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10 best examples of brick walls in the living room

The reason that in the interior of the living room more oftenused bricks for decoration of walls, is clear: this technique helps to create a relaxed, slightly grungy atmosphere with a special charm. In addition, the brick is a very effective material, practical and durable, and its application in the space of the living room - this is fashion trend in the past few years.

Brick- masonry -in- the- interior-1

Brick masonry in the interior

Brick wall in the interior of the room

Judging by the increasing popularity of brickmasonry in the interior design and the many positive reviews about it, as the most stylish way to decorate the walls, you can be sure that the room is a similar surface of the walls - it's present and future trends in design.

In the 90 years of the twentieth century brick veneerwalls in the room it was considered bad manners, and generally inappropriate for residential interiors. Then, over time, the material began to be used in the design of public institutions with thematic interior design.

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Brick masonry in the interior

By the way, instead of a simple brick was usedartificial stone in the form of thin and narrow tiles, often sandy, gray or terracotta tsveta.Takim covered the walls is not completely, but only the protruding part (pseudo columns, openings, portals). But the craze soon passed, and on such a design impression remains shaky and uncertain.

Masonry: types of wall cladding

Today, the most influential designers and architectsin their projects using brickwork, thus, emphasize the fact that the design of the walls should look natural, so the selected section of the wall is completely decorated with floor-to-ceiling windows. It is as if a brick surface discovered during repair work, and decided to keep her beautiful natural texture in the interior.


Rustication or rustic called external claddingthe walls of the building or some parts of it quadrangular, tightly fitting to each other with stones, the front side of which is left uncouth and rough hewn. Interestingly, the urban Roman rustic had practical value: effectively sealed against moisture and noise first floors of the building.

Rustication should be used in the designinterior room especially if the wall adjacent to the neighboring property, passes through itself all the noise from outside. In addition, a simple coarse masonry looks very colorful, and can be a great contrast to the furniture with an elegant silhouette.

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Brick masonry in the interior


This method of use of brickworkIt looks original, for a moment, making you wonder whether you are indoors or on the street outside. It is recommended to use the bricks for lining the walls with windows, laying tile in such a way as to simulate the look and feel of the building: emphasize openings, projecting parts and niches.


Brick masonry in the interior

Rustication in the interior

underlined monumentality

If the room is the living room there is static partitions, their surface can be covered with a laying of crushed brick or stone tiles with fine textured.

The interior is spacious living likedesign looks very unusual, and helps, in addition, to diversify the minimalist design, focusing on common, initially dull wall.


Brick masonry in the interior

Masonry: fireplace area

If the living room has a real fireplace, its electrical analog, or a pseudo-portal - is a creative approach to the question of its decoration, because the heart of the room can not be ignored.

Brick or masonry - it is the mostorganic addition of the home, even if it has only a decorative function. For example, in the furnace of a pseudo fireplace decorated with brick tiles, you can put the candle or lamp shades - light emphasize the relief and create strange shadows on the wall surface.


Brick masonry in the interior

Accent wall of bricks

Smooth masonry used for the decoration of one, but a large wall, - this is what you need to on her background more effectively were a variety of items and objects with a pronounced texture.

So beautiful, and incredibly stylish lookmirror simple geometric shapes in frames or without them on the wall, lined with rough bricks. There will also be allocated catchy original design of floor lamps, table lamps or wall lamps and modern art in the art surround acrylic.


Brick masonry in the interior

White brickwork

A white or cream-colored brickworkso versatile that it can fit organically into many styles of interior design living rooms - from classical to modern. Within the walls, dressed in white brick, you can create an atmosphere of ease mild, dreamy boho, peace of Provence or trendy loft, but the result is always positive.


Brick masonry in the interior

Brick wall and Eclecticism

An important advantage is its brickworkthe ability to adapt to the already formed image of the premises and the materials used in its arrangement. Therefore, in the living room, where the wooden furniture and floor, forged or stucco decorations, textiles made of cotton or velvet, - you can safely apply the brick as a registration site, or the surface of one of the walls completely.


Brick masonry in the interior

Industrial style: Loft

Interior, sustained in the loft-style, is completewithout the use of brickwork, which is considered one of its notable features. But to the room there was emphasized industrial character, brick veneer should look as if it existed here a long time and saw the first owners of the apartment.

In short, choose a brick with the effect of "antique" -non-homogeneous color, with chipped and cracked. When laying the material can not be anxious because of the fact that the solution for joints falls unevenly, in some places, accumulating clots, because therein lies the beauty of masonry in industrial style.


Brick masonry in the interior


Another, in our view, an incredibly spectacular andvery aesthetic way to the use of brickwork in the living room interior. The surface of the brick wall should be putty so that the relief material was not felt, but preserved a unique pattern of masonry. After that, the wall can be tinted in pastel shade of neutral: powdery, ivory, light gray. This is an excellent option for the design of "female" living, for example, in vintage style.


Brick masonry in the interior

Contemporary painting brick walls

Brickwork can look prettymodern and more charismatic, if a wall painted in saturated colors: dark blue, graphite, Burgundy. Equipment stain brick walls also requires attention, and quite a serious approach, because the brick - it is natural porous material, which must first be properly prepared - etched, putty, primed, and then proceed to paint in several layers in order to obtain the desired color or shade.


Brick masonry in the interior

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