What kind of entertainment on New Year's Eve 2017 to make children and young adults

Cheerful mood New Year's Eve -certainly well thought-out entertainment. But it can not be universal for all. Children will love the one and in the company of adults prefer to have quite different. So what are the entertainment on New Year's Eve 2017 to come up with?

Christmas and New Year with your family

When at the same table at the festival is going to a big family, it is necessary to come up with such games and competitions that will interest everyone - both children and adults, and the elderly. That applies to those?


Quiz. As a rule, carried out as quizzesa kind of warm-up before the rest of the games and competitions. Questions are selected very different, but in 2017 is to find those that they have been associated with its symbol - the cock. For example, "What is an American writer, born in the Year of the Rooster, I wrote about the hunter by the name of Leather Stocking?" (James Fenimore Cooper). Or this question: "In what year was held under the sign of the Rooster Wood, saw the light of the Harry Potter books, in which he loses his mentor?" (In 2005, his novel "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince).

"Sensitive hands". This game is suitable for the delivery of gifts. In advance it is necessary to agree on the fact that all the gifts are packed like something unusual. Anyone who is a present, takes it in his hands and blindfold begins to describe what he feels. Who quickly realized that his hand, wins and receives a bonus - a small prize - chocolate, notebook, Christmas toy.

Among the games and entertainment on New Year's Eve 2017 can take its rightful place and the old entertainment "extraction". On the rope stretched across the room hung on strings prizes. The man who will "hunt" for the prize, blindfolded and given into the hands of scissors. Previously all of the company he chooses any participant who will suggest where to go. The remaining prevent loud, that we should not suggesting that.

Also in the family scenario festive eveningshould include all the favorite game such as "Crocodile", where it is necessary to explain the concepts without words, or "nonsense" - writing a story where everyone writes only one line, and the second still not seeing that wrote the previous party.

How fun youth

If the New Year is going to a group of young people (without children and without an adult), the games and competitions, of course, need to be more dynamic than on family night.

Stickers. To hold this contest for the New Year 2017 in the company of friends, need small colored stickers. Colors should be as many teams will take part in the entertainment. Each team for 2 people (it is best if it's a guy and a girl). Different body parts are written on the sticker, "left foot", "right arm", "brow", "the left shoulder blade," and so on. The more stickers out, the better. All teams must have the same set of papers. Lead selects from each pair on one player and paste stickers on it, but not to those places that are written on pieces of paper, and on the other. At this time, the second player has to leave the room. When a team is again complete, the signal driving the second party (where there is no paperwork) starts to glue them to the desired location on your partner. Vanquish those who are faster and more precise than all coped with the task.


"Dialogue of the songs." It is known that most young people just love the music and lyrics. So why not make a game based on knowledge of music ?! The game is as follows: all participants are divided into two teams, one sings an excerpt from any song, where there is a question, and the second corresponds to the passage of the other songs, where there is an appropriate response. Then "ask" those "responsible". The game lasts until one of the teams will not remain options for its continuation.

About prizes worth thinking about in advance. As a reward for winning the competitions can be used holders for photos and business cards; notebooks; original pens and pencils; sharpeners and erasers; badges; hairpins - girls; stickers; magnets; pocket calendars and other lovely gifts.

Games for Adults

For us adults the New Year cancome up with a variety of entertainment, for adults are different. Someone like intellectual sparring, while others - Alcoholic relay. That is quite neutral, but fun contests for New Year 2017:

"Giant letters". In this game, participants will divide into 2 or 3 person team. Each team comes up with an ice-congratulation. Better not banal "Happy New Year!", But something more original. For example, "Let the rooster singing, and do not bite!" Or something like that. This phrase will have to show the spell, putting each of their bodies. Of course, I have to absent himself for a while and work out. Victory comes out is the team that came up with the most original greetings and best of all it showed. "grain by grain". To carry out this contest would require plastic dish and something to eat, soft and quite small (eg, marshmallow and little mermaids).


Sweets put on a plate and cause twoplayers. They bind his hands behind, put a bowl of candy on the floor and include music. The player's task - "peck" everything is on the plate. The winner is the one who made it faster. The main thing it should be done carefully so that no one "seed" has not dropped out of the dish.

Many adults do not remember off on holidaychildhood and play, for example, in the "Phantom" (only jobs are no longer children), or draw a symbol of the coming year, with your eyes closed or blindfolded sticking cardboard attached to the tail on the wall of a cardboard cock.

Games for children at Christmas and New Year

It would seem that could be easier than to come up withentertainment for children? But children - very finicky audience and interest them can only really interesting game. Children are most likely to want to play in the street. If it can be done, they have to prepare and paint the water, so that they can sculpt figures and paint them. You may also need cardboard, from which children cut out fun tracks to keep them in the snow.


If the age of the audience at the festival children 6years or more, they fit quiz on New Year's Eve 2017. Questions can be in it on such topics: fairy tales, cartoons, children's writers, children's songs, animals, city. For example, for a meeting of the year of the Rooster will approach issues of domestic animals and birds that live in the village. Or you can ask the children to name all fairy tales, where the birds are mentioned.
"Caught a fish". This game is known to most children from an early age. But the New Year it can be improved. For example, use as fish Christmas toys with big eyelets. Best of all, if the toys are soft or plastic, so that the glass can be broken accidentally. And the bait is too plastic snap hooks.
"Rooster tail". For this game, will need all sorts of things: all kinds of garments, cloths, towels, belts, belt, corrugated color paper. All this is put in a box (or issued to each participant at the pouch, where is about the same set of objects). During the allotted time, each player must make a most beautiful "rooster tail". Best is awarded a prize - chocolate egg.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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