Scenario pajama party: three options for action

It is believed that the pajama party - a lotyouth, always female. The company of young girls retires and spends the night away at his favorite pastime - rumor-mongering guys and girlfriend who somehow did not attend the event. But if you are a little more than 18 years, do not despair - in gatherings pajamas for you is not taboo. Maybe your company format "esthete-party» is more appropriate?

Esthete pajama-party

The scenario is different aesthetic pajama partyfrom the usual youth? Only those that are involved in it was quite a big girl. The most important gatherings in this format - this is the appropriate dress code. The guests did not even dress up in pajamas, and in erotic lingerie - stockings, sexy tops, high-heel shoes. Of course, and conversations of adults give appropriate - relationships, fashion and so on.

From treats to the esthete-party can be anythingeverything - from light buterbrodikov (exactly easy, because estetstvuschim girls need to follow the figure), ending with the land. From drinks is preferable to brandy and cocktails - but here you orient themselves according to the guests tastes.

Fly pajama-party

Scenario pajama party in esthetic style youI do not like? You feel calm pastime for leisurely conversation and sipping a drink too boring? In this case, we offer you an alternative holiday option - fly-party.

If you decide to follow exactly this scenario,remember that it the main thing - it's high jinks, so you have to wake up a youthful enthusiasm. The dress code should be in the theme - bright colorful pajamas, shirts, underwear. Do not forget to furnish an apartment in the gay entourage - arrange comfortable bed where you can comfortably, scatter cushions around the room. Apogee party scripted fly-party - it is the very same battle pillows.


Romantic pajama-party

Scenario romantic-party - a classic pajamaparties. Noisy here may not be the main thing - the relevant relaxing atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. Because invite to a romantic-party only closest friends.

Entertainment on the romantic pajama partycan be very different. For example, begin with sharing gossip seating and eating gourmet food - fruit, washed down with champagne. When reprimanded enough, you can look in a warm and personal atmosphere everyone's favorite romantic movie - "Twilight," "Vanilla Sky," or whatever.

If you are interested in the script forpajama parties, we hope that we have helped you to decide on its format. Make it as you can and in their own way, important to choose the correct company girlfriends.

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