What is scabies

In the event of itching and rashes on the body, many peoplebegin to assume that they began scabies. This disease can infect anyone, regardless of gender or age. The main thing is the appearance of this disease, notice the first signs of time and to begin treatment.

What is scabies

Today Scabies is a commoninfectious skin disease. The disease manifests human skin lesion of scabies mites or mite which, when closer examination appears as a small white or yellow dot. The latency period is about 2 weeks. The spread of the disease occurs within 15 minutes, during which time the tick is able to penetrate the epidermis.

Itchy rash on the skin of the back

What are the symptoms of scabies

Many people are often interested in the question of howIt looks scabies? The manifestation of an infectious disease has no precise time intervals. Everything depends on the age characteristics of individuals and the stage of infection. If the skin has got an adult parasite, then a few hours later the rash may occur. In other cases there may be a hidden infection, then the manifestation of the first symptoms can occur within a week.

The first signs of scabies

How to start a scabies? The very first symptom of the disease, which should alert a person is considered an itch that can be amplified at night. You can also find subtle moves mites, which look like thin strips protruding above the skin, they can go in a straight line or a zigzag. Symptoms of the disease are still:

  • polymorphism (emergence of papules, vesicles, erosion);
  • the presence of red spots;
  • defeat rash stomach area, interdigital folds, buttocks, genitals in men, breast cancer in women.

Symptoms of scabies in adults

In the adult human infectious diseaseIt affects the whole body except the face and hair. The disease spreads rapidly, the reason for this becomes the patient himself, who combing the affected areas, ticks move through the body. Repeatedly wear clothing is a source of further spread of the disease. The main symptoms of scabies in adults:

  • Itching. This is the reaction of the human organism to the emergence of parasites.
  • Education itch moves. In appearance like a swollen thin strips.
  • Dry cracked, crust, itchy blisters.

Itching of the skin of hands

Scabies is a child

Symptoms of infectious disease in children is similar to thatsymptoms in adults. The disease in children is often complicated by the addition of another infection. So the baby with the itch moves often occur paronychia, found vezikulourtikarnaya rash that looks like hives, psoriasis or eczema. The main symptoms of scabies in children:

  • the presence of small bubbles;
  • pyoderma such as impetigo;
  • child's poor sleep due to intense itching;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • you may receive lymphangitis, leukocytosis.

How to identify different types of mange

Parasitic disease caused by scabiesmite is widespread throughout the world. With this disease in their practice, there are doctors of all specialties. External manifestation of the parasitic disease may be slightly different, so there is a special classification of the types of the disease, which helps to adequately analyze the disease and prescribe the right treatment. Here's the different types of mange:

  • Lumpy. On the skin there are itchy reddish nodules. The disease is detected after relapse in patients suffering from a long time.
  • Typical. The most common form, it is characterized by the presence of burrows, itching and red rash. It is localized between the toes.
  • Incognito (cleanly disease). Similar to the typical form. It develops in people who have a lot to clean. On the skin there are small bubbles.
  • No moves. It appears as a result of the penetration of larvae of mites. The skin is not visible burrows, although there are bubbles.
  • Psevdochesotka. It is noted in patients infected by animals. Manifested by severe itching.
  • Norway. Occurs in people with weakened immune systems (drug addicts, people with tuberculosis or Down syndrome, and others.). The skin formed itch moves, solid crust, polymorphic eruptions. This type is the most difficult.
  • Scabies with pyoderma. A complicated form of the disease that occurs when the typical species was not identified in time. Infected place looks like reddened spots, become painful and wet, there is an unpleasant smell.

Itchy skin on hands

What are the symptoms of scabies under the microscope

Scabies mites can be found in the homeconditions, a thorough inspection of the affected area. But in order to make an accurate diagnosis, the type of disease present on the body, it is necessary to use laboratory tests, especially important in poor viewing the clinical picture. There are the following methods of diagnosis under the microscope, which determines how scabies can look like:

  • Microscopy of thin sections, which are obtained from the epidermis in the area of ​​infected sites moves. This kind of research helps to identify the mite.
  • Analysis gradually scraping the epidermis. It implemented before the appearance of blood.
  • Dissection of the skin. This analysis is carried out using an alkali solution. It helps to identify the pathogen at the initial stage.

Photo: scabies treatment on humans

So infectious diseases such as scabies,can get any person, regardless of social status. We offer to view detailed photos of this unpleasant parasitic disease, to know exactly how to look for scabies stage, as well as any symptoms remain on the skin for different types of the disease, and even differences of forms of development of the disease.

The rash on the face

The rash on the hands

Crying baby

Girl on the advice of the dermatologist

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