Photoshoot in military style: how to create the right image

Organize military photo shoot yourselftoday is as simple as to capture yourself in nature. The only thing you need to take care of an appropriate appearance, choose the right place to prepare the accessories that will help to create a brutal way.

Choosing a location for shooting in military style

Of course, the best option - it isto organize a photo shoot on any military facility, the benefit of our country, a lot of them. Or just go to the monument in the form of a tank or a gun and pose on his background. If all this is not possible, podyschu a darker location. For example, an abandoned house, port, warehouse - any place where you can get there.

In recent years, demand began to usedelivery service rental of military equipment. Of course, it will not be a tank or infantry fighting vehicles, but to find a military vehicle or a former army amphibious all-terrain vehicle to private use for the residents of the big city were not working.

Make-up, clothes, hairstyle

Photoshoot in military style - is, above all,corresponding to the image pattern. If the shooting involved a girl, she should look as a man. That is, no loose hair (it is best to remove hair in a ponytail, bun), dresses and skirts. All these attributes replace the toilet on his pants and a khaki jacket, if there is none, then a leather outfit and jeans.


Make-up should also emphasize the militaryorientation of the photo shoot. Bright colors are not welcome, on the other hand, his eyes podkrashivayutsya black ink, the nails black varnish, no harm will draw on her cheeks black bars in camouflage style. On the other hand, if you want to focus on the sexy, red lipstick will only benefit. In any case, a huge field for the imagination is given in terms of make-up.


Attributes for military style

For the photo shoot go any items thatassociated with the military lifestyle. If you can get a rifle, pistol and other weapons - perfectly. Otherwise you fantasize. Locate the country an old gas-mask, hunting bowler, set up around the banks with canned food, or any other dry rations. If you take pictures outdoors, pitch a tent, spread the fire. But take care that the whole installation does not resemble an ordinary picnic or hike.

But the most important thing for a successful photo shootpopular girls military style - it's acting. If you will be displayed on the face of the excitement, the adrenaline, the fear of transfer, all external attributes it fades into the background.


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