Scenario gangster party in the American style 20-ies

First of all, we take care of the situation inapartment or house. According to the scenario, you can decorate the walls of pictures of wanted criminals. Here, the owner is given freedom of action - you can even print a photograph guests, providing them with caustic comments. So a party to present gangsters will begin in the hallway. Big impression will make an improvised bar, which can be arranged in the room or in the kitchen. And the standard of the decorations in the form of garlands and balloons should not be forgotten - they contribute to creating a festive atmosphere.


gangster party

Costumes and accessories for the gangster party

What a party without a costume, especiallyTheme? In times of stagnation in the United States were in fashion suits, pants with straps, all in dark colors (crimson jackets do not fit - these are the realities of gangster era 90). You can get wide-brimmed hats, fasten on the nose sunglasses. Female toilet should be brighter. For example, old-fashioned evening dresses, frilly boa of accessories and scarves. Pondering the script does not hurt to read and with what makeup was all the rage in the 20s-30s. It comes to mind bright red lipstick, like actresses in Hollywood.


gangster party


gangster party

Entertainment and contests for the gangster party

Scenario gangster party - nothing withoutthought-out contests. They should be strictly "in the subject" highlight event of the total number. What is the main attribute of the gangster era, which make films and is still remembered? This is the famous dry law, which has led to an extraordinary flourishing brewing.

At the party, you can organize a game of "trickno alcohol law". Selected participants, and this should be both women and men. Teetotaler immediately reject. Each gangster served with a glass of liquid - water or vodka - they should drink through a straw, does not show exactly what they got. In a scenario filled with vodka just one glass, and the task of the observers to guess who it was he got. At the end it should become clear that alcohol was filled each container.

Another original script contest -"discreet place". Here the participants are divided into pairs, each consisting of a man and a woman. In the hands of the Member States for twenty banknotes, they must hide the body of his partner, and one bill in one place. The winner is the team that was able to put all the pieces of paper in a secluded place faster than others.

The theme of the gangster party will contest induring which it determined the most accurate of those present. If there are children in the presence of air pistols - great. Otherwise, you can do darts. Each guest took turns throwing darts at a target from a distance of three meters. Gradually, the less apt sifting, two of the best gangster converge in the final. As a reward, the most apt hero party deliver a solid stack of fake dollar bills.

As you can see, the script on the theme of the gangster party - very simple. The organizers only need to show imagination and strong drinks and fun, guests will do the rest

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