Original Christmas gifts

Choosing a gift - a laborious process, but it is veryinteresting. To start, define the human passions, try to find out what it lacks and what he would have wished to receive. And only then go shopping. Such a gift would be really practical and expensive soul. And remember: the important thing is not the price, but the attitude with which presented a Christmas gift. Good luck to you the choice!

How to choose the right gift

Go shopping. Try to find material embodiment of your diagrams and sketches. On this day, you do not need to buy anything! Just do a review of all products and think that person would have liked. And only then, when a mosaic of schemes bastings, assumptions and actual selling proposition will develop a specific image - go and buy a gift!

Do not try to buy the same day gifts for allrelatives and friends! In addition, you awfully tired from such a long flickering before the eyes of frills and bright packages, you probably miss something!

Make a chart of tastes and interests of all the people you are going to the New Year to bestow. You can even invite them to fill in a humorous form of several questions:
Favorite dish?
My favorite smell?
The country, which would like to visit?
Your favorite color?
Your hobby?
Your attitude to pets?
The answers to these questions will help you to drawimagination, vision of the future a present. For example. Man is interested in Eastern culture, it attracts Japanese medieval weapons - knowing this, you can easily give him a samurai sword, a kimono or something like that.

Be sure to take care of the packaging! It must not only conform to the Christmas theme, but also internal filling of the box, that is present! Remember, packaging shapes the first impression, as a gift, and the giver! And yet - it creates the necessary for the desired perception of the present attitude!

Christmas gifts for parents

Painting, for example, a family portrait.

Collectible items (stamps, coins, prints,figurines, clocks, books, etc.). Just imagine how overjoyed mother or the father, if under the tree finds content for a long time already empty cells in your album?

Cruise. Give parents New Year's trip to the warm countries! They certainly appreciate the opportunity to relax after an exhausting working year! Certainly, this new year will be remembered them for life!

Romantic dinner at the restaurant. Give parents the opportunity to feel special, young and in love! Let them mingle in the unusual atmosphere away from home!

Treats. One of personalized and relatively expensive gifts. Give parents a basket full of their favorite foods. Buy a good wine, sweets and fruits. The most touching in such a gift that you remember their tastes, know what they like!

Gift with memory - a good book with a dedicationinscription, jewelry - with a nominal engraving, camera, usually people in advanced age are trying to impress the grandchildren, relatives, and in general - the bright moments of life. And yet - you can do retro video or - album of the happy family photos. The parents, who are now plenty of spare time, would sit for hours on such a gift, and remember, smile!


Christmas present for girls

Perfumery. Psychologists say that the girls like it when they come from the selected favorite scent. But buying a perfume, a young man should be at least relatively to navigate the preferences of his lady.

Romantic gifts. Surprise your favorite New Year's Eve an unexpected surprise! For example, invite artists and sing along with their favorite serenade under the balcony at 12 at night, or - Write in the snow, at her window, rose petals or Christmas candy love words! Your pet will appreciate it! Or give her a puppy, calling him before that his name! The pet named favorite - it is so touching and cute!


Christmas Gift for a Man

A gift for a loved one, you need to look for ideas in the enthusiasm of your young man.

He loves electronics - computer gadgets, musical instruments and much more. All what until then he himself refused, but dreamed of it day and night!

He - is an active way of life - give himtwo - three days surfing in Hawaii, scuba diving, or skiing in the Alps! The world is full of many interesting places, the New Year holiday in which you can enjoy together with your loved one!

Of course romantic gifts! Give him a dinner for two by the fireplace! Give him a painting, fresco, embroidery, mittens and a sweater - a gift made with their own hands.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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