Gifts for a friend's birthday: a complicated question, easy answer

You could say that we are too practical andpragmatic, but we believe - cheap gifts need to say "no." No sufficient funds to purchase and excellent quality product? Then "throw off" money from her friends. Even inexpensive tablet or smartphone, gold bracelets or small household appliances is your friend will be happy much more than a soft toy or other unnecessary trifles.

There are several variants of the universal birthday gift girlfriend, to help solve the problem quickly and easily.

Giving creative and show imagination to good use

Unique Gifts for a friend's birthdaycan be an excellent choice, no matter what age she was. The vast majority of women's magazines and websites give quite the right advice - remember, that like and what your friend interested.

What to give a friend - a ticket to the theater or a concert

A ticket to the theater or a concert

Suppose she wants to get out to the theater orGive it and get yourself a ticket to the premiere of the play or a concert, and you will see that it will be happy. Note that the cost of such pleasure is small. But the benefit it will bring a double - please now and then raise the level of education.

What to give a friend - a subscription to a fitness

Subscribe to fitness

Gifts for a friend's birthday, whichcrazy about sports and are constantly watching your figure? Everything is very simple. Ideal gift - a subscription to a fitness room the best of your city. Perfect and sports equipment, but it all depends on your financial abilities. A variety of exercise machines are quite a few. And such equipment as jump rope or hula hoop can be simply unnecessary. Do not clutter up their apartment of his girlfriend.

What to give a friend - a certificate for extreme entertainment

Certificate for extreme entertainment

The issue with the original, but useful gift for the birthday girl is solved in no time if she likes extreme. Yes, we should not think that only men prefer an active pastime.

Your friend will shout for joy all dayBirth if you buy for her a certificate for hang-gliding or skydiving. Or maybe you're ready to send it to heaven with the instructor in a small plane, in which it can take it over? Then, on your decision, it will remember not only the next week, but for life.

Summing up the topic with practical but originalbirthday gifts say that certificates and tickets can be your salvation. After all, you can buy them even in tattoo parlor or Thai massage. Think of what your friend happy now, or what she had dreamed of for a long time.

Useful gifts. Trite? No, practical!

If you still do not know what to give a friendbirthday, remember yourself. surely you do not just portrayed the beautiful but useless show. Do you need them? No, which means that they do not need, and your friend.

When choosing gifts should also be practicalto consider a few rules. The main thing - try to choose what the birthday girl is dreaming for a long time, but it alone can not buy itself. Believe me, a lot of things.

What to give a friend - set for make-up

Set for make-up

As a birthday present you canselect the makeup, but expensive and good quality. No matter how many years may be your friend - 20 or 60, it will always be glad to such gift. You do not know what cosmetics prefers your girlfriend? Why do not you start talking about it and do not look, means a firm stand on the ledge of her now?

What to give a friend - shower set

Set for baths and showers

Let the set of shampoo and conditioner, and will be the most banal choice. But it will be useful, as opposed to artificial stuffed rabbit or expensive ashtray in the form of a skull.

What to give a friend - bedding

Beautiful linens

Win-win and memorable option, because itHe will sleep on it almost every day. For girls 25-35 years - it's a beautiful bed linens made of silk. Choose the kit that a friend would not have purchased in person, but that looks expensive and luxurious. Suppose that you are not relaxing by the fact that the gift is already in a solid packaging - pack it again. Branded bags do not count.

Gifts for girlfriend - beautiful lingerie

Perfumes or beautiful lingerie

There is a big BUT! In such matters, the right decision you can take only if you know exactly what flavor she likes or you and a friend will walk to the nearest perfume shop and choose a gift for her birthday. In respect of lingerie are subject to the same rules. Go shopping together.

Taking into account the tastes of friends, guides the mind and consider the following options for gifts:

elite varieties of coffee and tea, coffee makers and stylish Tea kettles to them;
held for young mothers who are crazy about their child - toys that require joint forwarding of the parent and the baby.

Costly cosmetic sets, beddingaccessories, interior decorations and even cutlery - all this you can safely give his girlfriend a birthday. BUT! They have to be really useful and of good quality. No pots of flowers that a friend who is not thrilled with the house plants. And there are no pots and sets of dishes, if she does not like and does not know how to cook.

The best gift - a great mood

As strange as it may sound, but the bestoption that can only be present girlfriend's birthday is at times of joy and positive emotions. The following presents exactly your friend will give a good mood.

What to give a friend - a subscription to the spa

Gift certificate to SPA

Think about how to "reset" withothers invited to the celebration and to get a certificate for a visit to the spa or beauty salon. Imagine that the event begins with a massage or a manicure. Your girlfriend happy, and you create the perfect hair and perfect makeup. You are treated to champagne or tea, sweets and chocolate. It is a dream, which bring to life easily and pleasantly.

A visit to the stylist, cosmetologist, massage therapist may end in a nightclub or cafe. This gift never forget.

What to give a friend - an unusual gift

The usual gift in an unusual performance

It is decided that the celebration will take place at home or inthe restaurant? To add a practical Present may well be incredible positive emotions. Inflate a lot of balloons and each of them put a tiny gift and a note with the wishes.

Let the hero of the occasion every half hour"Reveals" one ball and takes a mini-gifts. In the notes, you can specify different tasks for the guests and for herself. Say a toast, sing a song, read the lyrics, crow on a chair - all limited only by your imagination with her friends. But the fact that these moments will be remembered for many years, can not be questioned.

On Birthday girlfriends give a variety of things. Many psychologists advise a tricky technique - tell the birthday girl that allegedly gave to you, and you will find out its relation to gifts. She said "hmm" in response to what you have presented a book, a stuffed toy, bedding, or a bouquet of flowers? Feel free to put off the idea of ​​such purchases in the closet and look for other solutions.

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