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Carpet trends: trendy types of carpets

In cold weather I want to feel the warmth and comfort inhouse, so even simple lovers of flooring often trail on the floor carpets or track. Besides pleasant tactile qualities and heat savings, carpets can be also wonderful design element in the interior. Let's see what the carpets are relevant. What is fashionable, stylish, modern and very beautiful!

Oriental rugs in the interior

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Fashion trend: Ornament and gray-brown color of the carpet

Over time, more and more popularity gainsthe so-called American style, and all of its attributes. The same applies to carpets. Very discreet and neutral gray-brown gamma fits perfectly into any interior. And ornaments - quatrefoil, simple geometric patterns and plant modules are perfectly suited to the room, decorated in any direction.

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Carpet and colorful mosaic of colors

If you are not afraid to experiment and enjoy brightcolor, this type of carpet - just for you. They are very cheerful, unusual, attractive and very original. Structured as a mix of at least two colors, these rugs bring into the room the whole riot of different colors. In this case, you absolutely can not overdo it with the color of fear, because everything is perceived as one print. And at the same time - you get a lot more opportunities for the design of the room the rest of the fabrics and accessories - in fact you do not necessarily need to look 1-2 colors. Now you can focus on as many as 5, 7, or even 10 colors - as many will see them on the carpet.

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Black and white carpet in the interior

While black and white - it's just a color, butit makes sense to select carpets in such a scheme in a separate section. After all, their combination is so original and at the same time universal, that this kind of carpets can be attributed to the most widely used. They can be self-colored, with large and small patterns, with patterns of plant and animal subjects, or just geometric repetition of simple lines. Whatever it was, in black and white carpet - it is always good and appropriate.

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Fashion trend is specially made old carpets

Now the textile industry is so developed,that we almost did not come across with this aged things. A similar effect is created by hand and new products in their appearance resemble carpets, which for almost 30 years - they are threadbare and worn, in some places have changed the color and height of the pile. All this - the result of hard work of masters of the highest level. Especially beautiful this kind of effect looks combined with a deliberate new products that produce wealth and luxury.

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Carpets made of animal skins

Animal skins or rugs that mimic the shape andtexture skins are also quite widely used. They come in all sorts of colors and types. Especially popular bear skins, zebra, cow and tiger. If you like this design, place the carpet on the most conspicuous place, and so that the furniture is not hiding the full review of the product. This is best suited and spacious living rooms.

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Of course, trends and fashion trends are replacedeach other very often. But it is now so successful is a combination of pressing and the really good things that you can be sure that even after several years of carpet, today at its peak of popularity, will not lose its appeal.

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