Surprise a loved one with their hands still hot from previous Give more!

For a small amount of imagination to add a slicepatience and perseverance, to spread love and serve still hot from previous more! The joke, of course, but as you know - there is some joke in every joke. Therefore, we first need to consider the idea of ​​a surprise considering the interests of a loved one, and then choose an occasion and a time to give it the most effectively.

Surprises can be done at least every day! Even breakfast in bed or a romantic candlelight dinner will be a pleasant surprise for a loved one. For example, take the sausage, cut the half, but one tip is not dorezay, remove the sausage to happen heart, fasten the tip of a toothpick, and thrust it into the pan vbey egg. As a result, even in a simple scrambled eggs with sausage is a little surprise-heart.

You can even create small masterpieces of sandwiches! Then every morning will be pleasant for him, the day will be held with a smile, and in the evening ... In the evening, you are sure to receive a reward for their efforts.


love sandwiches

Ideas for little surprises

Here are some ideas for small surprises that you can do with your hands to any holiday or just because:

A collage of photos. Particularly relevant is such a surprise tothe anniversary of your relationship, or Valentine's Day. You can create one in a graphics editor, order prints at a shop, but you can place your photos on the big poster A4, the spaces between them to paint the words of love and wishes. To this collage looked most impressive, it can be hung on the wall, pull around the garland, and favorite to get a surprise, made by your own hands, to get into the room with his eyes closed.


Surprise for every day. Particularly relevant is this idea for those whoparted for a while. Make it as you can with your hands from small boxes, pasted dates. Each hide a little surprise (a small piece of chocolate, your joint photograph, which he does not, cufflinks, chewing gum, a beautiful pen, key ring and all that fancy enough). Only one condition put him - open only in accordance with the date on the box that it has not received all the surprises that made your hands immediately.

Joint card desires - Is no less a surprise, which is easy to dowith his own hands for a loved one. Think about what you dreamed of: travel, car, children, house, animal, etc. Find pictures in magazines or the Internet - and do your future!

Video greetings or a declaration of love. It can be as simple slide show of jointphotos as desired. Or you can ask for help from your virtual friends on the Internet - in the community, people exchange via joint photographing themselves with placards that read, for example, "Mary loves Stefan. And even in Sydney know about it! "(The city can be any). Now this idea is very urgent, but not everyone knows about it. Pick your favorite music - cool surprise for a loved one with your hands ready!

Invent and draw a certificate of fulfillment of desires. Fit to only the recipient's name and the name of the artist desires. The easiest way to make a surprise and certainly know what are your favorite wants.

Pretty complicated by surprise, but very original - a small world in light bulb. To do this, unscrew the cartridge from which removed all the core.


The empty bulb laid stones, sand,hearts of plasticine, any other, filled with water. Light itself is mounted on a stand. Such a gift would be in a prominent position, always remind about you and your feelings.


Surprise a loved one, created with his own hands - it is not difficult and quite exciting. As a result, you can not only pleasure, but also discover a hidden talent.

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