Why pain during intercourse

Unfortunately, sexual intercourse is not always a sourceSweet sensations, because it can also cause pain. More precisely, not himself, but "mechanism", which gives a push impact on the weak points of the genitourinary sphere. If you look from a medical point of view, then there can be several reasons. Let's study the most common of them.


Description of the problem. The disease provokes intolerable pain onThroughout the entire sexual intercourse. It is not connected with the difficulty of penetration of the male sexual organ into the uterus, but with the psychophysical constriction of the woman (more precisely, with spasms of the muscles of the perineum). It can be triggered by unsuccessful first sex, rape, bitter memories of the intense stress that comes with sex, or simply waiting for what will be incredibly painful.


Why pain during intercourse

Supposed decision. To treat should be not sexual organs, but the psyche,To be able to relax. Search for someone who can be trusted unconditionally. Change your attitude towards sexual intimacy. Vaginismus, with which it is impossible to cope on its own, requires an appeal to a sex therapist or psychotherapist.

Whole integrity

Description of the problem. It's not about virginity, but about the fact that someThe spit after the first act remains undisturbed and then it hurts at every attempt of sexual intercourse. In the process, everything, of course, passes, but at the beginning it brings a lot of unpleasant moments. This is due to the fact that the spit is sometimes not torn, but stretched, or slightly torn. There are cases when it was completely destroyed only during childbirth.

Supposed decision. We need to accept the situation as it is. It is enough to understand the partner, careful attitude on his part and a suitable amount of lubricant (lubricant).

Inflammatory processes and infection

Description of the problem. If at the time of sexual intercourse in the vaginaThere is burning, itching, pain, and redness and dryness appear on the external genitalia, this is most likely a sign of inflammation caused by a variety of infections. These include candidiasis, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, which are transmitted sexually. Some manifestations can also be a consequence of unsatisfactory hygiene, since the body always has a certain amount of microflora peculiar to a person, and under suitable conditions it starts actively multiplying (illnesses, decreased immunity, monthly, pregnancy).

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Why pain during intercourse

Supposed decision. To go to the hospital and be examined with deliveryAnalyzes: only bacterial culture can accurately reveal the nature of the lesion. Based on the results obtained, the gynecologist will issue an opinion and prescribe the optimal therapy. Sexual intercourse with a partner at this time should be limited or condom use. It is treated preferably not only to a woman, but also to her partner in order to avoid repeated inflammations.


Description of the problem. They show themselves more often under hypothermia. Pain concentrates in the lower abdomen and is mostly aching. It occurs in many women who have had inflammation of the appendages or intestines. Disturbs at the moment of tension and with rough contact. And it is felt in the very depth and depends on the chosen pose. With a comfortable position of the body during sexual intercourse and with not too intense intercourse can fade.

Supposed decision. You should see the doctor, as the transition of the process to the chronic stage is capable of delivering painful sensations all the time. Treatment takes place in many ways, including physiotherapy.

Postoperative and postnatal seams, ruptures, injuries

Description of the problem. In this case, pain can not be avoided: they arise due to a violation of the integrity of tissues. Do not allow too active sexual relations - only a gentle attitude.

Supposed decision. It is better to wait for the completion of the recovery process with complete healing of wounds and sutures. Use lubricants, gradually develop the muscles of the pelvic floor, select individual pace and posture.


Description of the problem. It can affect any part of the body, includingIncluding the hip zone. Inflammation can result from cooling, stress, or infection. Nerve fibers are affected, causing soreness to increase with any direct contact with the pelvic wall: examination in a gynecological chair, with a sexual act, ultrasound.

Supposed decision. Therapy is the same as with another form of neuralgia: physiotherapy, warming, ointments, pepper plaster and other that the doctor will recommend.


Description of the problem. In this case, pain is manifested not only whenSexual intercourse, but also before the onset of menstruation and goes along with it. It feels inside the vagina quite strongly, turning sex into a painful and even impossible process.

Supposed decision. To specify the diagnosis at the expert as simply mazhujushchie allocation without a pain are not connected with an endometriosis. Then proceed to the correct treatment, which doctor will appoint.

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Why pain during intercourse

Venous congestion

Description of the problem. In this situation, the main reason is rareSexual intercourse, that is, abstinence, lack of physiological satisfaction. As a result, blood comes to the organs, but does not receive the proper outflow. That is, it turns out to be cornered, from where it is problematic to move in the opposite direction. At first, a woman is just experiencing some weight. Then pain after sex is added, in which she does not receive proper discharge. The swollen walls begin to deliver a lot of unpleasant sensations. Especially to this manifestation, ladies with varicose veins in the legs area are inclined.

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Why pain during intercourse

Supposed decision. It is necessary to lead a normal sexual life, to useToys. You can also resort to physiotherapy and massage (gynecological). But first you should learn to bring yourself pleasure and addiction to this partner. Otherwise, the consequences are extremely unpleasant: endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction, mastopathy, fibroids and other diseases.

Poor lubrication

Description of the problem. Lack of natural lubricationCan cause severe pain during intercourse. In turn, she herself is a consequence of psychological problems. The rejection of the partner, the unwillingness to have sexual intercourse, the fear of becoming pregnant - all this becomes the impetus to the lack of physiological fluid in this area. In addition, it can be the result of hormonal dysfunction, menopause or removal of the Bartholin gland.



Supposed decision. To correct hormonal disturbances reception helps or assistsCertain drugs prescribed by a doctor. It is also advisable to consult a psychotherapist to resolve psychological issues. Otherwise, they will help out lubricants: intimate gels, artificial moisturizers, which replace natural lubrication.

Anatomical incompatibility of genital organs

Description of the problem. Simply put, this mismatch in sizeFeminine and masculine "began." The vagina is incredibly stretchy, so sick with sex because of this should not, except in cases of gigantic male organ.

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Why pain during intercourse

Supposed decision. What hinders and bears soreness, it is necessary to find out together. If the size of the genitals is normal, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor, as the cause may be hidden in any of the above factors.

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