Scenario Hawaiian party: clothes, food, contests

Hawaii are far away, round tripIt will turn more to spend, but if you wish, you can quite easily organize themed holiday home. The only thing that is needed - this is a fantasy, and irrepressible energy.

The first thing you should pay attention, if youWe decided to organize a Hawaiian party, an external paraphernalia. According to the script and the hosts and guests must be dressed in Hawaiian as possible, and that means - no trousers (shorts only), no sweaters and other warm clothes (only old style of clothing - shirts, T-shirts). Bright colors are welcome, girls can wear more jewelry (especially pretentious), beach hats (wide-brimmed hats, sambrero) is also suitable for parties.


Frankly, Native Hawaiians, thanksexceptionally mild climate, before the arrival of civilization attend such celebrations altogether topless (including women), but such a naturalism hardly suited to the Russian mentality.

Tableware on a Hawaiian party

No party is complete without refreshments. A holiday in Hawaiian style is no exception, so thinking about the script, you need to practice in advance with the preparation of some dishes. They are the most common ingredients - pork, fruits (especially bananas, pineapples, oranges), cantaloupe, potatoes, fish, cook them but not quite normal.


Hawaiian party

For example, bananas are not served fresh andfried in a skillet, potatoes should be sweet, not salty, but instead served fruit vegetable salads. Given that the coconut milk in Russia - deficit for cocktails, you can use regular milk, mixing it with alcohol.

Contests on Hawaiian party

The scenario involves a Hawaiian partycompetitions, most famous of which - limbo, which is known for numerous feature films. At a height of about one meter from the floor mounted bracket, under which participants are leaning back. Gradually it dipped lower and lower, until the winner is revealed, which picks up the award. Absolutely can not touch the floor with your hands or press them to the body - for it will be disqualified.


Another no less popular contest held onHawaiian party - fruit bowling. Empty plastic bottles are placed on the floor (it can be made of glass, if in some extreme athletes gathered companies) and take turns trying to knock them some large fruit - pineapple, or mango. This fruit must be perfectly round, so it was difficult to ask him the right path.

To better imagine what scenariocan be styled Hawaiian party as accurately as possible, watch the video about Hawaii. Similar festivals are obtained very fun and memorable, because participation in them - not just the opportunity to have fun with friends, but also get acquainted with the exotic culture of the fiftieth US state.

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