Why do I get papilloma

When the body suddenly appeared some pimples,excess moles, warts, or papillomas, it is unpleasant. Especially scary when on the face, neck or chest area strange growths are formed, which did not exist before. Why and what appear papillomavirus, they are dangerous to health or not? Such questions are puzzling of all people who identified these tumors. Physicians recently managed to pinpoint the cause of the disease.

Causes of warts

Papilloma is a benigntumor reaches 2 cm in diameter and having a convex shape. There it is on the skin in different places: under the arms, on the eyelid, nipples, ass, or breasts, and sometimes - in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. Externally, the first stage of development of tumors similar to a mole, but perhaps it has already appeared a little papilloma. There are plantar, flat, simple, filamentous forms of the disease, but why do they appear on the body?

Protect against human papillomavirus (HPV)complicated. He has many, but it is in a latent state, and get rid of it completely impossible. Where in the body appears papillomavirus? Insert an underlying cause of the microorganism can be a child through casual contact with a carrier. In this embodiment, the infection are the following possible causes warts in the presence of small cracks, wounds:

  • the use of other people's personal hygiene accessories (towels, washcloths, scissors);
  • handshake;
  • visit beauty salons that use reusable instruments;
  • Use objects in public areas (toilets, baths, gyms).

papilloma virus transmission during sexualcontact the previously considered the only option infection. Detect the disease at once is not possible. As a rule, this can be done only in the analysis for the presence of HPV. To protect yourself and loved ones avoid casual sex that will cause other, more serious diseases. Also described are the reason why growing papilloma:

  1. Transmission of the virus during childbirth. HPV sometimes detect in newborns, so you should be tested and receive treatment papilloma advance, rather than after, or during pregnancy.
  2. Prolonged or frequent exposure to UV rays. Dermatologists strongly recommend that all people who have a predisposition to the appearance of papillomas, spending as little time in the sun. This applies to all owners of very light skin, a plurality of moles with irregular edges, or those that are growing rapidly.
  3. Doctors concluded that the risk group includes women taking contraceptives.
  4. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking may be causes of warts on the body, which is associated with a reduction in the body's immune system.

On the body

The reason that there is a lot of warts onbody basically becomes transferred colds, which weakened immunity. It is especially dangerous if you do not treat the disease thoroughly, but only muffled symptoms quick means. Trigger the development of the virus can be long-term use of drugs or the internal organs of the disease in the chronic stage.

Why there are papillomas on the neck - physicians accuratelycan not say, but note that this localization is more common in men than in women. Often virus transmission in these cases occurs through small wounds in the skin. a human neck is often left open. Man sweating, the skin is contaminated, there are mechanical damage due to the collar or while shaving. This is an excellent breeding ground for infection.

On the face

HPV virus can occur at almost anythe body, and the person is not an exception. Education localized on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and even on the eyelid. Remove build-up from the face of better immediately. They appear as small, colorless moles with rough or bumpy texture. The cause of the usually used:

  • decreased immunity;
  • the presence of minor wounds and other skin damage (direct transfer from the carrier);
  • nervous breakdown;
  • failure to comply with personal hygiene.

The intimate places

Not spared the disease and symptomsgenitals. The main reason, from what may appear on the papilloma intimate places, no different from the rest of the body. The prevailing version of infection due to casual sexual relations, when our sex organs, a plurality of micro traumas or fractures. After such portions virus enters the body of the carrier. Accompanied by a disease of the mucous membranes burning bodies, abundant secretions, slight bleeding after intimacy.

Guaranteed protection against HPVextremely difficult. For most people, all his life he is in a latent state, without causing any trouble. However, this does not mean that it is not necessary to understand, from what may appear papillomavirus and how to get rid of them. Typically, they are surgically removed using a laser or liquid nitrogen.

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