Images for a photo shoot in the studio: TOP 5 best pans

Make beautiful photo session in the studio is not easy,you need to prepare images that you want to translate. Even if you go for the portfolio, it is still better to consider several options. To be honest, without details and ideas in the studio can be photographed only for a passport. Of course, you should definitely be offered some props (most often - a fan, hats), and the photographer will have finished work. Not every image you fit.

You've seen how some girls are very harmoniouslySee, for example, on the bed in a dressing gown, while others only cause a smile and bewilderment. It's not about the professionalism of the photographer or the equipment, and in your ability to try on the image of the fictional and matching it to your perception. For example, if you are on a life shackled, hardly open your front of a stranger. Photoshoot in "nude" style is likely to be not for you.

As for props, for the implementation of ideassome studio stuff just is not enough. Each image is to pick up some details, those who, in your opinion, most vividly portray ideas. Over expression also need to work more at home. Mirror best will tell you whether you will what you want. Do not forget that you need to tie their ideas to the studio and the interior.

The most successful way to a photo shoot

It forms a very original look for a photo shootin a studio in retro gangster style. You can bring the two in one visit. For example, for the ladies of the last century, you will need short lacy black dress, curly hair pinned, the mouthpiece with a long cigar, beads, fan pumps. Turned into a girl-gangster is simple: Change your shoes on high boots with square heel, put on his hat, leggings, dresses Naquin over a jacket or coat. Mouthpiece Replace gun. Makeup can choose the evening, in dark shades.


You can combine retro style and romanticform. For this photo shoot you need to in the studio was a beautiful mirror-mirror, a small ottoman or chair. Because things take a translucent robe, silk robe, stockings. Makeup is better to do in the style of Smoky Eyes or natural. Complement the image of a long string of pearls, a large powder with a cotton pompom, brush for blush.


You can play in front of the mirror, imagining himself languid lady of the last century or the romantic girl with a smile, going on a date.


Ethnic image rather complicated to implement,but incredibly beautiful as a result. For him, need a costume (the most popular - east), as well as items that symbolize belonging to this or that nation.


Hobby. If you do not fit into any one of these ideas for the interior studio, try to hold a photo shoot with a favorite hobby. For example, if you love karaoke - grab the mic, put on your favorite outfit - and more! If you love to paint, take with easel and paint. To refine the effect can even paint a little dirty. The advantage of such an image is its naturalness - you do not need to "transform."


Girl Laughs. If you are always hard to concentrate, you can easily organize a fun photo shoot in the studio, just fooling around and having fun. Take a bright outfits (merry striped stockings will be very useful), braided pigtails or make bushy tail. From props can take soft toys, pillows, soap bubbles, ball.


The images created during a photo shoot in the studioin no way inferior to those that can be used outdoors. As for the benefits, then you can realize any of your intentions regardless of the weather outside.

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