How to congratulate a loved one with a Valentine's Day: 5 simple ideas

Give on Valentine's Day, of course,need valentine - note with humorous poems and wishes (according to tradition, they do not sign, and the handwriting is trying to change: it is assumed that the recipient must guess who sent the valentine). In addition, the gift can be any thing that has a heart shape (preferably red): candy, cushions, purses ... We offer you 5 simple ideas, like to congratulate beloved with Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Ideas

Breakfast for a loved one tete-a-tete

Wake up with your loved one - is not happiness? But if you want to make a surprise, get up a little earlier and cook breakfast for him.

You do not have to be a chef. After all, even from the usual scrambled eggs, you can make a declaration of love.


Happy Valentine's day

To prepare the pancakes you laceIt requires 200 ml. milk, 2 eggs, 50 grams of flour, 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt and sugar to taste. Knead the dough, put it in a cooking syringe (can be replaced by a tight plastic bag with a notched corner) ... and create!


Happy Valentine's day

Valentine's card with his own hands

It's a classic of the genre. And the simplest thing you can do - to buy ready-made Valentine card in the nearest stationery store, taking in the adjoining shop, a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne.

Of course, a manifestation of the attention will be nice. But here's the surprise and is unlikely to be remembered.

Another thing - the Valentine, made with his own hands. To make a hand-made card do not need anything other than scissors, glue, paper and imagination.

Here are a few simple ideas.


Happy Valentine's day


Happy Valentine's day

You can also make a sweet Valentine.

Or Valentine surprise. It is necessary to glue the two paper heart and put inside a couple of candies or a small gift.

A box or a bank with declarations of love: Love 100 reasons

Love - the feeling of causeless. It is difficult to explain why we choose it or this woman is the man. And if you still try?

Make Valentine's Day a jar or box- "100 reasons why I love you." Fill it with a little note with the reasons: "... because you're funny frowning," "because you smile at me in the morning." It is not necessary to write "basic" things. Let it be stupidity, but your very personal.


Happy Valentine's day

Believe me, this jar is your significant other is not open only on February 14 - the causes of Love will be re-read whenever tenderness like.

Romance coupons

Another idea - a romantic coupons. This kind of "lottery tickets". On each of them an inscription: "In the movie, any session", "favorite meal", "Just a Kiss" and so on.


Happy Valentine's day

This gift can bring you a whole month (or two) romantic moments. After the coupons can be made arbitrarily and "use" every day one at a time.


Have you ever taken a shower together? Highly recommend. The sea of ​​pleasant sensations and water saved.

But Valentine's Day is better to get a loved one is not in the shower, and the bathroom, after turning it into a SPA-center.

Create the right atmosphere to help the gloom,fragrances and sea salt. Light the candles and arrange beautiful. Only, pliz, do not forget about safety. Remember: this evening is to break only one fire - the flames of your passion. Reinsurance can be used for small LED-candles.


Happy Valentine's day

They say a man loves his eyes. But this claim only those who do not know that he has another love organ. Nose.

The sense of smell, sometimes severely impaired awakens in us feelings. Not for nothing neyromarketologi sprayed scent of vanilla in front of the candy store.

Aromas help to tell you about their feelings,without saying a word. The main thing to pick them correctly: lavender, rose and sandalwood relax and relieve stress, ylang-ylang intoxicates and creates an erotic mood, nutmeg excites the imagination ... Put a few drops of essential oil to the bathroom, or use an aroma lamp to create the right atmosphere.

Finally, use sea salt, "bombs" for the bath, foam. They will help you relax and will give pleasure.

Happy Valentine's day!


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