Photos in retro style: outfit, hairstyle and make-up for her

Perhaps not for the photographer more difficult task thanstyling photo shoots in line with the retro style. On the one hand as an example can serve multiple images of movie stars and magazines 30-80-ies, and models can be inspired by Marilyn Monroe's appearance and other Hollywood divas. But on the other hand the application of the appropriate make-up, hairstyle design, selection of dresses - it all very seriously, requires a delicate taste and sense of proportion.


But one thing for a photo shoot in a retro style with clearthe start - the use of black and white photography, as practiced for decades - always a win-win situation. To do this, you do not even need to use the old equipment - even with digital devices to create a black-and-white style becomes possible.

We select the outfit, hair and makeup for a photo shoot

Retro style is not as monolithic as it mightappear. Confused between a female image 30s and 80s of the last century, it is simply impossible. Then, it is important to decide in advance to what time period it will treat your photoshoot. As for the hair, then to the middle of the XX century, at the peak of popularity were sleek hair with a minimum volume. In contrast, the girls from the 50-80's all as on selection adorned with bouffant hairdos, trying to make wavy hair, use "Babette". In fashion there were tapes, stylish scarves.


In order to pick up make-up right forphotoshoot retro enough to pay attention to old movies. For the first half of the XX century for women's images are characterized by bright colors of lipstick (preferably red) in conjunction with the pallor of the skin, some grotesque and rigor. Later all has changed dramatically, and the superior quality of a beautiful girl began to consider sexuality. Thin lips butterfly changed fashion for curvy, great attention was paid to the coloring of the eyes - in the course were the shadow of the brightest shades.


And the outfits for the retro style today choose notso simple. In the case of a photoshoot in nature things are not so sad - to create a classic feminine image from the 30's, enough to dress up in fur coat, flowing boas, veils. The premises is suitable low-cut dress in the back, so a favorite of Coco Chanel. For more recent times are characterized along with explicit sexuality - short denim tops, shorts, dresses style "hourglass", emphasizing the subtlety of the waist.


Indispensable role to create a whole image inretro style plays and the ability to model facial expressions to convey the spirit of the era. For old times will most languid, strict gestures and facial expression, which is most appropriate epithet "aristocratic." On the contrary, for the 80 characteristic of "naturalism", when emotions should not be played on the camera, and more commonplace.


Fashion photo shoot in accordance with the retro style continues unabated, and is unlikely to disappear once. In living memory olden times associated with romance, inimitable style and sense of taste.

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