Why can not you sleep on your stomach. Correct posture for sleep.

Dream - the most important component of human life. It helps to restore strength lost during the waking period, strengthen the immune system. From the duration of a night's rest, proper posture is not only emotional but also physical health. Why some to recuperate enough for 4-5 hours, while others feel frustrated and after a 10-hour "break"? What can threaten the wrong body posture? The results of modern studies confirm the centuries-old experience of our ancestors. Bottom line - you need to gradually give up the habit of sleeping on your stomach.

The role of sleep in human life

Why is so important for the body to a certainSleep rhythm? The third part of your life man holds in his sleep. During this state, the body processes the information in wakefulness with the help of the subconscious. Aligned respiration, central nervous system regulates the activity, energy builds up and restoring health. Stand back disease and ailments. Senses receive the necessary breathing space, adjusting the mental state of the person.

How and why sleep is undesirable to reduce the duration of the night "sleep" period? The prerequisites for effective relaxation are:

  • Good ventilated room.
  • Optimum temperature (not greater than 20-21 C) in the room.
  • The convenient position of the body. Not all the poses in which people used to sleep, good for the body. Some of them can not be used: they may trigger the development of diseases of the vascular system, cause deterioration of activity of the urogenital system, of the stomach.

What advise doctors about this? Do not sleep on the part of the left side, so as not to disturb the rhythm of deep breathing, increasing the burden on the heart. It is impossible for a long time to sleep on my stomach because of the possible by displacement of brain vessels in the cervical region. For women who take care of their own beauty, it is the position of the body leads to the risk of additional wrinkles and puffiness of the face.

Can I sleep on your stomach:

The question of banning sleeping on the stomach at times causesperplexity. In fact, many people prefer to sleep well. If health permits, that provision does not harm the health of the majority of the representatives of the world's population. There is a very important "but" in this case: Holidays in this position should be short-lived. Beautiful half of humanity, in order to avoid wrinkles in the neck area, nasolabial folds face, better to abandon the usual pillows, replacing it with orthopedic.

Some people suffering from central nervous system diseases,heart ailments, atherosclerosis, forbidden to sleep on his stomach on medical contraindications. Slightly elevated body, smooth spine position, rest on the back or the right side - the optimal posture. In pregnancy, the question of why you can not sleep on your stomach, is very serious, especially if the woman previously loved to relax at night, lying on his stomach. Religious taboos and traditions also play an important role in selecting the "sleepy" posture.

During pregnancy

Smoking is harmful to sleep on his stomach during pregnancy? In the first trimester tummy expectant mother is almost not visible, but the fruit is protected pelvic bones. But in this period it is better to wean from the habit, not to create additional pressure on the child. The development of the fetus, its growth cause displacement expectant mother bodies, so pregnant women should not sleep on your stomach.

Specialists and gynecologists are unanimous in the opinion thatsleep on the stomach is dangerous for the health of the child and his mom. The possibility of asphyxia infant pathology - a good reason why you can not sleep on her stomach pregnant. Of particular note is the location of the body of the future mother in a dream during the last trimester of pregnancy, when formed respiratory, nervous system of the baby.

In Islam and Judaism to Muslims

Why Islam can not sleep on your stomach? Some religious groups prohibit such a comfortable position for sleeping person Muslims men sleep on their stomachs Koran forbids. For women, this limitation is not provided, but the supporting spouse, Muslim women voluntarily choose the word "can not." According to the beliefs of Islam, the Prophet said this unnatural posture. The Koran says that "sleep on my stomach - a hateful act". The sexual organ Muslim man in this position is in an unnatural state, which is why in Islam can not sleep on your stomach.

Judaism does not provide for such a stringentlimitations. Lying on his stomach Jewish religion is not forbidden, but sleep - it is impossible. The sacred books recognize this body posture is not appropriate canons. Pundits largely agree with this interpretation. In this state, violated the metabolic processes in the body during sleep. Human health depends largely on the quality of a night's rest, especially people aged.

The effects of sleep on his stomach

Scientists and doctors agree that you can not sleep on your stomach, because:

  • Arteries that are in the cervical spine are compressed, cutting off the blood supply to the brain.
  • Turning your head to one side, high cushion promote blood flow to the brain, which leads to oxygen starvation.
  • Disrupted the rhythm of breathing.
  • An increasing tendency of the skin, and body as a whole, to the formation of deep wrinkles.
  • For women, special attention should be paid to the chest. Under the weight of his own body breasts are compressed, which sometimes leads to the appearance of discomfort after sleeping.
  • Genitourinary system dysfunction, decreased libido - such effects discovered by American scientists, exploring the state of the body of people who prefer most of the night sleeping on your stomach.

Why is sleeping on your stomach can not be many people? How dangerous position of the body when a person unintentionally flipped on his stomach? This pose can bring both harm and benefit, depending on the situation, medical contraindications. The feeling of discomfort, bloating and colic go faster if you lie on your stomach. Doctors recommend that mothers spread neonatologists baby on his stomach, leaving the bed in such a position. The surface of the mattress, warm natural baby body heat, prevents the development of flatulence.

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