How to celebrate a birthday in the winter - 6 holiday options

Below we consider several options for organizing the festival, except for those that involve two above the banal script.

Rent Country Apartment

Holiday surely succeed if it isoccur in the bohemian surroundings of a country mansion. And not just in a cozy, but cramped cottage and a luxurious palace with bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, fireplace with wood and other components. It is unlikely that the ordinary man in the street has such luxuries, so I have to rent a house for the weekend.


Who said that to celebrate a birthday in natureless exciting winter than in summer? On the contrary, the weather only adds to the romanticism of the situation. Arrange with your company picnic in the park or any other scenic spot. Stock up on food, dilute fire, and all the rest will be blissful mood of those present. And there is nothing better appetite than the cross-country skiing on the crisp snow and participate in a competition in nature.


Ski resort

A more thorough version of how to celebrateBorn in the winter - a trip with friends to a ski resort, the benefit of almost every large city is located close to a similar complex. Here you can while away the day at a leisurely skating or downhill, have some fun, driving around on a sled, and in the evening to arrange a noisy meal in the restaurant or bar.


To go to the water park

This option is relevant only for those wholiving in large cities with developed infrastructure. Although to be celebrating the winter holiday mood will give you a trip to the water park, where it is always warm and the water flows reminded of vacation in the tropics. Especially appropriate option if your company there are children - they will enjoy more than a birthday.


To go to the seaside resort

If the water park next door you do not have, anda dip in the summer want to go to celebrate a birthday at the seaside resort - the most radical, but the most memorable version simultaneously. You should be able to find a cheap short tour, that's just all friends with them is unlikely to collect. But even if the journey will last for a few days, the thrills of a change of scenery guaranteed.


Hire organizers

And finally, the last alternative - trustorganizing birthday winter professionals. Today there are many companies that are happy to take "from scratch" and "turnkey" holiday issue. And about exactly where and in what format it will take place, will not know even the birthday boy. The more pleasant will be a surprise and brighter impression.

At least one of the following six scenarios ofa fun and unusual to celebrate your birthday in the winter, suitable for any situation. As you can see, the alternatives from a hike in the club or home feast is not so little.

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