What will happen if you swallow needle

Everyone remembers how his parents as a childscare story that, if ingested needle, it will fall through the veins to the heart, causing death. But is this really so? What actually happens if you swallow the needle, from which the degree of danger depends? Let's see how dangerous it is for a person living organism this incident and what to do to avoid fatal consequences.

Can a man accidentally swallowed a needle

How to be funny and absurd as it may sound, but the sudden cases in which a needle can be swallowed, are numerous:


  • The sane normal person justswallow the needle will not. But imagine a situation where you need something to sew and to fix tissue or to see how out seam, you took the needle in his mouth and suddenly sneeze, yawn, hiccup. In half of those moments the needle under the influence of air instantly enters the throat. A large percentage of cases, the needle enters the body belongs to the fashion designers and seamstresses.
  • Very often swallow needles small children. By studying the world around us, all the crumbs try on a tooth. Crawling and playing on the floor, it is not difficult to find a needle that mother accidentally dropped earlier.
  • There is an ancient tradition of guessing at pechenyushki,which determined the fate of man. Inside, they baked a little note with the wishes buttons of decorations and even needles, pins. Hour by hour, there are cases when, during this divination people accidentally swallowed the needle.
  • In ancient times, it held a ceremony "devotion"during which the person swallowed a needle to prove his obedience, loyalty, innocence and purity. Survivor after swallowing needles considered a saint, and the dead - a liar.
  • Prison inmates often with a needle trying to get to the infirmary. Others shoved a needle in their food cellmates, to avenge the insult.
  • In some cases, people consciously swallowed needles, earning on it. For example, when performing tricks, circus performances.

What if swallowed needle

Precautions were eligible from the needle inbody everyone should know that, in case of an emergency, do not panic able to help the victim. The main thing - keep in mind that even the tiny swallowed the needle is able to cause serious harm to human health from the cutting pain before death. The most important action that you will need to perform - is to make a call in the ambulance service. If possible, immediately go to the hospital to do an x-ray. Only an experienced doctor will be able to locate a needle and remove it.

What actions to take

If you are away from the hospital, or in yourits location and not at all, it is your responsibility to take steps to extract the needle. Good effect can give such a popular method: Take a small (1-2 grams) piece of cotton and moisten well with vaseline oil (liquid paraffin), roll a ball and swallow. After 3-4 hours, or eat semolina porridge. There should be no less porridge dish, and the best two. These dishes have a shielding effect and the protection of internally from the piercing needle. If no vaseline oil, use only porridge.

What not to do

From timely provide expertaid depends on a person's life, while the wrong advice harm health. By reducing the muscle fibers, the needles can be moved in the body tissues. Once in the body, a needle (smooth, sharp and straight) is movable 10-15 centimeters. So if you or someone swallowed a needle:

  • Do not make sudden movements, squats andslopes, reduce locomotor activity. With gestures needle that gets into the muscle, too, begins to move, and its sharp end can be harmful. Lie down on the bed and wait for the arrival of an ambulance.
  • Do not induce vomiting. The needle does not come out, but can damage the insides.
  • Do not shake your head, do not gulp. If the needle is stuck in the throat, an ambulance worker pulls her as a fish bone.
  • Do not knock in the chest, do not push the belly, all this will lead to further injury.
  • Use a laxative is also impossible.
  • If swallowed the needle a little baby, do not turn it upside down and shake.

How to determine that a child has swallowed a needle: the symptoms

Anticipating the children impossible. Toddler pulled to the mouth they like different things, learning new and unexplored, including acute, such as a needle. It is not always the parents have time to keep up with the kid, and he can not tell what happened to them. How to understand that a child swallows the needle and how to act in such a situation? Symptoms, which you can learn about the needle inside the child:

  • Active secretion of saliva.
  • The appearance of the baby anxiety. The child stopped playing, refuses food, he has something hurts, it hurts to swallow.
  • The emergence of coughing, choking symptoms, nausea, the kid did not have enough air.
  • The redness on the face.
  • Increased heart rate and sweating.
  • Temperature increase.

What will happen if you swallowed a needle - the consequences

Just predict the consequences of ingestion of the needle can not be. But there are a few scenarios in which events can develop:

  • The very scary and dangerous case is whenthe needle enters the lung or heart, performing hole there. If time does not make surgery possible death. In the lungs (for delayed operation) arises inflammation provoked by the needle puncture which may result in loss of part of the body.
  • It happens that swallowed the needle enters thestomach. Then 80% of the victims have a chance that it will come naturally with the feces. The remaining 20% ​​of the patients have to do surgery to remove the needle from the body. It rarely happens that a needle pierces the stomach or intestine, which is dangerous infection, peritonitis.
  • Sometimes the needle settles into the soft tissues, and the person sometimes feels nagging pain. If it is not time to remove the needle begins to rust, leading to inflammation.
  • Often the needle is stuck in the roof of the mouth or throat.

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