sliced ​​pile or a loop (for the living room, hallway, hallway), smooth vegetable fiber or fabric (for the child, kitchen, bathroom).

Materials and types of carpets

It is recommended to choose a carpet is not only in accordance withphysical facilities, but also lifestyles and the requirements that apply to the garment label. That is, if you are the owner of a private residence and the state of people hired for professional cleaning of the premises, even the most capricious carpet product will always be well-groomed. In the case where in the apartment live children and pets, carpets definitely need to be practical, from mixed or man-made materials and not very large.

Carpets in interior design

Among the materials for the manufacture of carpets can distinguish natural (wool, viscose, silk, bamboo or vegetable fiber sisal) or synthetic (acrylic, nylon).

The carpet, especially in no way fixed, must have non-slip (rubberized) basis, so that in the future, to avoid injuries.

Natural carpets (wool, silk) looksoundly, softer to the touch, are more expensive, but are subject to abrasion, burn and are not able to withstand pests. Synthetic carpets (acrylic and nylon) crumple easily and quickly lose their aesthetic appearance, but more affordable. Consequently, the best option would be a carpet of mixed materials such as wool with a core of nylon.

Carpets in interior design

After the carpet material you decide, you need to find a certain product shape and size, and there will have to be patient, because the manufacturers are now offering a wide selection of:

What are the forms of carpets

  • round
  • Oval
  • semi-elliptic shape
  • square
  • Rectangular
  • Curly

Advance tape measure the floor area, whichYou want to decorate the carpet. In the store you will know exactly what the dimensions of the product you need. Standard sizes of carpets:. 1,5h1,8m, 2,4h2,0m, 2,5h3,0m, 3,6h4,2m...

Carpets in interior design

Options carpets location in the interior

Contrary to the belief that the carpet can be placed at random in the room, there are, nevertheless, some recommendations, for example:

The bedroom carpet is better to lay in bed in the zonethe foot, or buy two of the same for both sides of the carpet along the beds. It is possible to arrange a large rug under the bed so that the bed with him formed a single island, and foot comfort was provided.

Carpets in interior design

Round or oval carpets are very decorative andrather, it performs the function of decoration. Positioning such need it separately in the center of the room, the lobby, the emphasis at the window or in the sitting area in the living room.

round rugs

Carpets in interior design

Square carpets, similar to the figure, but differentsize can be used to delimit the space into functional zones. So, in a living room with dining area, you can lay a large rug in the sitting room area and a smaller one - where the dining group is hosted.

Square and rectangular rugs should be chosenthe smaller, the longer and thicker bristle. Caring for such will be a lot easier if the ratio of the length and width of such a mat will not exceed 1,5h2m.

Carpets in interior design

strict geometric shape smooth carpets are goodliving room, whose layout is built on clean lines. Positioning the carpet in the sitting room area should be such that the perimeter of its edge came a bit of legs of chairs and sofas. This technique will create a more holistic impression carpet and, moreover, will not slide on the floor.

Carpets in interior design

Pick up the carpet design and its colors

From an aesthetic point of view of the carpet - spectacularcomplement any interior, it can be an accent or background against which look very nice features basic furniture. The main carpet product should not be random and boring if its palette of colors - neutral, choose a sample with an interesting relief and silky texture of velvet and bright carpets can be quite smooth.

Carpets in interior design

Focus on the existing image of the interiorroom, or rather, her style when buying a carpet. So, colorful and innovative Boho accept the use of a variety of textures and materials, as well as eye-catching combinations and patterns: strip, decoration, flowers, polka dots or unusual print on the carpet will be appropriate.

Carpets in interior design

Languid Deco Contemporary and stylish, it is equally appreciate the spectacular deliberately neutral carpet texture: high-pile, hilly terrain.

In the modern interior room, with a practical,but beautiful furniture and a minimal amount of decorative objects in the environment, rugs with geometric patterns or animal prints, as well as the contrasting colors make up for the lack of eye-catching elements. At the same time, well, when the colors on the carpet in common with flowers upholstery or curtains.

Carpets in interior design

Carpets in interior design

In the classical interiors carpets rather havecomplement the environment, not standing out too flashy patterns. However, they should not merge with the color of the flooring, but a little contrast with it.

For example:

Dark flooring - beige, coffee, gray carpet.The natural color of the floor (wood, chocolate) - carpet is better to choose light - blue or plum ottenka.Svetloe cover better decorate even more light cream carpet, sand, gray-blue hue.

Carpets in interior design

Carpets in interior design

To date, the carpet is, undoubtedly,pretty decorative object, and make the room more cozy, warm and comfortable. Let your purchase for a long time pleases excellent quality and attractive appearance!

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