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12 of the most interesting ways to use lace in the interior

Lace - a magical interweaving of fabric and thread that weave their form openwork pattern.

Homeland lace is considered to Belgium, whereIt created most of the new techniques and styles. Originally trailed lace decoration clothes for famous people. Nowadays, the use of lace is very common, especially lace looks interesting in the interior.

Lace in the interior and home design

How can we use it, where to use asdecorate your home with the help of lace so that it became an unusual and stylish - all this you will learn from this article. Here are some of the most interesting ways to use the lace in the interior:

1. Lace veil

On any bed covering of lace will look great. It is particularly advantageous contrast combination of sheets and blankets.

Lace in the interior

The pattern should be in this case a larger than normal weaving. This is due to the dimensions of the bed.

Lace in the interior of the house-555

Lace in the interior

Lace in the interior

2. Pillows made of lace

Lace pillow is a very touching. Use them in places that want to give a special elegance.


The pattern may be a natural way of life, knit, and imitation. Print a lace on the fabric looks great, and at the same time very easy to use.



3. Wall panels of lace

Decoration of children's room or bedroom canbe a wall panels of lace. The performance - nothing complicated: buy cut the required size and carefully secure it on the wall. Top sewing needles can be mounted cherished photos, letters, dried flowers or other small items.


Lace in the interior

4. Curtains and curtains of lace

One of the most traditional ways of applicationLace became design window. Transparent light curtains give the room elegance and comfort. And the sunlight that breaks through the pattern fills the room a special charm.


The curtains of lace are especially good in the country style of Provence, Shabby-chic.


But also in other styles, with the right mix, openwork pattern will look no less interesting.

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5. Lace within and on canvas

Take a beautiful piece of lace and previouslyfilling out his mat, place it in a frame under glass. Or, create a stencil of starched piece diaper and apply a contrasting pattern on monotonously painted canvas.


6. Lacy floor

Extraordinary, but the technique is very brightapplying the stencil on the wood floor. In this case, the work is very carefully and after application of the paint is required to treat the floor with varnish or other protective means.


7. Patterned wallpaper of lace

One of the least and most painstakingeffective ways to "implementation" of the elements of lace in the interior are the wallpaper. Just pick up the desired design, check the compatibility of color and texture, and feel free to start wrapping.


8. Openwork furniture

Facades conventional dresser or cabinets may look,like lace. Given that they are made of wood or metal. This combination of coarse material and fine pattern gives the furniture a special attraction and makes it irreplaceable art object in your home.


Already existing furniture can be transformed by making an impression on her silver or gold paint lace napkins, a stencil or a special figure roller.


Or decorate it with decorative buttons or studs in the form of a pattern.


9. Lighting and chandeliers made of lace

His hands easily make a simple candle. Cut out paper lace pattern and wrap it around the candle. Also to be found in stores decoration ready candles with lace edging.


It is also interesting look lampshades for table lamps and ceiling mounted.


10. Storage Tanks

You can buy stationery set for storagewith delicate cut-outs. Thus necessary in the home interior becomes an art object. If desired, it can be painted or just ensure that the containers are in subjects, contrasting with it in color.


Lace can also decorate any box or basket - at your discretion.


11. Lacy canopy

If the area and height of the walls allows the bed to hang a light tracery canopy. It performs its functions and due to weightlessness tissue completely will burden the space visually.


12. tablecloth lace

Despite the fact that during the Soviet erathe reception was very common, it is not particularly favor in recent years. And very much in vain. Every table looks very different when it is covered with snow-white lace tablecloth. It gives the dining area of ​​festivity and solemnity. It creates a special atmosphere sublime.



From the foregoing it can be safely concludethat the possibility of using lace in the interior - are endless. With the help of his imagination and tips professionals can achieve great things and surpass all that has already been done.

Lace - versatile material. It can be both textured and flat, solid and pliable, monochrome and colorful. It all depends on the place of use and purpose of use.

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