Party in the style Gatsby: the script and the nuances of the organization

Therefore, mind you - a scenario the party in the style of The Great Gatsby is unlikely to save money, but any occasion - from corporate parties before the birthday - will be remembered forever grandeur and scale.

We write the main points of the script that you took into account all the nuances of the organization of the festival in Gatsby style.

Invitation to a party

Dazzling party closed touninitiated, so elected must be aware of the upcoming celebration. The overall mood fit small Aged invitation cards sent out by mail. Of course, after some time, you can repeat the invitation over the phone, but do not replace paper cards to e-mail.

The dress code for the party

In advance to warn each guest thatparty at Gatsby style involves both the ladies and men dress in the style of 20-ies. If a guy can wear perfectly fitting suit modern cut, tie, shoes and a white shirt, the ladies look for cost-dress shirts, dress-pipe or cocktail dresses, trimmed with beads and sequins.

The dress code for the party in the style Gatsby

It is worth paying attention to the accessories: men can not forget the white scarf and shoes polished to a shine, and the ladies - a long to the elbow gloves, hats or satin rims on a head and the fur boa.

Entourage parties in Gatsby style

A key part of any party, without which no onethe script will not look convincing - correctly picked the room and decor. It is best to negotiate with the entertainment complex, which will provide room decorated with several vintage cars at the entrance, a huge stand with a picture of the great Gatsby for a photo shoot and staff.

Entourage parties in Gatsby style

Do not be afraid to beat the stylization - the moreIt will be glittering tinsel, poufs, table crystal, sparklers and golden confetti, so chic to be a holiday. A fireworks display at the end of the evening will be the final chord, from which every guest feels part of the elite of society.

Entertainment for the party

If you follow the original script, thenguests need to prepare a poker table, roulette, dancing to the Charleston incendiary. For guests do not hesitate, invite professional dancers and instructors, which is half an hour will help everyone learn the basics of this dance.

Entertainment for the party Gatsby

But such entertainment can be diluted with our usual contests, slightly modifying them. Arrange the competition for playing on glasses, a competition for the most charming couple or a better dancer.

A party in a Gatsby-style scenario shouldend fireworks and a delicious big cake. If this is too expensive, invite the photographer and arrange thematic group photo session. A few months later finished pictures can send guests as a reminder of an unforgettable evening at the Gatsby style.

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