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Bright interior of the apartment in the style of pop art

This gray minimalism bored and want to livea bright pop-art style, designers offer creative interior, built on contrasts and scenes of screaming. Colorful posters, bright color combinations, game with sizes and textures, comics, combining gloss and plastic Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, funny 60g, so the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the expressive style of pop art. It is definitely not a mass style, it is suitable for people who are not afraid to shock and attract attention and stand out from the crowd. Pop art for the young, cheerful and active.

How to make the interior in the style of Pop Art

Colour. If you're determined to design the interior in this style, be prepared for a large-scale transformation. One of the main tasks - the right to convey the spirit of pop art through color solutions, choice of materials and accessories. Use bright colors acid, and they can generally be combined in any way with each other for the processing facilities. Traditional notions of harmony - a concept totally unacceptable to the interior of pop art.


Light finishing the walls and floor. Pop art looks very good with clean, bright colors that do not clash with it. And so light or neutral ceiling, floor or wall, be could not be more suitable for this purpose. Pop art - a splash of color and a storm of emotions, you can balance all of this only with the help of light the foundations of the walls.

The simplest and most accessible means to be white paint, which you can paint anything that will surround pop art, no matter what it is: painting, furniture or wallpaper accent wall.

Also good cold gray that resembles reflections chrome-plated steel, which has a certain affinity with pop art: it was in the 50's boom in the chrome finish things.


But look further. Common methods of finishing walls is their painting in a contrasting color. One wall painted in a neutral light color (a kind of "safe haven" in which the look can take a break from screaming paint the interior), while others decorate the most striking way. Ideally, at least one of the walls of the room should be a kind of exhibition of popular art in the style of the famous works of Andy Warhol, who, as we know, was the guru of pop art. Wall should be repeated many times to decorate a picture, which can be a motive for any item of mass consumption, ranging from bottles of "Coca-Cola" or lots of bright lips.


The interior of the pop art a perfect fit portraitsfamous people, figures depicting characters in comics and Hollywood films made in screaming "uorhollovskoy" manner. Originally will look like newspaper clippings, posters, mirrors in creative framework, hung on the walls. The contrast will be even brighter and more spectacular, if the walls are different not only in color but also texture, such as a painted, the other is finished with decorative plaster, the third tree, the fourth wallpaper.


Bright sculpture. Pop art come into the interior of the art, but because it took a lot with them. And the sculpture in the pop-art interior would be appropriate. This can be a big pink dog, reproduction or fragments of posters in the same style.

Colorful paintings. The value of the paintings in the pop art is difficult to overestimate, because they became the conductor of pop art in interior design. Typically, the paintings in the style of pop art created by printing on canvas, printing or paint them with oil. A distinctive feature of pop-art paintings - bright neon colors. The painting can be made in the acidic range, or it may be a few bright brush strokes, but they will give you an understanding of what is the object of pop art. Topics for paintings: from the simple - a favorite dog portrait, painted with color distortion, to stylized photos of politicians and show business stars. In general, the picture in the pop art is the easiest way to mark your interior exactly this style. It should hang on the walls of some bright light in the photo frames, and have the impression that your apartment is a native of New York '50s.


Pop art to accent the wall. Accent walls in the interior in the style of pop art - akin to a large canvas for painting. You can do everything here that you like, without any restrictions. Just Vykraste wall of thick white paint and draw on it the logos of your favorite goods and products. It may be icons of automotive brands, the name of the sweets, drinks.

You do not need to have special artistic skills,to bring to life the idea of ​​pop art, because the schedule does not require creativity - just took and redrawn. Also, now you can order any image on paper, which would later use as the wallpaper picture on the wall.


What furniture to choose the style Pop Art

Colorful textiles. Textiles in pop art occupies a very important place, because on it the same way as on paper is easy to implement any creative ideas. If you wish to add a little pop art in soy life, buy a colorful curtain or bed linen with prints. Throw on some neon sofa cushions with pictures of Marilyn. Sometimes, looking at tissue with pop artovskoe motives, it seems that they just come out of the 60s. So clearly they set the general tone of the interior.


Now there is a huge variety of fabrics forindependent sewing decorative design elements. Also, in any store textiles, you can choose something unusual in the pop art style. We recommend that you carefully apply to tissues with pop art, as the bright prints on the fabric tends to rapidly lose their appearance. Try not to wash too often blankets or curtains. And then your "pictures" on the fabric for a long time will delight you.


furniture. It is difficult to determine exactly what it looks like on the furniture in the interior art. Since, after all, this applies to graphics. But furniture is a very characteristic feature - the brightness of the colors and forms. This may be an unusual shape designer chairs, large color sofas, armchairs specially enlarged or small, but very bright poufs. The choice depends on you. You can choose any color in the palette of colors, even the most daring, and it is ideal to pop art. After all, he is an art - it is an explosion of color and a burst of emotion. It can liven up any, even the most boring space.


Style or pop-art has no strict limitationsspace-planning decisions, either in the decor, which allows to exercise maximum creativity with the interior arrangement. Shocking, self-irony, freedom of expression - these are the basic tenets of pop art style that will help you to create unusual and bright interior. It is well dilute the interior of the apartment-style loft or give the brightness of the design in the style of minimalism, it also looks cool in the room for the young men and girls.

Pop art - the art is timeless. Since it's been over 60 years since its inception, and the number of his fans constantly growing. Pop art - a celebration of color and art. Having bought something in the style of your home, you do not stop to admire this thing. Do not be afraid of color and do not limit yourself in terms of your emotions!

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