Surprise birthday girlfriend: 23 original ideas

The main rule of successful surprise - it shouldcause a storm of emotions. To guess you need to come out of the man tastes, his desires and character. But a surprise birthday girlfriend in any case should not mean buying things that she long wanted - it is even pleasant, but it's just a gift. Better to Give emotions - they are much more valuable than any of things.

To the surprise it was really a surprise pickwhen the girlfriend does not distract anything. And do not forget to prepare a couple of warm words. Well, not to hurt you head, we'll show you 23 original ideas as a surprise for my birthday girlfriend fit into any budget.

If funding is not so much

A box with a surprise. Give a gift box, just give up the usual gift, better fill it with butterflies, flowers or balloons.


Surprise of balloons. Naduy a lot of balls, they hide behind the door, obtyanuv film, so they do not fall out. When a friend in the morning to open the door - they wallow on it. Such a surprise birthday girl will appreciate the humor.


Many wishes. Think wishes with her name, and print them on plain paper. LAYOUT them throughout its daily route.

Congratulations on the pavement. Remember the childhood and draw festive inscription of chalk on the pavement or on the wall of the house opposite.


Congratulations on a billboard. Rent a billboard for advertising and place on it a picture of her with the wishes. Your friend will appreciate such a surprise.

Money bouquet. If you plan to give money instead of the standard bouquet offer up a bunch of balls, hiding them money, glitter, confetti.


Recording songs. Record a funny song with your friends and congratulate her friend.

Ticket to the rink, or roller skating. A great surprise to secretly gather a few close friends to call the birthday girl, and fun company to go rollerblading or skating.


Rent lanes of bowling. Pre-book your path, that together with the birthday girl did not have to stand in line at her own birthday. And when the game is paid, to share and help the team win the hero of the occasion.

Congratulatory poem. Remember all your important dates, nicknames, jokes and turn it all in the name of a congratulatory poem. It can tell you verbally or write on a beautiful card.

Fortune cookies. It can be a buy, and bake his own, putting cookies into finished paper with cool predictions.


Bouquet of chocolates or a box of sweets. Bouquet can be done by yourself, buying all the sweets, or purchase specialty store. Even if the birthday girl an adult woman, she will be delighted with the large box of candy, fruit and Kinder Surprise. Optionally you can hide inside and an additional gift.

Huge snow sculptures. If a surprise birthday girlfriend planned winter can near her home dazzle huge snowman, dressed him in a hat and giving a bunch of balloons in his hand. And then, as a child, call her on the street and make a snow battle with a gift for the winner.


"Oscar" statuette. If a friend is planning to celebrate a birthday, you can advance to warn all guests and play award "Oscar". Guests can be given to the nomination, and the birthday girl - the main prize.

Quest in search of a gift. Arrange in a friend's birthday a holiday quest in search of a gift. For example, give her some little gift, which will lay the first clue. Then, when she found the first surprise, the following can be hidden a little surprise (lip gloss, eye shadow, a handkerchief, a notebook, a pen, a medal "best friend", all that comes to mind), and another clue. So until then, until she finds the main gift.

If finances allow to arrange something more

The ride in a limousine. Make friends with an evening trip to the city in a limousine and mark it her birthday.


Rent a table. Book a table at the club and arrange a real party with close friends (friend tell me that you took care of everything, just warn in advance so that she could gather. In addition, you can select club beach, boat, just a booth in a cafe.


Private dance. If you have a bachelorette party - order the birthday girl a lap dance. But be careful with such a surprise if your friend is married.

A certificate for spa treatments. Buy certificate for a relaxing spa treatments and take her back after a hard day's work. It is wonderful to relieve fatigue and mood for a real treat.

Subscribe to strip dance. Even if a friend has never had a special love for the sport, playing on the pylon it exactly will like.


Walking to the fish-peeling. While fish Garra rufa clean rough skin of the feet, it can be great to chat in the company of the closest girlfriends for a cup of fragrant tea or cocoa.

Master-class interests. On specialized sites, you can buy individual or group workshop on any topic - from soap making to learning the basics of samba.

A day in the water park. Feel like a queen of the beach can be even in the winter. And in the water park is not necessary to drive on a rollercoaster - there is also a Jacuzzi, sauna and relaxation area.


And let the idea is even the most reckless, sheIt will certainly be another reason for your smile over the years. Do not do banal surprises like buying a huge bear - we suggested you more than twenty options really cool surprises for the Day girlfriend's birthday. Think and implemented.

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